The Life and Death of Albert Einstein.


Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Pitarra & Cris Peter

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 30.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Saw the previews for this issue looks great, gotta feeling this is gonna be a tough POTW between this & Batman Inc.?

  2. I hope my shop finally got issue #3 in!

  3. I’m stoked for this issue, been waiting for more on Einstein since his first appearance.

  4. yeah, I have a feeling this might be my pick of the week.

  5. Loving this series, when this is all said and done I want to see this made into a movie.

  6. I know this might sound ignorant coming from a man who hasn’t read an issue of SAGA yet. But:

    Clearly this is the best series of 2012.

    • From someone who is reading both I totally agree. Issue #3 got me literally saying aloud, “Wow,” multiple times. It’s good on so many levels.

    • No, you’re right. In my humble opinion, Manhattan Projects and Prophet are the 2 best books going right now.

    • I dig Saga, but I agree, assuming we are excluding Scalped because it is wrapping up in two issues.

    • Disagree. Saga is hands down the best new series out there followed by snyders batman. This is a SOLID number 3. Just to round out my top five for giggles, Thief of thieves is my number 4 and Scarlet spider is 5 for me.

    • Best new series of 2012 top 5 I’d say
      1) Manhattan Projects
      2) Saga
      3) Conan the Barbarian
      4) Saucer Country
      5) Planetoid

    • Add me to the list. I love Saga, but this is the book I most look forward to every month.

    • 1) Batman INC
      2) Saga
      3) Prophet
      4 onwards) don’t even come close to the top 3

    • I’ll get in on this game… Best new series of 2012 have been…

      1. Manhattan Projects
      2. Saga
      3. Prophet
      4. The Hypernaturals (after only 1 and a half issues. I know. But damn its good)
      5. Supreme (I know, I’m shocked too)

    • I’ll play too.

      1. Manhattan Projects
      2. Saga
      3. Uncanny X-Force

      With Daredevil, Planetoid and Winter Solider as honorable mentions.

    • 1. Green Lantern
      2. Uncanny X-Force
      3. Action Comics
      4. The Manhattan Projects
      5. Saucer Country

      Bottom two could change depending on how Batman Inc. and the current Minister Sinister arc in Uncanny X-Men turn out.

  7. Hickman and Einstein – that’s all I have to say!

  8. I’m reading Manhattan Projects because of iFanboy. I’m so glad the guys raved about this series because I’ve become a big fan. It’s now on my pull list each month and with damn good reason 😀

    • I started reading it cause of iFanboy too and the clerk at my LCS convinced me to try it by litteraly putting issue 1 in my hands in the store! 😉 Man I love my LCS!

  9. 4.5 rating? this was the weakest so far in the series. Amazing series, but this was the weakest

    • I agree, it was the weakest thus far but I though the other issues were all 5s. I think the 4.2-4.6 range is fitting for this issue.

  10. this was awesome…hickman keeps bringing the crazy. The art keeps getting better with each issue. I’m really starting to love PItarra’s style.

  11. Love the elegant design of these covers. They’d look great on the wall.

  12. Another great issue from a top quality title, which in my opinion is the best new series of the year!

    Defo my POTW!

  13. Hickman has a very good handle on Feynman. When Einstein can’t remember how to open the door and Feynman does it by just hitting the big ass button in the middle, it reminds me of an anecdote from his autobiography when they’re showing Feynman the plans for Los Alamos laboratory and they ask him if he can see any problems. They were expecting him to comment on if there was adequate room for cooling systems and such but instead he responded, this room doesn’t have any doors. Or something like that. Anyway, Feynman was very good at doing the obvious when all the other geniuses around him were over thinking.


      I’m not questioning your opinion on Feynman, but it wasn’t that Einstein couldn’t remember how to open the door… unless I read it wrong, the Einstein we’ve seen so far isn’t the one that built that door. His “memory loss” is a ruse.

      I like this angle because it leaves room for a heroic (and very, very pissed off) Einstein to return to his home reality and throw down with all the quasi-evil members of the Manhattan Projects.

    • Ya ken that’s pretty much what happened, to clarify for Willups the Albert Einstein we know wasn’t able to open the door because he could never figure it out in the first place on the opposite side in the dimension that he came from. The real Albert Einstein released him by opening it in the first place and getting left behind in the other dimension.

      Just looking at the explanation of the story I just typed out its no surprise why this series is so awesome, the ideas in it are crazy yet manageable to understand unlike some other writers when they translate that to the page. My Favorite part of the issue was the weird aliens who were speaking to the general in to which he replied I haven’t understood a damn word of what your saying lol.

    • Yeah, I wrote that comment as I was reading it.

    • I don’t have issue 1-3 in front of me, but I noticed if you look at the cast list – it merely says “Highly Intelligent” under Einstein, rather than the “Super Genius” it says amongst the others. Did the previous issues say “highly intelligent” before and that was maybe a clue all along that this Einstein we were seeing was maybe a bit off. Or was it merely changed for this year with the new information we’ve received.

      (The text of course saying that some folks have a hard time distinguishing between genius and merely highly intelligent.)

    • @zlbenson, looking at issue 3 it says Super Genius under Einstein. There wasn’t a cast in issue #2.

    • cool thanks for checking Jim!

    • Not that anyone is going to read this now, but it also said (in issue #4) that this “highly intelligent” Einstein was named Albrecht, not Albert. The point is that the Einstein from the book’s universe is a “super genius” and the one who we’ve been seeing this whole time is merely “highly intelligent”.

  14. whats wrong with you people Manhattan Projects is good yes but great no! not conpared to saga, batman ,swamp thing, conan, fatale the list could go on…. point is there is so much more beter stuff out there better art, better written. dont get me wrong i like this book it is awesome its just not as “great” as others and as for other books mention Prophet , action comics, Saucer Country not even in same leage…..

  15. Loved this issue. I think it was my second favorite issue behind the first.

    I have to say that I really look forward to each new issue of this. It is a fantastic series so far, and right now I would rate it at my number 2 right behind Batman

  16. Wow. Is this gonna trump Batman Inc as POTW?

  17. *Spoiler thoughts*

    Would we say Alt-Einstein is a religious man… or maybe merely not a fan of science? Hence is inability to figure out the door? Or maybe he is a very religious man who in turn did not have the imagination required to dream up the doors opening? Maybe Hickman thinks religious belief hinders creativity?

    Imagination is brought up a couple times. And Alt-Einstein says “Ah… looking around, I see now… science. Delicious apostasy.”

    I had to look up apostasy and it seems its a pejorative term for someone who has renounced religion – or some kind of faith I guess.

    I think this issue has finally hooked me into the series.

    • Note: alt-einstein hit einstein-prime with a weird jeweled serpent mace, perhaps mighty Set rules the alt-world:) also note, one of the jewels was knocked out…future plot point!

    • I didn’t get the feeling Alt-Einstein was overly religious. His violence doesn’t reflect proper Judaism at least.

  18. I dig.

  19. Best series’ going right now? Here’s my humble two cents (in no order)
    Manhattan Projects
    Batman (Scott Snyder)
    Animal Man

  20. This was my favorite issue so far, and I’ve loved ’em all. Cannot wait to see where this is going.

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