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Story by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Marcos Martin & Ryan Stegman

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

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Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Paragraphs are for jerks ok!

  2. Perfect review IMHO. I think you summed up exactly how many of us feel. Hope it does not drag too long though. I can see getting fed up by issue 15 or so

    • 14 is the new (almost Ben Reilly-esque) costume for Spidey, along with him taking on Shadowland, and I believe they said in the C2E2 panel that Miguel shows up in 17.

    • @WLM: Thanks!

      @Neums the Miguel part sounds pretty interesting. My biggest worry is that after the end of this issue the structure that I mentioned in my review will still apply, just without the third step.

  3. well this stink’s i was planning to pick this up saturday with the issues 4-8 i need to catch up now i will forget it my wait for superior spiderman team up not against superior but feel slott could had waited 10 to 20 issues on the ghost reveal and had done this right instead he does peter and the fans bad i will never read any thing slott does again and hope marvel looks back and see the short gain they made was not worth what they lost.again not against ock but there had to be a better way but who am i to complain i an be hid.

    • didn’t mean my wait is was to be might wait.

    • Dude, seriously, calm down. I trust Dan Slott knows what he’s doing. He’s been setting all this stuff up since he started with Big Time and the Ock stuff (brain swap) was set up in issue 600. So it’s gonna take a while to come to the conclusion of this epic chapter in Spider-Man history.

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