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  1. This is going to suck? No, it’ll be good. No, it’ll suck.

  2. I’m checking out this first issue. Then it will probably be the hardcover next time I read it.

  3. Waiting on reviews for this, I was not a huge fan of the Ultimates.

  4. I wasn’t impressed with Ultimates until I read Grand Theft America and saw how he had pieced this huge story together. It was an epic storyline that didn’t pay off for me until I read most of the story.

  5. All I’ve ever read of the Ultimate Universe was the first Ultimates… hopefully that’s enough as I’ve decided to try all of these Ultimate Comics at least once

  6. Bring it on!  Can’t wait for this!

  7. Ultimates 1&2 (25 issues) along with Astonishing X-Men (Also 25 issues) may be Marvel’s all time greatest comics series ever produced.  This is a MUST READ no doubt!

  8. Wasn’t planning on pulling this, until I realized how much I needed my Millar fix.  Bring it on.

  9. I chuckle that they cite Pacheco’s work from 10 years ago. Then again, it was Avengers Forever and X-Men that made him one of my favorite artists. Something happened then and he fell down to slightly above average. 

    I have a funny feeling that if I get too excited and expect the quality of Ultimates 1 & 2, I’ll be nothing but disappointed. So I’ll try to temper expectations to 4/5 instead of 5/5. 

  10. No. it’ll be good

  11. eh…im in for the first ish. Millar rarely lets me down.

  12. I remember hearing some interesting story details that could make for an interesting run. case in point: something to do with frank castle and some more hawkeye backstory

  13. Loved the Ultimates! Going to give this a go.

  14. Millar has never let me down. Ever. So I’m more than willing to give this a shot. I’ll be buying the other Ultimate titles anyway. Except New Ultimates, whenever that happens. Staying far away from Frank Cho. Digression.

  15. So, what’s with the name change? It’s still the Ultimates universe, right? Is the name change so people won’t think it’s related to Ultimates 3?

  16. @Wade-Loeb is going to be writing Ultimates 4, so this is going to be an entirely different beast.  Ultimates will be a black ops type book, while this is a more traditional super hero book.  Basically, they wanted to have 2 Avengers books.   Think of it like Mighty Avengers and New Avengers

  17. Loved ULTIMATES VOL. 1, so I’ve gotta check this out.

  18. That Hawkeye costume is truly awful.

  19. @magnum240 When I first saw it, I fucking LOATHED it. It just struck me as a gigantic copy of Wesley Gibson, but now I’m used to it. Either that, or my will’s been eroded and I’m just "accepting" it.


    Anyway, Millar back on Ultimates! FUCK. YES.

  20. @ BoneMachine – Yah, ’cause the original Hawkeye suit would work so well in the Ultimate universe, amiright?

  21. @drake- ahhh ok, thanks dude. Whatever they wanna call it , it’s awesome to see Millar & Hitch back on Ultimates.

  22. I really hate that Hawkeye costume. I mean, a lot, a lot.

  23. I like the googles but i could do without the covered mouth

  24. There is not a panel in this comic that could not have been done without Ultimatum.

  25. @Jimski – Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  26. I hope this comic will wash Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum’s bad taste outta my mouth.

  27. Depends on how you feel about hearing for a year about how everything would change and the decks would clear, then having one of your favorite books go on hold and completely derail so the event could finish, all so it could go completely unnoticed an issue later. It all depends on your response to profound wastes of time.

  28. Was it just me, or did this issue seem really short?


    Don’t forget money, "profound wastes of time" and money.

    Only two deaths that occurred in ULTIMATUM that had any significance was at the end, with the death of Scott Summers and Dr. Doom. And Dooms wasn’t even because he died, it was because it established Ben Grimm (The Thing) as a character that is willing to kill. Now with Ben working for General Ross and SHIELD, the government finally has what it has always wanted with the Hulk but could never get. 

  29. I’m coming in out of the blue. But I had extra money and well, I wanted to give this a shot.

    This was a good summer popcorn flick, if you get my meaning. It had some great action panels but the story was really light. Light in, there’s really only story for the first 1/3rd of the issue and then it’s just an action film for the rest. Very little diaologue with the rest of the issue. But great art by Pacheco on this; almost better then what Hitch did with the Ultimate comics.

    Not a bad comic by any means; but I will be trade waiting on this.

  30. I forgot how much I liked Pacheco.  I wish that I hadn’t accidently read about the reveal, but it was still good. 

    One question; Somebody please let me know exactly what is up with Nick Fury’s (once missing) arm!  Did it get cleared up when he was in the Supreme universe?

  31. The alternate red skull cover was very badass….I loved the issue but whoever said that this issue could have been done without Ultimatum is kinda right, except that Tony Stark wouldnt have an excuse to be getting wasted and playing chess with smoking hot S&M strippers, while everyone else is on a mission…but does he really need and excuse? Anyway I digress I will be staying with this book 1.) because I love the Millar-Pacheco combo and 2.) it’s the only book i read in the Ultimate Universe.

  32. Aaaahh… that’s more like it.  Let’s forget that last trainwreck of an Ultimates book ever happened.  

  33. So, i really do want to know. Was this good?

  34. yes

  35. I’m glad these characters are back and being written properly once again. I missed them.

  36. @MisterJ-No offical reason of why Fury’s arm returned.  Millar mentioned @ Chicago Con that he was ignoring the regeneration and not contradicting it.

  37. It was fun, but I’ll probably trade wait.  And I agree this could have been done without Ultimatum occuring; that’s pretty sad. 

    I think the ending would have hit me harder if Millar hadn’t blurted out the big reveal last week, oh well. 

  38. Is this the first introduction to Red Skull in the Ultimate universe? Cause I can’t recall from previous issues of Ultimates/Ultimate titles.

    Either way….it’s really strange to see a guy like Skull have big muscles and gang tattoos. This isn’t the managment skull I’ve grown to love.

  39. @TNC-Yup, first appearance of him

  40. I didn’t like this while I was reading it, but it grew on me after.  As I read my stack, I put them in the order of how much I enjoyed them so my POW is nice and on top, and I found that after I put this on bottom, I kept going back to move it up a book or two.

  41. Oh, damnit, they hooked me! I really didn’t want to like this, but it was good.

    Though, I’ve come to the realization that Ultimate Cap is basically what ignorant people (and I mean that without malice) think of regular Captain America; that he’s this stereotypical, American jock. Lines like, "What kind of girl would get stopped by a bomb?" in this issue and the famous, "Think this ‘A’ stands for France?!" really make me groan.

    Also the scene where Cap gets saved from falling out of the helicopter by Bullseye, I mean Hawkeye, was pretty cool.

  42. I hated Ultimates vol 1.  Vol 2 was better, but did not bother with vol 3.  This however, is a great reset.  Action pack, great Red Skull, and decent cliff hanger, so I am on board for a couple of more issues.  And the art is fantastic.

  43. @captbastard, he really said "think the A stands for France?" that so terrible. Was that in Ultimate continuity? cuz i’m new to it. I’d hate to think his character was one of those "America was founded by devine providence, to be the last great hope and restore the jews to the holy land so we can await the rapture as scripture dictates and see Russia from our house" types dudes.

  44. Yeah, he did in Ultimates 2 a while back; not this issue. Those are honestly the only 2 examples of it that I can recall. There’s actually a really great annual issue that focuses on him and the Falcon from a while back that, to be honest, proves me wrong. He also dated the Wasp, who was (usually, depending on the artist) Asian. Then again, that’s just me lumping racism and jingoism together, so it doesn’t necessarily prove your fear unfounded. But again, those are only 2 examples that are really just examples of what a Scottish writer might think an American audience would take to (especially conisidering that Ultimates 2 came out not long after 9/11, if I’m not mistaken). He’s not wrong, either as I’ve seen that "France" bit listed as the #1 greatest comic moment on some web list.

    To simplify all that: No, Cap generally isn’t portrayed that way, Mark Millar just likes to put a few "America, Fuck yeah!" moments here and there.

  45. Oops, I wrongly typed that Hitch was the artist here … & wasn’t immediately corrected/ridiculed for my error (is this still the internet??), but Pacheco’s art was off the frikkin’ wall, man. Awesome balls. I agree with the people saying it was a quick read too, I guess it’s because every third page was a splash page & half the book was an action scene. I’m not complaining, though — I liked it.

  46. I’m pretty sure that, like most us, Millar and Bendis are trying to pretend Ultimatum didn’t even happen. 

  47. Solid overall book. I hate Miki but he did pretty well on working with Pacheco’s pencils and millar was on the ball again.

  48. Really enjoyed this, fun action Michael Bay type comic.  Looking forward to where this is going, Millar clearly really likes this universe and these characters and Pacheco killed it on the art

  49. @captbastard, yeah that’s a good point about Millar writing the character. One of the reasons I like Cap so much, is that he’s a hero and patriotic, without being militantly right-wing. He’s got some liberal sensibilities. (though he’s no Oliver Queen)

  50. I re-read this and I’m leaning towards this being my pick of the week.

    Yet it contains a ton of stuff that would usually annoy me: too many splash pages (5) and a double page spread. I didn’t really learn anything about the Ultimates or the status quo of the team.

    It was beautiful and a fun read. The helicopter action sequence was exciting. The pacing was perfect.

    I’m into it.

  51. @lantern4life-Thanks for the clarification. 

    Kinda strange though.  Millar was the one who got rid of the arm in the first place. 

  52. Captain America kickin’ *&&…now that’s what I’ve been missing!  AWESOME!

  53. Not terribly bad, not terribly great. It definitely had an action movie feel, and the art was great. 3/5.

  54. Liked it…what I like to think of as the good Millar.  Art was nice too.

  55. This was better than my admittedly low expectations. I wish I could hand out a 3.5. It wasn’t as bad as a 3 but it wasn’t as good as USM, which I gave a 4. I guess 3/5 it is. Not sure how long I’ll read it, but it had promise. Millar is good. I love his take on Ultimate Cap, it’s fun to have a not-so-great take on the guy. Decent stuff.

  56. Who’s with me that this Hawkeye has the worst costume of this decade?

  57. Not me TNC. I’m quite enjoying this hawkeye. Too bad it’s purple though =/ they might as well have given him the whole x-force make over, they shouldn’t have gone halfway and tried to appease fans by making the damned outfit purple.

  58. I don’t think Hawkeyes costume is that bad … but on a side note, do you remember when Ultimate Hawkeye took those dudes down by biting out his own fingernails & using them as weapons? That was awesome. Guess if you can rock like that — you can dress how you like.

  59. @WadeWilson: True….okay he kills like a cool motherfucker. I’ll pass on the outfit for now.

  60. I wish they just ignored everything from the Loeb era.

  61. I really hate Hawkeye’s costume here. I miss his original ultimates costume.

  62. I thought the scene of Hawkeye saving Cap from his fall from the helicopter was totally cliche.  I cant even count the number of cheesy action movies this has been done in.  No imagination.  The reveal was the only interesting thing about this issue, IMHO.  Im sticking with it but not impressed so far.

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