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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Pitarra & Cris Peter

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.50

Perhaps my expectations rose to unfair levels when I saw the first quote on the inside of the cover suggesting who the central character of this issue would be. Perhaps my expectations have gotten a tad unrealistic as a huge Hickman fan.

Whatever the reason, my enjoyment of Manhattan Projects has been on a steady slide since issue #1.

Part of MP’s diminishing appeal to me stems, I think, from the seeming lack of a strong story closely linking these four issues together. Instead, we seem to have stories of individuals, who happen to share linkages with other individuals, whose stories we learn in subsequent (or learned in previous) issues.

Also, the “reveal” in issue 4 seemed a bit too much like a twist that Hickman used back in issue #1.

While I’m not getting much out of MP, I can understand why another reader might enjoy it – Hickman’s characters – even the non-historical ones – have a way of seeming real. Hickman’s character and setting details are just so quirky and bizarre at times that it’s hard not to at least crack a smile. And there are a couple of moments here that are genuinely funny.

I was never taken with Nick Pitarra’s pencils, so I haven’t felt the disappointment with his work as I have with Hickman’s story. While his style isn’t really my thing, I have to give Pitarra some credit: he’s consistent and his panels never look rushed or sloppy.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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