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  1. Incredibly excited for this.  Loved Hal’s entrance last issue and can’t wait to see where they take this.

  2. I’m so ready!  THis book has been great everytime!  I cant wait to see a fight betweet supes and GL.  Maybe,…..

  3. Loved all the first three issues so far. This should be awesome

  4. I really want Hal to easily take down Kal. I really do. There’s no reason he can’t, really. Well, except his not wanting to hurt Kal’s fragile feelings infront of the other Kryptonians. And we do know that as Parralax, Hal took down Kal, cold, with one punch.

    Alas, I like this book – and Superman – more than I ever thought I would and am truly looking forward to it. 

    (Is it wrong of me that i originally wrote, I want Hal to put down Superman like the maimed dog he is? :-p ) 

  5. Real solid book thus far, adding GL to the mix can’t hurt. Can it?

  6. Pete Woods has been killing on this book!

  7. I wonder if this will be yet another cover signifying a fight that doesn’t happen?

  8. No way the cover actually happens.  It is going to be about Clark making peace between the Corps and the Kryptonian military

  9. @Templar: Covers aren’t always literal. They are sometimes metaphors.

  10. Hal kicks Supes’ metaphorical ass.  Bring it

  11. @Conor So the New Avengers cover that showed a battle with the Dark Avengers, where the issue featured a battle with The Hood’s jobbers was a metaphor, too?

    Actually, I guess it could be, but that’s the kind of shenanigans I was referring to.

  12. @ Templar and Conor: Sometimes covers aren’t literal or metaphorical. Sometimes they are just to entice the readers to buy that issue.

  13. This book is usually my POTW. I’m loving the storyline and wish more people would read this, not for any reason other than to be reading a awesome book.

  14. Great issue. But now I want Sodam to fly on down to Earth and have a chat with Mon-El about being the only two non-racist Daxamites.

  15. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Pete Woods knocked this out of the park!

  16. OOoOOOoOO I cant wait to read it.  Come on clock!  Move faster.  work sucks

  17. Fantastic issue. It’s really a shame Batman & Robin came out this week as this would have been a clear POTW for me otherwise. Brilliant art, spot on characters. I cared about Kal-El! And I hate Superman! New Krypton has really done a lot to make me a Superman fan. (To be fair I love the Reeve/Reeves Superman). I thought the Green Lantern story was well played, and each one had their character moments. And I love that Zod is being played as both good and evil. And I share Parker’s belief. Though, as we know from legion of 3 words, Mon-El and Sodam have never met. Great issue. 5/5 for me. I even enjoyed the preview pages!

    One qualm, the very Rucka "extradition treaty." So far as I recall… the lanterns just have universal jurisdiction. Even if it violates local laws, they have the right to take whoever whenever. Has this changed and I forgot? 

  18. @Paul-Agreed!!  Fantastic work on his part.  I’m loving this book!!

  19. @PraxJarvin Agreed, without Batman and Robin this would’ve easily been my POW. Good stuff. 

  20. Great issue–Zod is an asshat

  21. apparently I read a different book…

  22. Pete Woods is rocking this book, I’m very impressed.

  23. That cover is the most blatant case of false advertising I have ever seen.  I would sue if the book cost more than $4.

  24. @stuclach Your case would be thrown out because the New Avengers #50 case is bigger false advertising. 😉

  25. @PraxJarvin – Sounds like a class action suit to me.

  26. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    See Conor’s comment about the thematic nature of covers. 

  27. @Paul Hey, I’m just playing for a joke! I loved that issue of New Avengers for having the balls to do that switch out! Sorry to say that it was my last issue of NA, though. 

  28. Not the strongest issue of the series for me but more solid character work and the story keeps moving. Very well paced

  29. @Paul – I saw Conor’s comment, but I am not sure I agree with it.  If I saw an advertisement for a disinfectant that indicated it would eradicate 100% of the germs in my toilet and then got it home and found out it tried to eradicate 100%, but only succeeded in killing 50%, that would be false advertising.

    I am not seriously angry in this case, but this bait and switch tactic Marvel and DC have been using for the last 75 years is starting to irritate me.

  30. @Stuclach: i agree. that cover isn’t thematic… it’s bullshit.

    Hal and Clark didn’t even come to comfronation is this issue, on any level!!  Hal rocked up, said "hey", went on a tour then HELPED Clark at the end of the issue. Where’s the symbolic battle in that?

    anyhow, good issue.

  31. @stuclach: If they do it again for another 75 years then I’m gonna think of stop reading comics! 🙂

  32. @ TNC: No you won’t. If anything, you’ll read just to complain about them.

    @ Paul: See my comment about four below Conners. 

    @ Edward: There was no theme to it, it was just there to sell issues. 

    @ Everyone not reading this book: PICK IT UP AND START!!! 


  33. TNC actually wrote something funny

  34. I thought this offering was fairly weak compared to the previous World of New Krypton issues.  The Guardians have self-appointed universal interdiction rights.  I also am starting to have some issues with the story focusing exclusively on Kal’s military career.  I thought he was going there for his people, so where’s the interaction?  Hook up with some Kryptonian hottie for God’s sakes!  What happens in Kandor stays in Kandor…

      My enjoyment was probably also really hurt by the colouring.  Was I the only one to receive a VERY washed out issue?  Not washed out in the style we’ve seen from some of the other Superman family books, but genuinely bad printing.  Soem pages looked really bad. 

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