• The hottest comic in comics comes to a turning point that will get you angrier than you were after Spidey #700!

• The time has come to see who will live, who will die, and who will emerge as the one, true Superior Spider-Man!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Marcos Martin & Ryan Stegman

Price: $3.99
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  1. Is this issue where Peter Parker’s ghost finally dispenses?

  2. Bring it! Cannot believe I’ve read 9 issues of this so far. I never thought I’d say that about a Spider-man book.

  3. Am I the only person that is scared that Ghost-Peter “might” not make it out of it? That Ock could supplant his memory and completely wipe out Peter’s last remaining parcel inside his brain?

    All in all, I’m reading this first thing as soon as I go to my LCS on thursday!

  4. Man, that’s some excellent cover art. Too bad Marvel can’t take a note from Image and not clutter it up with annoying movie advertisements and bar codes.


  6. They could kill ghost Peter in Supeior and bring Pete as Spidey back after all of he AuU stuff is over.

  7. I’m rooting for doc rock to stay Spider-Man – these last 8 issues have really created quite an arc for doc ock that in a way surpasses Peter Parkers in more ways then one. I mean Parker has been hitting the same beats month after month, year after year, getting side tracked by lackluster events l one the clone saga and one more day – poor attempts in keeping this character relevant and interesting. But what Slott has done here on Superior is a refreshing exhortation in what makes a super hero and how that mantel can change even the hardest heart. It’s a fascinating take on tired motives.

  8. Well based on the hints from the C2E2 panel this weekend, the future of Pete in Ock’s body should be revealed in this issue. They let a few people actually read this issue during the panel (I didn’t get picked 🙁 ) and they all seemed impressed and all said something along the lines of “wow”, so I’m looking forward to this.

  9. I think it would be cool for Peter to get control again temporarily and it ends up rotating out with each of them having control and trying to do a better job.

  10. I’ve read it. I’m done. I can’t keep reading anymore but at least I gave it a chance and that’s the main thing. I’m interested into how they will eventually end all this but I’m not enjoying how this is going anymore.

  11. This is bollocks.

  12. Wow, that was… surprisingly affecting. I got pretty choked up, there.

    Well done, Slott, you sadistic bastard, you.

  13. Pretty low ratings. Good issue I thought.

  14. The art was amazing. But I think I’m done with this for now. I’ll read in trade(maybe). It sucks cause I’m a huge Spider-Man fan. Not Doc-Ock/Spidey tho. Oh well….

  15. I’m torn on how I feel about this issue. On the one hand it was a very good read (with awesome Ryan Stegman art) and on the other hand it pissed me off to no end.


    I feel like this was the perfect way to bring Peter back, but instead, it appears Slott has done the opposite and got rid of him completely. I’m slowly starting to get tired of Ock as Spider-man and want Peter back soon. Still, for me this series has been fun to read and it certainly stirs up emotions in me so I’m going to keep reading….and I do know that Peter will be back eventually, just wish it was sooner rather than later.

  16. This was a really good book, plus I love how many people are pissed about this.

  17. This was an excellent book.

    But I don’t think I liked it.

    I always think it’s weird when that happens.

  18. I just love this series! Of course I don’t like what’s happening to poor Pete right now but I can’t wait for the next issue.

  19. JML ( says:

    Kind of surprised by how much I loved this. It was the first time this book has fully clicked for me. Having Peter and Ock call upon Peter’s friends and family and Spidey’s villains respectively was a genius touch, as was Ock ripping off his skin to reveal the Superior Spider-Man costume underneath.

  20. I’ve enjoyed every issue of Superior so far but didn’t like this one. I didn’t feel Stegman’s art was very good at all, not compared to his work on the first few issues, and not even close to the brilliance he reached on Scarlet Spider. Something just felt off. I finished this and just felt like it went by far too quickly.

  21. I was enjoying the Superior story arc but not the Doc Ock Spider-man character as the ongoing lead. The prospect that this isn’t an arc but rather a real status quo for many more months to come takes away my interest in reading further. Stories about characters that I dislike, regardless of how well they’re written or drawn, aren’t for me. So I think it’s time to drop this until Peter’s back.

  22. the nerd-rage over this is so frusterating. Dan Slott has done his job if anyone actually believes Peter Parker won’t eventually win the day and defeat Doc Ock in the end. How long have some of these whiners been reading comics? A month?
    Ever since Dan Slott came onto the book this has been an incredibly entertaining ride. I am LOVING this Superior Spider-Man story, it is so much fun. The incongruity of Doc Ock in Spidey’s body makes for some great comedy at times, and it’s really interesting seeing him interact with Peter’s friends and family and trying to take on his life (not to mention Villains like the Vulture!).
    I’m really enjoying the book a heck of a lot, as are my comic book reading co-workers. We can’t help but laugh and shake our heads when we see the vitriol online about any of this.

    • No rage from me. Just disinterest. Dan Slott should tell whatever stories he’s interested in telling as long as he’s the writer. And when the stories come back around to characters I like I’ll check them out again. No harm, no foul.

    • Yeah I don’t have any rage I just think Slott sucks ass. Felt that way a long time before the Superior fiasco.

    • The irony in this post is palpable.

  23. Well nobody can say that the big two don’t take risks.

  24. So, I haven’t read this series since the first issue, but I decided to give it a shot. Looks like I’m dropping it again. Don’t like reading about someone I hate. I just don’t really get it. So Ock is trying to be good and be a hero and whatnot, but through stealing someone’s body and essentially killing the Peter in the process. That’s like the ultimate hypocrite. But, whatever. I’ll just wait till this all reverts back, which I hope is soon. On a side note: Great art by Ryan Stegman.

  25. Here’s the thing; a good writer can make you like reading about someone you hate. This is the part that nobody is talking about. People like reading the Dexter novels, American Psycho and the Godfather, so much so that they were adapted into television shows and movies. If you knew those people in real life you would think they are despicable. It’s the duty of the author to make the reader care about that. But yet again Dan Slott is not good at writing. He can hit notes for comic readers but he is not good enough to engage a reader with a challenging story. And look I’m not capable of that either and I doubt most of us are but when I see people praising this book in droves and then jumping off after 9 issues because “they don’t want to read about someone they hate” I have to call bull shit on that. Someday Spiderman will get the writer the title deserves but that is not that time. I’m really hoping the readership drops off enough for Marvel to make a real change on this title.

    • Even great writers can only make a variety of characters and story concepts appealing to the audiences that are already predisposed to be interested in the topic. The audience for Eric O’Grady (the irredemable Ant-Man) isn’t the same as the audience for Peter Parker. Those audinces certainly overlap, but the people who tend to buy Spider-Man comics may, on average, be assumed to be looking for a certain type of character as the protagonist. And that character isn’t a selfish jerk who rages out and critically batters minor league felons, or shoots helpless prisoners in the head while dragging the reputations of good people through the mud. It doesn’t matter how well those stories are told, certain audiences just won’t find those stories to their taste. That’s how this series is for me. I’m not saying that Dan Slott is a bad writer, I’m just saying that he wants to write stories that I don’t care to read right now. How is that so difficult to understand?

    • It’s not difficult I just think it’s letting the writer off the hook mainly because of the back lash to the back lash. We don’t want to think of or appear as “that kind of fan” who rages on twitter or makes outrageous youtube videos which in a sense has made the book critic proof against any kind of meaningful analysis. If this was another writer this plot would have either never happened because they would be able to present a great story that explores the nature of being Peter Parker without having to resort to cheap “OMG is he dead!?!?!?” freaky Friday scenarios or pulled off the story by making you care about Doc Ock Spiderman by exploring who he is, why he is that way, what it really means to him to be Spiderman and how it changes him. Not just show him as someone how is a “selfish jerk who rages out and critically banters minor league felons, or shoots helpless prisoners in the head” Dan Slott is all show and no substance and the fact that the entire world is watching this arc and a good amount of reasonable people that were essentially manipulated into defending it so as not to appear to be a raging moron are now dropping off the book proves that IMHO.

  26. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    My god I hate Inception. It’s impossible to be coherent. Every character would be as powerful as the Dark Phoenix.

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