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THOR #10

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  1. Feels like forever since this last came out!

  2. yeah but its worth it. this is probably my favorite art-team out there these days

  3. Would this be a good time to jump on?

  4. i wouldn’t encourage jumping on without reading the first nine issues. it’s pretty early in the game and it’ll be worth your while

  5. @ruo21 – picking up issue #9 would probably work as a jumping-on point.  The first 6 issuess were all about setting up the new status-quo, 7 and 8 were more or less filler, and #9 started what seems to be a major plot thread

  6. Also if you wanted they have issues 1-6 in hardcover already, I would try to get them just to start reading.

  7. @cutty: I agree! Coipel has really grown from his House of M work into a strong artist with this book. Last issue was a little suspect though cause i feel that Dani Miki ruins anything other than Joe Quesadas work

  8. @rift – I LOVE the coloring, Laura Martin books have a different than almost everything else out there

  9. Yep, the artwork and writing definetly make this one of the strongest series available at the moment.

  10. Decent issue, beautiful art made it worth buying alone (and there was boobs in it) … but, I would have liked at least a little bit of action!

  11. @wadewilson – agreed.  this will probably make a great trade

  12. This series is a very stylized and unique take on Thor in the Marvel universe and it contunes to entertain me issue after issue.  The plot is absorbing, the narration and dialogue are very skillfully written (the words always "flow" smoothly for me) and the art has been fabulous throughout.  I can understand why this book might not appeal to some readers, either because of pacing (relatively slow and introspective) or narrative style (the "formal" quality of the writing could feel stilted to some readers), but for me this continues to be one of my favorite books every time it comes out.   I hope that JMS stays with it for a long time and doesn’t allow his DC work to draw him away too soon.

  13. Agreed. I hated the first issue or two but once i got my head around it i ABSOLUTELY love it!

  14. @rwpos — I agree, this series is the first I have ever read of Thor and I am totally into it. My beef with there being no action in the last issue, was a small gripe in an overall fantastic story arc.

  15.   One of the books I look forward to the most, but am I the only one that thinks Loki looks like Marilyn Manson?  Especially since Coipel has taken over the pencils?  Wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I never really liked Marilyn all that much.

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