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THOR #610

THOR vs. THOR! Standalone issue!

You’ve heard the word of mouth about Kieron Gillen’s critically acclaimed run on THOR…now he teams with the legendary Doug Braithwaite (THOR: GOD-SIZED SPECIAL) to bring you the God of Thunder’s fight of the decade! The Siege of Asgard has devastated the Shining City, and the Norse heroes have suffered tremendous losses…but the worst is yet to come! Taking advantage of the chaos, the insane clone of Thor called RAGNAROK comes to Asgard to kill Thor and all his kind! Will Ragnarok be the end of what little was able to survive the Siege?!

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Doug Braithwaite
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Sabino
COVER BY: Mico Suayan

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


Loki06/14/10NoRead Review
TheNextChampion05/26/10NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Doug Braithwaite doing two Thors fighting in the last issue of what has been a fun little run by Gillen.  badass!

  2. I am going to call this one. The dude who looks liek Thor wins. No, not that one. The other one. I am hoping this has one of those classic cliched evil twin moments where Thor’s allies want to help, but they just can’t figure out which Thor to strike! Also, please throw in a mirror funhouse where the mirror is really the other Thor.

    Oh, and give Ragnarok a goatee.

  3. I think Gillen’s run has been extended past this issue. And the price is going back up, according to solicits.

  4. actually I did notice that.  he’s on until August at least.

  5. Gillen has been doing nice work, this comic has been so good since the relaunch, whether it’s been gillen or jms

  6. That cover sure looks familiar

  7. Please tell me Fraction gets a new #1?  He can’t follow this crap and expect to have a hit.

  8. @FausticCaust Yeah… I don’t see any direct connection to the Kingdom Come cover. I mean, something like 50% of all comic book covers have people fighting. One guy having the other in a position of weakness, one above the other has to have been done about a million times. Yes, twins fighting is a fairly small subsample, and a hand position is similar, but the Kingdom Come cover had the smoke, the red eyes, the hands around the neck, the two S symbols floating one above the other…

    I wouldn’t rule out that Mico Suayan looked at the Kingdom Come cover for some kind of inspiration, but it is different enough that I wouldn’t call it an homage or a copy or anything like that. It is also not as good as the Alex Ross cover, but that was a good one. 

  9. So, so happy for this being extended. Would love for Gillen to stay on permanently with the new run but….what can you do?

    Braithwaite doing the art too? This is a high POTW contender for me..

  10. Good to see that Clor is gonna get destroyed. I love it when plot threads wrap up.


  11. Really losing interest in this book…can’t wait till fraction takes over.

  12. This actually looks pretty good.

  13. Can’t wait for Fraction to start writing this, so I can’t stop buying it. I fucking love what Gillen’s doing, but I just don’t care for Thor and for Fraction’s writing and I really don’t like Ferry’s art.

  14. Beautiful looking book. Although the vast amount of colorists did hurt Braithwaite art a tad. Thor had a very weird nose in most of the panels. Still a nice epilogue even if you didn’t read Siege. Can’t wait to see what Gillen has in store for the next three issues.

  15. What was up with the 2 year old skaar house ad?

  16. @TheNextChampion: So does that mean his extension is for the next 3 issues, or is that just the length of Gillen’s next arc?

  17. @360Logic: Both. He’s got 3 issues to go and that will be his final arc. Actually I think next issue was suppose to be his last… he might have 4 to go with….

    Okay let me go on a site to see how many issues he really has left.

  18. "What was up with the 2 year old skaar house ad?"

     Man, if that’s all that was wrong with yours, you’re lucky.  

     My issue had massive printing/assembly errors.  

     Pages cut in half, pages in the wrong order, and pages split down the middle with ads on one side and cut-off art down the other.

    At least with the earlier Siege error it was just the backup that was messed up.  I can’t even read this.  Here’s hoping reprints are fast, or that mine’s alone in its deformity.

  19. This issue was kind of mediocre. Set some things up sure, but it felt static even with the fight scene. Not bad, but… blah. 3/5

  20. @dunefish yeah the ad was it for sounds like ur issue was fucked! That really sucks

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