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Avg Rating: 3.6
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WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: Art Adams
COLORED BY: Peter Steigerweld
LETTERED BY: Comicraft
COVER BY: Art Adams

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

This book showed me that maybe Jeph Loeb isn’t a lost cause after all. Well paced, complex and yet simple enough for new readers, Ultimate X #1 has got me excited for the Ultimate U. again.

Art Adams pencils are the only reason I bought this in the first place, and I’m happy to report that he delivered as usual! His textures are what I have always loved the most, and the setting of this book gave him ample space to showcase them. Every surface is so wonderfully tactile, that I felt like I could draw my finger across the page and feel them for myself.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. O_o… ok so you call the story GOOD when CLEARLY you do NOT like Loeb’s writing in Ultimatum* or even David Finch’s artwork (which was actually decent). I’m curious, explain your thinking here a bit more because I like where this is going. I find you’re conflicted and am interested where you’ll fall on the fence pro-Loeb or not.

    reference: http://www.ifanboy.com/reviews/ActualButt/marvel_comics/ultimatum/5_(of_5)

  2. I have not liked Loeb’s writing with the exception of one Batman story I read (Hush, maybe? or whatever the other famous one is) and I have to agree with the first line of this review. Maybe he isn’t a lost cause.

    I thought the writing was a solid C, but that is a step above the D and F I gave him before. Or the C+ i’d give for stories so stupid they are kind of good.

  3. @Mangaman: It’s quite normal to like someone’s work on one book and not another. Disliking one (or even more than one) thing a creator does does not mean you have to dislike everything they do.

  4. @Mangaman: Also, what does David Finch have to do with anything?

  5. @conor: I agree with you but I’m looking at this specifically on a case by case basis. Ultimatum was pretty indepth and complicated, not that it wasn’t convoluted but it actually served a purpose. THIS story on the other hand doesn’t even have David Finch’s artwork to save it. The art in this book was pretty weak as far as artists who have worked with Loeb in the past go.

  6. @Mangaman: RE: Ultimatum: Complicated? Yes. Indepth? Not so much. And Art Adams is one of my all time favorite artists, while Finch is one of my least favorite, which keep in mind, is subjective.

  7. @ActualButt: see my reply in my review.

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