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DC Comics proudly presents the 700th issue of SUPERMAN, a 56-page extravaganza full of tales celebrating the Man of Steel’s past, present and future! First up is a story by the man who actually killed Superman, Dan Jurgens! Then, James Robinson brings his epic run on the title to a close with a touching story featuring art by Benard Chang that brings Superman back to Earth after his time on New Krypton. Finally, we preview the exciting new SUPERMAN ongoing creative team as J. Michael Straczynski and Eddy Barrows provide a story that sets the stage for an explosive, all-new direction for The Man of Steel! (Seriously! Wait till you read this!)

"DC 75th Anniversary" variant cover by Eduardo Risso
"DC 75th Anniversary" variant black and white cover by Eduardo Risso

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Should be pretty fun.
    And lets hope that the back isnt just stuffed with unused covers.

  2. The fact that this has James Robinson listed in the writing credits has me a bit worried, but I’m still excited for this. Can’t wait for JMS to take over full time!

  3. I love Superman and yet never really read his own book.  Hoping this is an interesting hopping on point.

  4. @misterckent – Me neither, I can’t wait. I have high hopes for JMS. It will be fun watching him try to cleanup the mess.

  5. I am torn. I don’t particularly like Superman, but I’m curious to see what JMS can do with the character. I liked his take on Hyperion in Supreme Power, so I think I’ll like this. But we’ll see.

  6. @drake its a ‘hundred’ issue, so I’m assuming there will be multiple stories, right?

  7. I can’t wait to read this but i gotta wonder, what happened to that awesome secret origin book they were doing, i loved that, did it just get grossly delayed?

  8. @vadamowens-Seems that way. I mean, Batman was an anniversary issue but only written by Morrison. Then again, he has been the predominant Batman writer for a while now, were as Superman has been handled by quite a few writers recently.

  9. 5$ huh? Sheesh! I don’t think I’m that interested really…

  10. It’s 56 pages.

  11. @Titan72 It got pushed back to August. There’s only the final issue left.

  12. Everyone on that cover looks awkward or uncomfortable to me. I am up for giving JMS a shot. I went through all that New Krypton nonsense (ok, some parts was good) so  am close to thanking Clark for some ok times and moving on. We’ll see.

  13. @Prax: It did get pushed to August? Damn you comixology!!!

    As much as I wanna see a taste of JMS on this title….I’d rather wait for the next issue. Although Jurgens/JMS in the same issue does sound intriguing. 

  14. @Prax It looks like the hardcover ships the next week, might as well skip issue 6. 

    This looks like it is one of Gary Frank’s alternate covers from that series. I am really interested to see where JMS takes this after the War of Supermen stuff all wrapped up. His take on Wonderwoman should be worth checking out as well. 

  15. JMS part is available free on DC iPad app now! Excellent start, now to pick up rest tomorrow.

  16. I’m down.


    I pretty much steered clear of the WoNK stuff, and enjoyed John’s stuff despite getting into it late in the game. So I have no real disposition towards liking the character or direction of the book a certain way. Let’s see what JMS brings.

  17. JMS = reboot master. After seeing what he did on Thor and Brave and the Bold, I am all aboard for this comic in the future.  I avoided WoNK, but picked up what happened and how it all comes together in this issue.  I enjoyed this book and it was real close to being my POTW. 

  18. If I can just ask: What was JMS’s story? Cause it was the only one I cared about in this issue.

  19. pick it up on i tunes man its good. its free!!!!

  20. I really liked the Jurgens story (even if it was more of a Robin story!) and I liked the JMS preview, but the Robinson story was pretty tepid. It feels exactly like every other "Lois is sad until Clark comes back" story that’s been in comics. Just a meaningless, perfunctory story. I also enjoyed the Action Comics preview. 4/5

  21. Man, it was nice to see Jurgans on Superman again.  Although it does drive home how weak the art has been on the two Super-books for awhile now.

  22. Not sure why they threw in the Robin story (besides to raise the page count & jack the price), it was kinda outta place, even though it was pretty good. Was it a reprint of an old issue?

    The James Robinson story was like all his DC work (for me) — super-clunky storytelling with corny, unrealistic dialogue that was really dull.

    The JMS story was what I expected though — awesome! Superman is back in good hands, people!!! 

  23. Well this issue was odd

    First story was a little uncomfortable, seeing as it was mostly Lois and Clark cuddling…..
    Second story was about Robin…..
    And the third story had a bizarrely whiny Superman. Admittedly Im not that familar with Superman, and hes suppose to be cut up over the WONK stuff, but Superman doesnt really seem like the kind of dude who would just let people tear into him like that. Eh… I don’t know

    And the strangest thing of all, the Robin story was the best. It had a wondefully old school feel to it, kinda like when I listen to Tom vs. the Flash, and that look on Clark’s face at the end, awesome.

    Text-pieces from authors are a welcome upgrade from pages of unused covers.


  24. that woman huband died because he had "more important thing to do" according to the people who could contact him. i understand that action on the woman part and superman reaction. he looking at superheroes. are they focusing too much on the bad guys and not on the people they are trying to protect.

  25. This issue wasn’t worth the 5 bucks.  The middle story is a Robin story, and the opening is just an endnote to the James Robinson Superman issues (so if you haven’t been reading those, you may want to stay away).  The reason I was interested in this was the JMS setup for his Superman run…and it wasn’t very good.  Superheroes trying to fix real world problems ("My husband died, why didn’t you help us?") is just filled with so many narrative problems, I’m getting a very bad feeling about what the rest of the JMS Superman will turn out to be.  Isn’t this the guy that wrote Doom crying in that Marvel book?  This feels weirdly sanctimonious.  I almost regret I pre-ordered the first two issues.  Hope I’m wrong.

  26. I wonder if Crazy Woman ran around slapping Martian Mnhunter, Power Girl, or any of the other bajillion suoer-people that might have been able to help her husband?

    This story doesn’t really work for a Superman with a decade or so of experience under his cape. He knows that that for everyone he saves there’s someone out there that maybe he can’t. The job isn’t about what you can’t do…it’s about what you do. 

    And, of course, there just the simple fact (admittedly touched on):

    "Where were you when my husband died?"

    "Keeping thousands of Kryptonians from turning the whole planet into a charcoal brickquette"


  27. the woman’s husband died she in greving and greif is not rational.


    beside superman don’t say things like that. 


    that lady wat even allowed the chance to get turned down. 

  28. @Jack239 – It’s too early to tell where JMS is going with this. Obviously it will touch on the fact that Superman can’t save everyone and he knows this. But I think it was the perfect reaction. Superman isn’t going to say "Hey lady, I’m doing my best."

    I do believe that Superman should question himself from time to time, now that Pa Kent is dead, it will be hard for him to ask a male role model. 

  29. This was quite a mixed bag. Robinson’s story was pretty pointless and full of his usual torturous dialog. The Jurgens story was alright, but it didn’t really have me until Bruce’s note at the very end. That was great.

    JMS’s was definitely my favorite, and I for one can’t wait for Superman to get back to his Earthly roots. I wasn’t a big fan of New Krypton despite giving it a more than fair chance, and I’m glad it’s over. For those of you curious to see where JMS is taking the series, here’s a pretty decent interview IGN ran yesterday: He has some pretty brilliant things to say about Superman’s role in the DCU, and how it’s changed over the years. Good stuff.

    Batman’s #700 was better. As it should be. 🙂 

  30. I’ve got no complains. In many ways, this was a perfect Superman book. The opening Robinson story was a great send-off and welcome back of Supes to Earth. The Jurgens story may be contextually out-of-place, but IMO there has never been a better Superman illustrator or writer, so having him in a milestone issue such as this should be practically mandatory, and the story is fantastic and fun! Straczynski’s story has me geared up for what’s to come!

    Every comic should be this good.

  31. Really quite liked this issue, especially the Robinson and JMS stories. And it certainly sold me on the JMS run.

  32. I totally agree with you guys. Superman shoulda punched that bitch in the face.


  33. Doh.  I clearly should’ve just downloaded the free preview that includes the JMS story and saved myself $5.  The James Robinson story was adequate, but unnecessary, and I don’t even know where to begin with the Dan Jurgens story.  A lame and irrelevant Robin story.  Was the point that Superman is really good at geometry?  Boo.  I assumed that the JMS portion would keep going, but instead we get interviews about the other Superbooks, which I didn’t need.  Oh well, in any case, I was interested enough by JMS’ take on Superman that I think I’ll add this to my pull list again.

  34. the JMS was utter nonsense…crap pulling at the heartstrings…lets see the man behind the alien…i smell a year break from action…lets take the black cover ASM to the next emotional level all the way across america. No thanks.

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