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Superman meets the new Wonder Woman for the first time! But why can’t he shake the feeling that he already knows her? The Man of Steel will have to figure that out later, as the two heroes have their hands full defending Omaha, Nebraska from the evil Keres, a supernatural force determined to rid the town (and the world!) of all Amazons – and they’re not too crazy about Kryptonians, either.

Variant Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE

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  1. I like the Wonder Woman run, but ran screaming from mopy, walking Superman.  Will I be suckered by JMS again?

  2. I’m cautiously interested in this book now. I actually overall liked JMS’ initial issues on the book–yes, they were strange, they were sometimes awkward, and definitely easy to parody, but bled with heart and passion and did something interesting with the character of Superman.

    But, when Robinson came along with this last issue, it felt…lifeless, like the writer didn’t understand what JMS was doing, and actually made it even more awkward and laughable. But, hopefully that was just first-issue jitters, and it gets better with the next issue–Eddy Barrows back on art should definitely help. 

  3. Why are both ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ God awful but ‘Action Comics’ and ‘Detective Comics’ are spectacularly amazing? I’d it like some sorta balance thing?

  4. I’m getting this issue because I like JMS’s Wonder Woman, I just hope that it turns out okay.

  5. @DarkKnightJared liked the initial issues as well, and now that Barrows is back, will prob be as well.

  6. I’m getting it because I pre-ordered it, last issue was TERRIBLE, I think I”m getting one more issue and then it’s dropped until JMS is off the title.  Still kind of interested in what’s going on with WW, especially since it’s being woven into Justice League Generation Lost… if only we could get WW back in the right outfit.

  7. This is worth a flip.  We’ll see how many pages that actually feature WW.

  8. I actually love the Batman title right now. Superman is eh.

  9. How many more of these awful issues do we have to suffer through until this story is finished?

  10. I HATE thought balloons.

  11. not such an awful cassidy cover

  12. This was a huge improvement over the last issue. HUGE!

  13. this was SUCH an improvement over past months!

  14. I thought this issue was a spectacular return to form for JMS. Like the Alan Moore issues of old, he throws around fantasic ideas like Jackson Pollock throws around paint. He introduces no less than half a dozen really neat future supermen, and foreshadows a major dc crossover event, all of which sound like such good ideas, that I’m sure some other writers will return to flesh them out more fully in future issues.Thoroughly entertaining.

  15. @DudleyDoright  JMS isn’t wrting this anymore. Chris Roberson is. He’s following JMS’ plot.

  16. @DudleyDoright  some thought Pollock’s art was just that, paint being thrown around, not a compliment in my book.

    This was great, and Barrows being back was a delight.

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