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I have read this for the first time becuase my former LCS didn’t have 1 and 2. I found # by accident on my new LCS. It was the last copy.

So I jumped on number 3, so maybe I’m not seeing this the way most of you do.

It’s a great read overall. Do you think this series is good enough for me to hunt the back issues?

I agree with the others that say the pacing is too slow. Nothing really happened much. It was like a small amount of butter spread too thinly. I think Lemire’s style is great, I can see his technique clearly on effect but I just thought he just went too atmospheric.(or maybe this is really how he writes. IDK)

Look at this wikipedia entry:


See how the summaries are getting shorter and shorter?

Lemire better pick up the pacing.

with just one issue, I actually think Lemire should only release in trades. With his style (or overstyling) here, I think he shouldn’t stick to the issue format . His talent will just be overlooked.

I can see what he’s trying to do here, but this just makes us look forward to the next issue instead of ‘living and savouring’ the moment while reading every issue.


Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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