Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley

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  1. Marvel is really trying to bring the polybag back, huh?

  2. i’m annoyed at myself for pulling this, but Ultimate Spider-Man and the Ultimate Universe in whole was a major part of getting me into comics, and I couldn’t continue after the Ultimatum relaunch, so I’m hoping to come back with this new one, and I might as well start with this. I just really hope Spider-Man doesn’t go out like a wuss like it seems he will. I’ve been keeping up with what has been going on, and it seems he is just as bad a hero as before. I miss back in the Begley days when he was actually able to defeat a villain, but it seems Aunt May is better at fighting these guys than Peter. This is one of the most important series for me and I hope Peter gets the ending he deserves, although I don’t think he should be getting killed in the first place. Killing a 16 year-old hero after only about a year of being a hero is just kind of depressing.

  3. ugh, polybagged.

  4. Yay! Polybagged! I can’t wait to tear open that bag and read it. Had I been spoiled by the cover, I would not have enjoyed the story at much.

  5. I have 3 issues pulled aside for me, 2 black, one red. Open one, Save 2.
    The only letdown with this as a whole is they are relaunching the title next month. I like my dead superheros to stay dead. for at least a year or so… 

  6. @TheRealVenom  ah, but apparently it’s not peter in the new costume, so you might get your wish that he stay dead

  7. @TheRealVenom  – You think too far a head. Not like me. I like to only think till the next Wednesday. I like the comic book industries strategy as a whole.

  8. I’m hoping that Peter just changes his name and its still the same person under the new mask

  9. same $*%## different day

  10. Very excited. I don’t know what what happen and it doesn’t matter. Bendis has given us 159 straight great comics with these characters and I doubt the streak will break here.

  11. Polybagged and Classifed….yet Marvel already spoiled the ending and we already know a new Spider-Man is coming and…..*head explodes*

  12. So is he FINALLY going to die?!?

  13. Yeah what was point of polybagging it when Marvel spoiled what happens in Today’s edition of USA Today.

  14. I read USM for the longest time and jumped off after Ultimatum during the first arc when they renumbered for some reason I cannot remember. It was one of my favorite series back then. Maybe I’ll pick this up and try jumping back in the new status quo.

  15. @Fett02  Yeah I quick after the first post-Ultimatum arc. I really hope the relaunch will be good. They have some great creators on these books.

  16. I think I’m gonna pick this up and possibly start reading when the new stories start. 

  17. Before I left the office last night, two of my non-comics buying coworkers asked what I knew about this issue and their plan to “buy the whole stack” at the comic book store. It looks like the Brooklyn St. Mark’s is going to get some very good business from them today. Part of me wanted to tell them not to, that they wouldn’t see a return on this investment, but the other part of wanted to keep my trap shut because my LCS could always use more money, right?

  18. Whats the point of polybagging it when they gave away the end pages to the news outlets!

  19. @RKB  – Polybag sells …

  20. 95.6% pick…I know it’ll go down, but at the same time, I feel like it’s totally justified. Issue 1 was my first comic book (regular-reader wise) and so to see this era come to an end was heartbreaking to read, but also totally fantastic.

  21. @ComicBookGuy37  I agree man.

    While I am very sad that he died, I loved the ending. I just hope that they keep him dead so his death means something.

  22. Was that a smile in the final panel?

  23. @Impossibilly  Seemed like it. I couldn’t tell if he was smiling as he died having the satisfaction of killing Spider-Man or smiled after he died though. Everything was very unclear.

  24. this was epic!

  25. This was perfect.  So excited where this story goes from here.

  26. A good finish to a legendary run. Now on to the new guy!

  27. @SamIAm  I’m gonna speculate and say when the new series reaches Issue 40, they’ll shift back to Issue 200 and bring him back, even if it’s only in an old school Barry Allen kinda way, where he has to go away again at the end of the story.

  28. nobody does angry peter parker cutting loose like bagley. the mailbox to the back of the head, the truck! oh my god the truck! that was such an amazing fight and i loved all the emotion in it. great issue from top to bottom, writing and art

  29. From a person who hasn’t read this series in about two years, this was a great issue. It almost makes me want to go back and pick up those two years that I stopped reading it. I think part of it was Bagley’s art. A big reason why I dropped USM after years of reading it was because I really didn’t like Lafuente’s art on this book back when I decided to drop. When they switched to Stuart Immonen, I felt like his work was similiar enough to Bagley that it didn’t seem to be to big of a departue. This was unlike how I felt with Lafuente because I thought his art was completely different enough that it changed the dynamic of the book for me.

    Basically, did Bagley only do this issue or this arc or did Lafuente do most of the issues for the last two years. Because if he did, I might just stick with this issue.  

  30. Wow. Friday morning and this is over 68% for POTW. What a send off for Peter.

  31. @Fett02  bagley did this whole death of spider-man arc

  32. Wow, lots of tears. Pick of the week. 
    On a snarky note, I would have glady paid the extra dollar to get rid of that schism ad at the end of the book. 

  33. 70% of the POW. that has to be a record. you sentimental pussies

  34. Great issue – loved Peter picking the truck up and giving Goblin what he deserved.

  35. I don’t mind the polybag if it were easier to open. Can we get a perferated top, please?

  36. So is Punisher going to be charged with murder?

  37. Did anybody here get lucky enough to get a copy of signed issue from Bendis?

  38. This sucks. ultimate spiderman is my favorite.

  39. I think Peter fakes his death to protect his family. I’m calling it, the new Spiderman is just Peter but with dyed hair and a new identity. And either Nick Fury or SHEILD had some hand in it.

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