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  1. I don’t follow Green Lantern books on a regular basis, mostly because I have no idea what the fuck is going on when I tried to read them, but dont you think that Hal Jordan might be a little too busy with all this anticipation leading up to Blackest Night to be nit picking about what is going on on New Krypton?  Tell me if I’m out of order here, but it just doesn’t make any sense continuity wise.  I’m usually not a big continuity nut, but sometimes they are just WAY too sloppy about things like that!

  2. Hal has no clue that Darkest Night is coming. There’s enough pacing gaps that the Guardians could send him to new Krypton and besides, it seems like a major thing.


    I’m not happy with DC in general righ tnow, but I don’t think this is something they can be raked over the coals for. 

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