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SIEGE #2 (OF 4)

The blockbuster Marvel event of the year goes full-blown carnage and madness as the biggest and most brutal battle in Marvel’s history brings together heroes from all sides. Lines have been drawn, and an unlikely hero will save one Avenger, but they can’t save them all. The Siege has begun and it claims its first victim as AN AVENGER WILL DIE!!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Olivier Coipel
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
LETTERED BY: VC - Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY: Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 50.9%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. I bet it’s Spider-Man. Or Steve Rogers again.

  2. AN AVENGER WILL DIE.  Well which team? Dark, Mighty, Young, New, Intiative? Or my favorite Mexican Avengers.  Un Vengador se morirá

  3. $5 says it’s The Sentry, and he comes back in #3

  4. I hope it’s Venom. I hope Ares just flat out kills him in a two page spread. He’s been slipping lately and if anyone is gonna go down in all this Chaos it should be Gargan

  5. Could be Osborn. Dark Wolverine stabbed the shit out of him last issue. What a shocker! Osborn dead in issue 2!

  6. Bill Foster suddenly and awkwardly resurrects just before the Sentry flies through him.

  7. Is the cover depicting the diamond shipping truck accident?

  8. I’m guessing it’s not the Sentry, unless the cover’s supposed to mislead us. 


    I’m thinking it’s got to be one of the Dark Avengers. Or Mockingbird, you know just to cause Clint Barton more trouble.

  9. I want Bullseye killed because it is irresponsible of the heroes to let him live.

  10. i remember reading somwhere bendis hates 616 venom so my moneys on him

  11. @oldmanlogan  never heard that, i was just picking gargan cause he’s been shown to be weak cause of his meds lately in DA

  12. Spoiler deleted. No spoilers (even possible spoilers) until Wednesday.

  13. I believe this will be my POW.  Of course it’s only this or Weapon X#10 most likely.  Weapon X has been great though.

    But this is SIEGE!! 

  14. Also, it’s very strange to have a Marvel book be the most pulled book on iFanboy.

    Very, very strange.

  15. whoops, I should know better.

  16. too many avengers. let ’em all die

  17. I thought it was already in the solicits… please don’t kill me iFanboy gods…

  18. @Conor nice save sir, i didn’t even see a spoiler. man you guys are quick

  19. They should kill Cap again now that he’s back. I’d love to see the reaction.

  20. By that cover, it looks like long time fan favorite, Bloody Skull Man, will die 🙁

  21. Alas, poor Bloody Skull Man, I knew him well….

  22. Not Bloody Skull Man!!   Just when I thought it was safe to believe again…

  23. Once someone reads this, can someone tell me how many actually story pages there are? I wasn’t going to pay $4 for the 22 pages of Siege #1 but if that was just the exception, then maybe.

  24. They alluded to his death in Bloody Skull Man Annual #5.

  25. It would be funny if the solict read:

    "Who will be the last Avenger to live!?" Instead of who will die or who will live, all die except for one! That is entertainment for me.

  26. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @Slockhart… yeah probably. that’s seems to happen a lot with Bob.


    @RoiVampire… why has Venom been actling like such a weakling? I think it’s because the Dark Avengers’ Ms. Marvel slapped some bad juju on him. There’s something suspicious about her. 

  27. My prediction, ares does the saving and I hope venom does the dying.

  28. Give me more Jesus Sentry!

  29. Hey how about the sentry sacrificing himself ala jesus

  30. So the consensus guess is that this "avenger" death is a Dark Avenger, right? Bullseye: "Not like thiiiiiis!!"


    By the way, it is a funny joke, but i recently re-read that issue and that’s not the line at all. Clint does yell "Not like this," but he then follow it with a "Like this!" It is as if he is giving instructions: "Not like ‘A,’ but instead, like ‘B.’" Maybe that doesn’t clarify any. It is actually pretty in character for ol’ Clint Barton.

  31. @Andrew: Yeah, the real final line isn’t as funny though.

  32. @Andrew- thank you, I’ve been waiting for a relevant time to point that out.  he goes out sticking it in the face of imaginary aliens, not like a bitch

  33. I love this cover

  34. I hope Sentry/Void kills and resurrects Ares over and over again for the sheer enjoyment of it.

    God > God of War.

  35. @doctorsporen  Holy F, that would be awesome if he did it to anyone

  36. I hope to god Sentry bites it. He’s such a boring and worthless character. I hope his facepiece gets melted off

  37. @miyamotofreak: According to an early review I read, it’s 25 story pages for $3.99. And I use the word "story" very loosely. (But you y’all like it, whatever, that’s your thing.)

  38. This coming from the dude who says positive things about Loeb’s Red Hulk and Loeb’s Ultimates work.

    No offense, but I wouldn’t take shots at Bendis or Bendis fans.

  39. @flapjaxx


  40. This was way better than issue #1 in my opinion, I really liked this a lot.

  41. So that’s the Sentry.  Never read anything with him in it before.  He’s supposed to be angst-ridden or something, right? 

  42. Just read it



    not sure if it was good or not… probably Sentry will out things back together again just like everything involving the sentryin the past

  43. Holy crap!  Didn’t see that comin’!

  44. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. HOLY!!!!

  46. Hmm, I think that was a bit strong for a mainstream Marvel comic. And a bit too focused on shock value – this is a talking point for an over the top moment rather than a decent story. Not keen.

  47. Oh my…not what I expected at all.  


    I dug the last page as well. 

  48. Well…there went the only character I really liked on that particular Avengers team.

    I hope no one spoils it for anyone though. It was a decent read. 

  49. Will the Sentry circle the Earth in reverse to go back in time next?

  50. That was spoiled for me, and I still had a lot of fun reading it.  Last page was great.

  51. Can someone write a review with the spoiler in it?


    we won’t get new books until monday here and i would really like to know…. PLEASE?!!

  52. I had it spoiled for me on Twitter, but I don’t really give a crap about/pretty much dislike the characters involved.


    That said, I still haven’t read it, so I don’t know the context or anything. 

  53. It’s Wednesday, so spoilers are now allowed.

    my lcs guy put it on top of my stack and said read first I did now I am happy


  56. Who died?

     Was it americia’s innocence?

  57. I put a spoiler review out there


  58. Aren’t the Greek gods in the MU immortal?

  59. Thanks OwlyFan. you’re a beautiful man


    See, i told you people The Sentry is kickass. This is interesting. He’s going to go nuts and destroy shit.

    I can see a scene with Steve Rogers standing up to him, just like the Thanos thing years ago, that will make you say to yourself "FUCK YEAH!" 

  60. I gotta agree with edward The Sentry kicks ass…. Maybe bendis really is the only guy who can write him but damn… that was how comics should be done. 

     The last page was awesome.  

  61. Interesting issue. My fears have relaxed quite a bit, and I cannot wait for Siege #3

  62. That last page has me aching to see the first page of issue 3

  63. positive comments about the Sentry?! marvel with the most pulls?!

    must be a shitty week for books

  64. This issue was definitely an improvement over the first.

    I still don’t give a crap about the Sentry… 

  65. @face
    did you read this issue? Cross company jabs aside, this was one hell of a book, hard to do a big company superbook better than this! The art was beautiful, story was great as promised an avenger died, Maria hill was kicking ass, daken got his, and between this and DA bendis has pulled the sentry out of the bog he has been stuck in, and a kick ass cliff hanger! This was great stuff! My lcs guy even raved and he is not a big two guy at all! My pick of the week even with sweet tooth an easy 5 star book, echo(living on the east coast) and picking up the last two Locke and keys (finally got around to reading the second
    trade)! although LK crown of
    shadows 2 was hella good!

    conor saw you on the boards what r ur thoughts on the book?

  66. @AquaPimp – I could be wrong, but I think death is seen as a momentary setback for gods in the MU. Then again, death is just a temporary setback for most semi-important mortals in the MU, not to mention their mortal enemies, spouses, elderly aunts etc. etc.

  67. @Pp – not reading it, but the comments here make me wish i were. i’ve been a regular Sentry supporter for a while now.

  68. I think I’m gpoing to have to poney up and send Bendis the bounty I posted a while back. Sentry is doomed. Best money spent…ever.

  69. @face issue one was really good and two was flat out great! Def worth picking up so far.

  70. That was a lot of fun.  This is just a big fun action movie with tons of fighting.  I can’t wait to see issue three, and I by no means have been following all the Marvel events over the past years.  But this, four issues, all action, and the end result is the Marvel U returns to form: I’m in.

  71. I think this is the best single issue of anything Bendis has done in a long while.  If he can keep this up through the next 2 issues, it could be epic.

  72. Eww.

  73. Intestines!!!!

  74. That was a very enjoyable big fight comic. Lots better than the first issue.

  75. I cannot wait to see The Sentry get turned into the bitch of a ten year-old boy. 🙂


  76. That last page was hells yeah awesome.

  77. Whoever said The Sentry was a joke, is a joke.

  78. Who said that MarvelMan wasn’t going to be introduced into 616? There he is! Dressed as the Sentry!

  79. Four issues instead of eight is apparently the way to go for Bendis.  This was fantastic and my POTW, which was not easy this week.  The last page was several different kinds of awesome and I also really liked the "Incoming" running gag.

  80. Wow this is a real huge step up from the last issue.  Also this made me believe Sentry was formiddable.  Like what happened to the Sentry that left and cried?

  81. @lantern4life  Sentry got real dangerous in the last issue of DA. pretty sure the void is in the drivers seat right now which is why he’s not talking.

  82. so does Bendis keep asking for the U-Foes or does Coipel just like drawing them?  kinda like Leinil Yu’s thing for Howard the Duck

  83. also, does Daken have his father’s healing factor?

  84. @ ABirdseysView  Yes he does.  And if I remember my Wolverine Origins its a pretty strong one too.

  85. The last page made my skin tingle with joy knowing what was coming for Osborn is #3

  86. So much for Sentry being the clean-up guy.

    "You touch him, you’re dead."

  87. This was a fun read.  I agree with all on the excitement of the last page. 

    One question, what will the Sentry supporters do if Phobos makes Bob his bitch?  I don’t hate the guy, but I have found most writer’s use of him to be boring.

  88. @MisterJ : It’s fine. I’m a bigger Phobos fan.

  89. Siege was great and that is say something as you expect great from Bendis. I personally love House of M because of Bendis and Coipel and have always loved his work. Its even worth checking out Coipel’s  ‘Red Zone’ run on the Avengers with none other than Geoff Johns and Andy Lanning. Let just say that you might want to check the JMS and Coipel’s Thor run too as it is soooo good and I never even got Thor until then, you will not regret it! (it has slightly abrupt conclusion though due to Marvel taking the toy off him, amazing though. Now if only Marvel would do that to Loeb and the Hulk!!! I mean who cares, Rulk is Ross already and She-Rulk is Betty!!!  (Ron, try Thor, if you hate it, i promise to buy the trade off you or the HC, on my wife’s life I will, even my cat’s life, how’s that?:)

  90. It was my PotW the moment I laughed out loud on the train at the Spider-man quote.


    Question though.  I don’t read Mighty Avengers anymore so somebody enlighten me.  Where’s Hank Pym?!?

  91. Pym’s team has been covering things on a global level, so they may be busy elsewhere.  the next arc of Mighty Avengers will cover that team entering the fray.

  92. @NathanNicdao-The idea of a teenage god is always fun

  93. An amazing book! Glad it was the official POTW!

  94. somehow I want Ares to cut off Norman Osborn’s head like he promised – I hope they find a way to make that happen.

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