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  1. I just read the Essex County Trilogy. Beautiful stuff there by Lemire. Quite possibly the first time I’ve cried at a comic in many years.

    Please let me see that Lemire with this issue. Cause I want this series to be good in issue form.

  2. To this point I think the series has been pretty decent – the first issue was a throw away as we had seen much of the art but last issue stepped up in a big way.  Excited to see if the momentum can maintain or I might have to switch to trades. 

  3. I’m in this one for the long haul.  I thought the first 2 issues were average, but its an interesting concept, and to me, Lemire is worthy of the hype he’s been getting. 

  4. This comic is good, but there’s just not enough happening to merit $3 a month.  Since this is the issue that’s supposed to blow everyone away, I’ll give it one last try before I decide if want to trade wait.

    Has Lemire given a ball-park of how long he wants the series to run? 

  5. @cutty agreed.  I like the Sweet Tooth because of its averageness.  I think Lemire’s subtlety in writing is his greatest gift.  He’s a good writer, and his art is quirky.  Should be a good 3rd issue, especially with what happened at the end of the last.

  6. This is the make or break issue. And by break I mean move to trades because Lemire is awesome.
  7. Will this be the week that my shop actually ordered my copy? Will I actually get to read this on Wednesday?  The suspense is killing me.

  8. Am I the only one that’s been enjoying this book?  The subtlety and mood are fantastic.  I’m worried sick about this little kid.  He’s so naive and trusting, I can’t help but be scared to death for him. 

  9. @darth you have a lot of people on your side there buddy.

  10. good to hear

  11. @darth – I like the book too, and there is an emotional attachment to Gus, but I am not sure it is a monthly attachmemt to this point.  I will stay with the book in trades at a minimum but if this is a rock star issue then I will give him some rope

  12. @darthduck – The average rating on the first two issues are 4+, so it appears most of the site agrees with you.

  13. I love this book in ways that I am uncomfortable sharing in public. I couldn’t imagine not reading this on a monthly basis. So good.

  14. I love that we can witness Lemire’s learning curve on a monthly basis. This guy’s a real artist and he’s at the beginnig of his career. This series will be a masterpiece. Patience.

  15. This book is sweet

  16. I see what you did there. 

    You might almost say it’s "tooth good". lol

     No? Ok 🙁

  17. I like the way you think.

  18. 😀

    Really looking forward to this chapter, mood is a nice way to explain it Darth. 

    As a tangent (and not intending to annoy anyone), I do wish the comment fields (especially early in a series) weren’t always filled with the same, "this is the issue where I’m going to drop it or not", "don’t know whether I’ll keep reading in issues" etc etc. Tell us, and tell us why after you actually read it! While I’m not the most active and am as guilty as anyone, I’m always a bit disappointed when, more often than not, there’s a lot less comments after an issue actually came out! 

    I guess the life of a comic fan is one of constantly looking forward to the next thing.

  19. I haven’t really been feeling this book. It’s a solid 4-star book for me. But it doesn’t seem to be paced for issues. I find I enjoy vertigo titles more in trades, so I may just decide to do that. The art is wonderful and the writing is great, but there’s just something about it that hasn’t hooked me yet.

  20. @MacAoidh: Blame solicitations.

  21. Damn you, solicitations!!  

    I can’t wait for this issue.  Been loving the series and can’t wait to read this issue that I have heard so much about from the iFanboys and DC.  Yippie!

  22. I love love love this series. Nothing will stop me buying. Unless he starts writing about vampires. Or ninja ducks… with beards. Actually I’m copyrighting "ninja ducks with beards". I’m drunk. Good evening ifanboys and girls

  23. I already want to know more about Gus and Jepperd.

  24. This is the issue where DC/Veritgo said it was gonna blow our minds right? I can’t remember but I think that’s the history for this issue.

  25. Always excited for another issue.  Good stuff so far.

  26. Loved issues 1 & 2, can’t imagine waiting for the trade. Not been this interested in a vertigo book since Yorkick ended.

  27. This was a great issue. One hundred times better then what we got with the previous.

    I think though that this comic should be in black and white. In my review I got more in depth on that case but seriously; I would enjoy this comic more if it wasn’t in color. I think it hampers some of the more beautiful looking panels Lemire drew with this issue. Other then Mr. Jepperd I am intrigued about everything else with this title.

    So it keeps me interested for a few more issues. Which is a good thing.

  28. @TNC: I agree with you about the color thing. I think it’s a detriment to the art.

  29. I enjoyed this issue.  It wasn’t a knockout of the park but the pacing of the book is definitly improved over the last two issues.

  30. Wasn’t this the issue that kept getting hyped about something big happening?  If it was, I feel lied to.

    Pretty good issue though.  Better than the first two, and I’ve been convinced to keep reading in issues. 

  31. @conor: We agree on something!? *streamers and balloons fall from the sky* Oh my god!!!

    It would be an improvement if this was in B&W. You dont see Walking Dead going to color anytime soon, the art looks amazing without the need of color. However, I think you could add slight touches of color to this comic. Take for example, Gus’s dream. That could’ve been the only sequence that needed to be in color. Cause it would’ve been striking and it would’ve added more to the fact it was a dream/nightmare.

    Again I think the art looks good, but it could be better without the color.

  32. I keep loving this book.  

  33. Lemire’s trying and it shows. The most interesting thing about this book, for me, is the way Lemire’s art(I’m including his writing in the word art) is evolving with each issue. We have to remember that its the first time the guy’s doing a monthly and hes doing 3 jobs(writing, drawing and inking). Thats monumental and the fact that vertigo’s backing him up is really cool. He’s got my 3$ and my support ’till the end.

  34. Wow.  I keep being amazed by this book.  I couldn’t agree more on the B&W comment from TNC.  Between the mood, the pacing and the constant feeling of dread I’m not sure I breathed until I set it down.

  35. I was really into the first two issues, but this issue was one of those issues where if you missed it, it wouldn’t matter. You could easily not read this & pick up issue 4 & not miss a thing. Nothing happened, until the last page. Hopefully next issue gets the ball rolling with some pace again, because, many more slow issues like this & it’s drop city for me.

  36. That panel of Gus staring at the Dandy book was incredibly touching.

  37. He finds the Dadny book, which is essentially Bambi, and then they find a rabbit girl.  He’s a deer, she’s a rabbit, alone in a strange new world without parents…Just a thought.

  38. Yeah, I’ll stick to issues.

  39. I’m sticking with this book for the long run, but so far I’m pretty underwhelmed.  Its an interesting world, but not very interesting characters so far

  40. That page near the end where they encounter the yard w/ all of the bodies was chilling. I don’t think I’ve ever reacted the way I did at a comic before. Good job.

  41. thought this was tha issue where are mouths were post 2 drop 2 tha floor

  42. I think someone said #3 or #4 so maybe’s it’s next issue where the shit goes down. *shrug*

  43. Having the knowledge that "something big is gonna happen" in issue 3 or 4 is so fucking annoying

  44. Well done.

  45. This title is incredible.  It’s fast becoming my most anticipated book.

  46. Jepperd is a great character…really cantankerous…kind of a jerk.  And the pile of bodies was pretty disturbing…you could see the stench rise from it on the page

  47. After last issue I was a little on the fence with this book. But, with this one I’m 100% on broad with this series. Great, just great comic storytelling.  

  48. Although I feel in a lot of ways this would read better in trade, I think I’m going to have to stick with issues. Best issue yet. 5/5.

  49. I really liked the issue, but it wasn’t as "mind belowing" as I was led to believe. It was my potw, but it was a slow week for me.

    I really like the title though. Unless something drastic chances, I can see me with this title for a while.

  50. If someone who rated this issue a 5 or 4 (loved it) wants to write a review on why it was so awesome, I’d be interested in reading it. I’m not being a smart arse, it’s just that I thought this issue was slow/dull & the reviews mainly talk about why the series is good overall (which I agree with). But, I’d like to know what people loved about THIS issue’s story.

  51. @Wade-I’m too lazy to write a review about it, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow with you on the twitter and wave.  But basically, its all about the mood, at least for me it is.

  52. @wade I agree wholeheartedly! Am I missing something…I feel if not for the last page nothing really happened.

  53. @WadeWilson : you know how Lemire’s subtlety is admired by many. That’s why this is a great book. Most stories have plateaus even action packed ones. I can forgive Lemire for the over sublety here. I just hope he doesn’t continue dragging the story to fit 20 pages this way. IDK. Maybe if 4 continues to be like this, he’s really spreading it too thin.

    This issue actually deserved the $1 price. Not much happened.

    If you already know what happened in the end, you get by not buying this.

    I hope this is just a bridge from issue 2 to 4.

  54. Sometimes it’s not about "something happening". Sometimes it’s about the atmosphere, the dialogue, the character development, the art, the feeling. If you feel you need something action-packed every single issue then Lemire’s work in general probably isn’t for you. 

  55. Vertigo Resurgo? 

    There was a time when Vertigo was the most interesting publisher in comics.  I think that time has come again.  Unwritten, Sweet Tooth, Scalped….  I see many video shows about these titles in the future. 

  56. It’s great that even though Lemire is publishing monthly, he is not selling out by staying true  to his style.

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