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SIEGE #4 (OF 4)


This double-sized finale brings the Dark Reign to a shattering conclusion and brings with it the bombastic new HEROIC AGE. Every single page of this book is a shocker: Lives are changed. Heroes fall. Deaths. Revenge. Villain comeuppance. And when the dust settles, who will be in charge of the Marvel Universe?? You will find out here and only here. This is the one they will be talking about.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Olivier Coipel
INKS: Mark Morales
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
LETTERED BY: VC - Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY: Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Who LOVES the Sentry? I do! I hope they keep him around, he could be an amazing villian

  2. I don’t.

    Wouldn’t even want him as a villain for two reasons.  1)Too powerful, I don’t want the someone with the powers of the angry hand of god running around.  2)They would just try to rehabilitate him back into a hero eventually, and I hate that now, so I would probably feel the same way later.

    But they could surprise me…

  3. I’m excited to see how this finishes up.

  4. Pencils: Joe Quesada?

  5. i was suprised to see Quesada too    on the cover shown above it says that Coipel did the pencils     so let’s hope it’s Coipel

  6. Yeah, i really hope its Coipel too.

  7. It better be fucking Coipel.

  8. Here’s hoping the whole issue is told as reminiscence after the action is already done and that Thor took care of the Sentry by swirling him up in a big purple whirlwind. Fingers crossed.

  9. hahahaha

  10. Finally the conclusion to this storyline. I hope Bendis will get rid of the Sentry and kill him off. That character has too many psychological issues.

  11. If Quesada is doing the interior art and The Sentry dies, I will take that as an apology from Quesada for him ever existing.  Also, Tom Katers or Ron or someone will owe Quesada $100.

  12. I heard iFanboy user Edward was paying Marvel creators to keep the Sentry alive.

    It’s just a rumor though . . .

  13. it would be so awesome if Sentry survives this.

  14. Which hero would kill him?

    He would probably have to kill himself not to survive this.

  15. I’m not ruling that out as the eventual outcome.

    Also possible happening? The MU debut of Marvel Man is stopping The Sentry from killing everyone.

  16. I’ve liked Second Coming more than this to be honest.  Am I in the minority?

  17. @misterckent – I agree, Second Coming has more important things happening in it. Siege is just foreplay for the Herioc Age … no matter who they kill.

  18. If they want to win, the new avengers just have to have spider-man make a deal with the devil and erase everything back to the lee/ Kirby days.

  19. I like this more than Blackest Night (at least up to this point).

  20. I want Olivier Coipel to draw more things.

  21. @DeadlyFoe: I do!

    Hey, who wants to hear my theory as to why the Sentry is the prefect Marvel character? You do, ScorpionMasada? Well, ok than.

    So it’s like this. Marvel originally differentiated itself from DC by the axiom that their characters are flawed. Are you still with me, Scropion? So doesn’t seem logical that their most powerful character is the most flawed? That their superman-like paragon is actually so fucked that he can’t walk outside or have conversation or not kill people? This thing with turning the sentry into a villian is just a extension of how messed up he is, it’s just another flaw. It’s also kind of an ironic statement that the character who most represents the marvel ethos is now it’s greatness villian.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  22. @edward

    100% agreed. 

  23. And also


  24. I agree with Edward. 

  25. Just remember who stimulated you to comment of the week and thank me in the thread.

  26. I’m paying Marvel to keep The Sentry alive

  27. Have to say I agree with Edward

  28. that is why I don’t like The Heroic Age. Everything seems clean and alright.

  29. This is going to be PIVOTAL !!!

    How does this not have more pulls then Flash #2?

  30. I dont know who’s POTW it is but i dont envy them. With this, Flash, Bruce Waynes return, Xmen… etc… its a tough week! Looking forward to this. 

  31. I’m looking forward to seeing how the heroes win.

  32. Hmmm, gathering by the covers of this and all the tie ins, the plot of this event is that the Avengers exist…

  33. OK… who smell cross-over… Sentry vs. Plutonian vs. Alpha(The Mighty dude).

    Actually per Bendis style, it will probably take someone more omnipotent than Sentry to defeat the omnipotent Sentry just like the Sentry defeated the slightly less omnipotent Molecule Man a few issues back, we know this is possible because the Sentry didn’t do so well vs. the omnipotent absorbingman/comic-cube combo dude.

    Wow… there’s a pattern there.

  34. Am I the only person who went "EEEEEEEEE!!!!" when I saw Seige number 4 was out this week? Probably. I am more excited about the outcome of this even than any other since ever. Is it possible that there will be an onslaught type mass super hero sacrifice and that the heroic age is actually in an alternat universe?!?!?! You heard it here first!

  35. @edward – I’ve been saying that about the Sentry for years now. Glad someone else sees it too. 😉

  36. @daccampo & @edward – Do you think the House of Ideas engineered the Sentry specifically for that theme or was it something they retooled after fan backlash?

    It’s a fine interpretation but I think you’re giving creative too much credit.

    Sentry was a stinker of a character not so much in concept but in execution.

  37. @har13quin you are not the only one 🙂 Except i went "Holy Tits of Sif!"

    @NOK Pivotal indeed!

  38. @Smasher: I think Paul Jenkins knew exactly what he was doing when he created the Sentry for his original series. I think he said somewhere that the Sentry was his examination of what Superman would be like if he exsisted in the Marvel universe, hence, the extreme psychological problems. That was one person vision of the character

    What we are seeing now is Bendis’ interpretation of that character and idea which is fine. I have got no problem with it. the idea of the Sentry was always intriging and he was used in a very sparing way until the character’s arc was completed and you’re seeing that in Siege with The Sentry being so messed up that he is haphazardly killing dudes 

  39. and where Fractal? he had some interesting things to say about the last issue

  40. @Edward agreed with all of the above


    The Sentry has been one of my fav characters since his first mini(which is probably my fav mini marvel has ever done that didn’t star spider-man or one of the avengers) he is marvels answer to superman in an amazingly creative way

  41. I’ve definately enjoyed Osborn’s manipulation of the Sentry over the past few years.  Him flipping the switch in Siege seems pretty organic

  42. Here’s the thing. I definitely think only smart and attractive people realize how awesome the Sentry is

  43. @edward

    low blow. it wasn’t my fault I got transferred to Chernobyl grammar school. 

  44. When this is over, the Sentry will probably need a makeover.

    How do you think he should style his beautiful hair?

    I think he should crimp it.

    Or maybe rock it like Axel Rose in the Welcome To The Jungle video for the final issue of Siege.

  45. Don’t you need two people to Crimp?

  46. Not sure.

    Is that some kind of Aussie gangsta dance?

  47. No, dude, Mighty Boosh. come on!


  48. Oh . . .

    I only get crunk.

    And you might catch me crip-walking but I try to keep it nongang-affiliated when online.

  49. @edward I got it

    Captain Cabinets,
    Trapped in cabinets.
    Can he get out?
    Will he get out?
    Course he can.

  50. it’s taking retro to it’s logical conclusion

  51. Rob Reynolds for Prez. 🙂 Win.

  52. i really liked this. i liked the surprise death about mid way. i honestly didn’t see that one coming.

  53. This is an outrage!!!

  54. Wow, this was anti-climactic.

  55. so…

    1. what are the ramifications killing the angel of death, the god of war, and the god of mischef?  people cna’t fight, joke, and die… kinda boring…


    2. didn’t know that Thor can travel to the sun in the vaccum of space.


    3. the last page was just silly… check out spiderman strike a pose…

  56. This was kind of silly and what not, but I liked it….kind of a lot.

  57. Solid good-not-great issue for me.  I guess it would’ve been a little more exciting if we didn’t know that the Heroic Age was coming on the heals of this issue.  As far as I’m concerned, this mini was a success

  58. I was kind of hoping Bob would survive and be redeemed by a writer that knows what to do with him. That being said, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

  59. It was missing about 5-6 pages where the Avengers actually get their butts kicked. We only saw that for a few panels. But I still really enjoyed this. I was positively giddy for the last third of it.


    For the first time I felt some weakness tears when Thor saw Loki die.

  61. "We’ve seen the world according to Tony Stark. And, Lord in Heaven, we’ve seen Norman Osborn’s." 

    Heh. Good line. I liked that. 

  62. Ok any suggestions on reading order for siege, dark avengers, and fallen

  63. @peterparker – you have it right

  64. @cutty thanks! Time to get reading…

  65. Was it just me or was the art next to impossible to follow?

    And did Sentry go from not having a scratch on him, but then Thor does exactly what he’d been doing the whole time and for some reason that time it fries him down to a skeleton?

    Very rushed, confusing issue. Things happened with little to no explanation.

  66. @slockhart Well the stones helped the heroes put quite a dent in the Void, then combined with the hellicarrier as a bullet and Thor actually *trying* to kill him vs. just trying to end the fight is what did it. Before he was just hitting him but at the end he was hitting him to save his own life

  67. Decent ending. I hate that it has the Marvel definition of double sized (28 pages).

  68. INCREDIBLE.  Best event book ever done by any company.  By far.

  69. Two major issues with this.

    Sentry/Void being killed so easily even after some major damage. Void looked okay when it regrouped.

    Loki’s motivation to help the heroes. Not sure I buy it without a tie-in issue to help explain.

    Good to see that someone realized Sentry had to be killed. I liked that.

    Now if they would just kill Bullseye.


  70. This was going so well for three issue and then… tapered off into mediocrity. It wasn’t bad so much as… I felt like I missed the issue where the Sentry beats the crap out of the heroes. As well, I missed the issue where Loki’s motivation completely changed for no real discernible reason (Asgard was in shambles three issues ago, where was Loki then?) Void is barely hurt by the Norn stones-augment heroes, yet is easily dispatched by the hellcarrier and Thor’s hammer? Didn’t really buy that. And the art was a little sketchy. Who was the hero who randomly shot up 30-feet from one panel to the next? What "new powers" did anyone gain that they didn’t have before, because I really didn’t seen a discernible different in anyone’s power sets. I did really enjoy the "epilogue" and the heroes getting together. But this was a little disappointing. 3/5

  71. @ScorpionMasada – BLASPHEMY! Bullseye is awesome!

  72. He’s an awesome villian. But he is far too psychotic for the heroes allow to let live.

    Hope he died in Dark Avengers.

  73. it was not pivotal… is it me but shouldn’t the last issue be the best? It was still good though, i guess i had high expectations.

  74. That was a let down for me. The final battle was so easy and seemed to be over before it started. All the dread and stakes seemed to be gone. Even with out the stones the heroes had no trouble. There was almost no drama at all. Ugh.

  75. This battle should have been spread out over two issues.  It felt like I was watching a fight scene in fast-forward mode.

    Disappointed it wasn’t more .. well .. epic.

  76. I like that Steve Rogers has to distinctly explain that Osborn is to be tried in an American court.

    but the line that really made me happy was Steve telling the President, "I’m going to want to do it my way."  it’s a very simple line but just the idea of Steve Rogers’ "way" is very exciting. 

  77. oh and Nick Fury calls someone "Toots".  really, how can you argue with that?

  78. What happened to Double Sized? If it had been i am sure this wouldnt have felt so rushed… The issue felt like a jerk forward and at least 10 to 15 pages were left out explaining everything. Art was good but not close to issue 2 or 3. slight let down but good overall event..

  79. I liked this issue, but I kind of feel like it would have taken more to take out The Void what actually did. Still a good ending though.

  80. I like it.  Kind of wish there had been a bit more, not in terms of more issues, just maybe a few more pages this issue as things went by pretty quickly.  I am glad the Sentry is from what it seems, dead.  And he died crying like a baby, how shocking.

  81. Did anyone else read Seige: Loki? Loki made a deal with Hela to become “immune” to death, so although his body could be destroyed he couldn’t really die. So I don’t think he made a mysterious about-face, but rather was earning himself good will through a “noble sacrifice” as part of his overall con. Or am I missing something?

  82. They killed my two favorite villains.

    Loki and The Sentry.

    . . . .

  83. A bit let down.

    We are now where we were before Civil War. Why has Marvel reset all it’s heroes, could it not have built on what was done and move on.

    Also the fight felt rushed, and like others have said the Void turned out to be not much.

  84. Oh come on. Loki’s plan is pretty simple here. He planned to die. He is the leader of the Disir, and he will never go to Hel. We don’t know what he will do next but he has effectively convinced the world he no longer exists, but he does.

  85. Good overall, Coipel was the star of this miniseries. Glad that the new age is starting in Marvel, but I’m not extremely excited about any of the lineup coming up.

  86. Aries is kicking himself

    ‘what! i just had to hit him wth my axe? Damnit!’

  87. didnt sentry say he was galactus in issue 2?

  88. This was an extremely satisfying ending and I like the place it puts us in for the future.

  89. I agree with @CGPO. From the point where Bob says “Kill me…”, Thor says “No…”, then Bob/Void says “You’re not listening to me…” – There should have been about three pages of the Void really kicking their ass. Causing some serious damage. With a few heroes close to death (impaled on Void’s black spikyness), he turns to a shocked Thor and says, “Who else must I kill Thor? What else must I destroy?” We see the impaled heroes struggling to stay alive (a little blood trickling from their mouths). Thor looks at his hammer (his grip tightening, lightening begins to crackle) and whispers “Robert” (now looks Void straight in the eye) “May my father protect your soul.” Next page: Double page spread of Thor leaping in the air and coming down on the void with the biggest lightening bolt ever. The earth splits and ruptures – the crater deepens – the heroes struggle to get away (carrying the wounded) – cut away shot to buildings in town rumbling like an earthquake – THEN we pick up with the page of Thor standing over Bob’s skeleton. Also, the scene at the White House should read “six months later” for some believable recovery time.

  90. So…the Sentry was really…the Angel of Death? Does this mean in the Heroic Age, no one can die? 

    I wish they had been a little more clear as to what Bob/The Void was besides just, you know, the creepy bug-god manifestation. 

  91. galactus?

  92. I don’t think he is/was really the angel of death. I think that was just hyperbole on Osborne’s part.

  93. cprevite, just wrote the better ending to Siege and no one even noticed.

  94. @cprevite – I would think it was hyperbole too, except Bendis made a big deal in Dark Avengers about the Void being the hand of God, even drawing parallels even between the 11th plague in Exodus and Bob. I never read the original Sentry series though, so most of what I know is 2nd hand. Maybe what the Sentry was is a lot clearer to everyone else then it is to me.

    Oh and I agree with ScorpionMasada, I dig your version.

  95. @ScorpianMasada & @OttoBott: Thank you – glad ya like it.

  96. I truly believe this to be the most satisfying event in Comics history.

  97. I’ve read pretty much everything Sentry related over again these last few months and from what i can gather he wasn’t the angel of death or galactus but both sort of. The serum he drank allowed him to access this universal power or god-like power, the same kind of power the angel of death would have and that galactus would use. it’s a cosmic power basically which explains why he has shades of the angel of death and also why he called himself galactus during a freakout in front of lindy in DA

  98. ah thanks :p

  99. Art suffered in the end and a few too many beats were dropped to get the story to its conclusion. And the final splash page was weak. Would rather those two pages had been used to shore up some of the story holes. But what can you expect from the last issue of a major event? It is a rare comic that pulls off a good ending of any sort, not to mention one that the entire universe is molded around. So yes, Marvel could have delayed their whole universe by a month to allow Coipel and Bendis to end this right (a true double-sized issue would have done it probably), but that was never going to happen.

    FWIW- A lot of the explanatory info, motivations, and fights were scattered into the tie-ins. But they were a fairly disorganized mess and Bendis should have been able to make his simple 4 issue series stand on its own.

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