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Iron Man, Thor and the original Captain America guest-star in this 96-page 150th blow-out issue!

First, in the 40-page lead story, The Thunderbolts reach their milestone as loudly as possible, when the golden figures of the Marvel Universe come to their gray world–none other than the Armored Avenger, the God of Thunder and the Super-Soldier! Thor has come to hold court with one of his people held in the women’s wing of The Raft, and when his fellow Avengers join him, things go to a realm no one expected! Iron Man comes face-to-face with Ghost, the man who almost killed him, and Steve Rogers confronts the man who did kill him, Crossbones!

Plus: character bios, key reprints and more surprises in the book that has exclaiming: “Parker and Walker are injecting a bit of fun and excitement into the title…This is the most consistently enjoyable title with the Heroic Age banner and anyone looking for a great team book would do well to give Thunderbolts a read.”


Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I’ll have to decide at the shop if I’m going to get this. With Shalvey off and the hefty Price tag its a bit of a toss up.

  2. Captain Steve vs. Crossbones? sold!

  3. Yay!!

  4. Kev Walker? Check.

    Jeff Parker brings more Thunderbolts goodness? Check

    An epic Avengers fight? Check

    A lot of backup material? Check

    Even a pretty good looking cover by Greg Land? ….Highly doubtful but, check!

    Sounds like a great issue to me in the making. 

  5. I kind of hope that every issue ties into an event like this has been doing. It delivers me awesome comic book team action and keeps me updated on current events in the Marvel U

  6. I haven’t read any of the Thunderbolts before this new badass lineup, but I would say this is currently one of my favorite on-going series.

  7. Tempted … I dropped this during shadowland


  8. This series great, I enjoyed the Shadowland issues. Parker managed to make them incredibly entertaining.

  9. Best team book going.

  10. A very lack luster issue overall, felt like with the big 150, it should have been a top notch issue, but it was probably my least favorite Parker era issue.  Next issue needs to really pick up to keep me going on this…

  11. This was actually my favorite issue thus far. Great character work from Parker. Was surprised by some fairly clever plot twists, like, for example, Ghost’s change of heart. Good stuff.

  12. This was a great issue. Not the best for me, but a great series of fights and characterizations here. I was surprised Parker finished Crossbone’s plotline so quickly. I guess he might have something more in store for him later on. But I loved the ending with the frog; that ending was sick but it made me laugh. Also, glad to see Kev Walker return with some great work.


  13. I dropped this book after Parker’s 2nd issue (pre-heroic age) gave this issue a shot and was really impressed. gonna have to add it to the pull

  14. Just picked up my weekly stack of comics. Placed Thunderbolts 150 right back on the shelf.

    They’re charging an extra $2 for a reprint of Thunderbolts #1 tagged onto the back half of the issue.

  15. ^^^ No, they’re charging $2 extra for 40 pages of story!!!

    at the regular 22 pages for $2.99 that’s roughly $0.14 a page

    $0.14 x 40 pages = $5.60

    So you’re getting a savings of $0.61 AND a free reprint of Tbolts #1!!!

  16. I have never seen more people whine or not get a book the enjoy because of an extra buck or two. 


  18. My only complaint with this issue was that it was an extra dollar for a book I already read.

  19. @zombox – no it wasn’t read my above post.

  20. Yea, for nearly two issues worth of story $5 is reasonable.  This was a great issue.  My first thought was that it was my favorite so far but then I thought how much I loved some previous issues so its hard to be sure.  Either way, this has become (probably) my favorite Marvel book. Parker did a great job with every character in the issue.  I loved the frog guy and boy are he and his ride beautifullly drawn.

  21. Parker really gets Luke. the whole thing where Luke introduced himself to frog is exactly the kind of thing luke would do

  22. I want a frog ongoing. Now.

  23. ^I second that frog ongoing.

     Until Secret Avengers #6, this was the only team book out of Marvel I’ve been enjoying since the dawn of The Moronic Age. Between this title & his work over on Hulk , It’s gotta make you wonder what Jeff would cook up if he say took over New Avengers with Immonen.

  24. I don’t care about the extra price, I just don’t want a reprint of a book I already have taking up space. I would have just as happily paid my $5 for the issue + the Moonstone files.

    Still, it was a great issue.

  25. Kev Walker drew the heck outta this issue. Great job!

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