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SIEGE #1 (OF 4)

Beginning with the ravaging affects of Avengers Disassembled and following the aftermaths of House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion, culminating with the evil Reign of Norman Osborn, the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before. On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission…Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years. Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! SIEGE will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others… “SIEGE.”

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Oliver Coipel
COVER BY: Oliver Coipel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 19.6%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. You’re not getting me this time, Marvel! I’m saying no to Siege.

  2. Even though the plot will most likely be extended into an epilouge one-shot or two, does anyone else feel that this mini will be better because its only 4 issues? I think it will, since a common negative trend I find in most Marvel events is that their too long for their own good, and end up getting really winded at the end. Hopefully, this mini will be tighter in that sense.

  3. Excited Coipels on this book, going to give it a shot.

  4. I don’t know why I’m getting this.  I’ve dropped every book that’s part of what I like to call the "Avengers Universe" (Thor, Invincible Iron Man, Dark Avengers, etc… just everything that isn’t X-Men or Cosmic)  I guess it’s my excuse to finally give New Avengers a shot.

  5. Dark Reign has been good, but its time to wrap it up.  I’m looking forward to heroes acting like heroes-getting to be heroes again.  Plus with Copiel on art, this should be pretty good

  6. Let’s hope this isn’t another ‘event’ that is just a set-up for another ‘event’. 

  7. I’m excited for this. Finally getting back to the good old days of Marvel before Civil War screwed everything up. 

    @chris: Totally agree with you on the 4 issue thing. Both Civil War and SI really dragged toward the end of those minis. Making this 4 issues will hopefully keep it moving fast and full of action. If SI had been kept to 4 issues it would have been amazing. 

  8. Mavrel has been saying that this will wrap everything up but we’ll see if they’ll stick to that or not.

    I am so unbelieveably caught up in the hype for this its beyond words.  Wednesday will either be the greatest day ever or I’ll cry myself to sleep.

  9. I’m not getting burned by Bendis again.

    Even if this brings back the true Avengers and the Marvel U becomes a readable experience again…..I just won’t read another event book by Bendis. Hope everyone else has fun though.

  10. @darth: Me too man. Can’t wait for tis book. This event will either be exactly what I’ve been waiting for or it will be the biggest let down ever.

  11. @slockhart
    man you are missing out! Iron Man has been so good! I reccomend mighty avengers for an avengery fix. It’s been fun since slott took over on like issue 21

  12. I’m buying this solely because I love Thor so much. I hope this is good, but won’t be too upset if it sucks since it’s only 4 issues. I’m more hoping that it just makes sense if I only read this and Thor. If it somehow manages to put some sort of ending on JMS’ Thor storyline, I’ll be ecstatic.

  13. @Peterparker

    I actually just dropped Iron Man with the last issue.  I’d been reading since issue 13, and ended up only liking about 1 and a half issues.

  14. @Darth- Has this story really been all that hyped. Compared with any other story, event or otherwise, I haven’t really seen much of a difference.

  15. @Ruo

    Agreed. I wasn’t even reading comics when Civil War and Secret Invasion happened, and I think I still heard about as much hype for them.

  16. There might not be as much advertising, but there has certainly been hype from the inside with all the Marvel books I read

  17. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m excited for this.  And sure, there may be a ton of tie-ins, but I’m glad to see this is just a four issue mini.  

  18. I would have tried this had it not been for the preview in Dark Avengers Annual. (See how that works? They give me a preview of something I would otherwise buy, but I read the preview and don’t like it, so why would I spend $4 on something that I already have part of?) The way Bendis wrote Norman Osborne in the preview really did nothing for me. This guy is supposed to be somewhat smart. Instead he’s like a caricature of Richard Nixon or something. That might be amusing at first, but it isn’t amusing to me after I’ve seen it 50 times before. Isn’t he supposed to be, uh, a THREAT? Instead he’s come off looking like a crazy buffoon who can’t really get anything right. So what would be so interesting about seeing powerful heroes beat on a villain who’s been relentlessly portrayed as a pathetic screw-up for the past twelve months? That’s why I’m not reading this.

  19. I just hope that this is the end of MARVELs long chain of events. 

  20. I am super geeked for this! Not sure why but I have great feeling about this.

  21. I’m not concerned about the hype, the length of the mini, the mere fact that it is an event.  there are pros and cons to all those things.  I am most looking forward to this because it is Bendis working with Coipel once again.

  22. I’m excited. 🙂


  23. I’m pumped to see how all the heroes come together. I love scenes about "getting the band back together"

  24. I’m really trying not to get my hopes up too much for this one.  Starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.  Maybe I’m still just holding a grudge that Batroc Ze Leaper did not make the cut for Norm’s secret Cabal.

  25. i want to be excited but i’m not. i dropped all the avengers books after skrull invasion because they just seemed to be about nothing. hopefully after this those big guns (captain america, iron man, avengers, thor) may be interesting again. not to discount brubaker. except for captain america reborn. i’m interested in what’s after this event but not really the event itself.

  26. no intrest in asgard or any of that kinda stuff but yeah at only 4 issues it cant hurt can it

  27. Hopefully the interior art is better than the cover…. Treetrunk bodies and extremely tiny heads?

  28. Asgard’s still in Oklahoma???

  29. I bought this issue, but felt robbed when I’m halfway through the book, and the story is over. The rest of the pages were bio filler telling us of the locations and majors players of Siege. Shame on you Marvel.

  30. @supertrackmonkey

    I liked the “filler” and there was still 23 story pages

    good read and first issue and Asgard has already been invaded? Good stuff!

  31. I almost bought this in the store because of a recent Bendis kick with Powers and Alias.  There is always next week.

  32. Did anyone else have a printing mistake in the hammer document? My third page script was a repeat of the first page with different images

  33. @Peterparker18102 Mine had the same error.

  34. Weird that they would let that slip through

  35. I was just going to ask if anyone else had that error with the HAMMER document, hard to believe no one caught that.

  36. Just in case people don’t follow Bendis on twitter, here is the full backmatter:


  37. Well that was extremely average…

  38. I gave this a very generous 4/5. It wasn’t bad, and Copiel’s art was fantastic but it just… felt very limp. The repeat of Stanford was yawn inducing and bordering on unbelievability. If Obama ("The President") doesn’t trust Osborne (demonstrated here and in Who Will Wield…) why is he even in power at all?! Why hasn’t Sentry flown off to go cry in space yet? I don’t know… it wasn’t bad and it was sharply written but… it was just there. Perfunctory. Flaccid. I wasn’t planning on reading this, but my shop owner tossed it on my pile and said he’d "cover it" because I thought it odd I wasn’t reading it. (I’ve been going there just short of a decade so…) but I am reading Thor, Iron Man and Cap… so I guess I should be reading this? I don’t know. Was it bad? No, not at all. Certainly had its moments. I think they played the "Ares will eventually switch sides" card too freely, but other than that it was fine, but nothing special.

  39. Looking back on this, I’ve got certain criticisms about it feeling rushed, but at the same time nothing really happened.  It managed to have both too much and too little at the same time.

  40. Felt like a trailer, a very beautiful trailer, but a trailer nonetheless.

  41. I had the same printing error. Mildly annoying, but not enough to take away from the overall book. I wanted to see and read something awsome and Seige delivered.

    Totally my Pick.


  42. I’m torn on Copiel’s art. I like his style, but his storytelling really bothered me to the point of completely taking me out of the issue. I guess I can’t explain what bugged me about it so much… it was like the comic-art equivelent of movies that rely too much on shaky-cam and fast editing.

  43. I am totally freaking brainwashed didnt want this knew how it would end and yet here I am having just finished reading it.

  44. Too bad the Dallas Cowboys weren’t destroyed instead!

  45. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but to say that nothing happened?  I mean cmon, in this issue, we’ve seen Osborn finally go off the rails and (it seems) lose government support.  We saw phase one of the seige plan, invading Asgard take place, and we saw Thor get his but kicked.  Plus we get a tease of Cap on the last page.  Was it the most densely packed plot ever? No, but you can’t say NOTHING happened.  To me, that’s just the cop out critique people give for a book, particularly a cross over like this, that they don’t like, but want to sound intelligent about not liking it.  Just say you don’t like it, or it isn’t your style, that we can’t argue with, but to say NOTHING happend, isn’t an opinion, it’s just plain factually wrong.

  46. That was very underwhelming

  47. I loved it, it may not have been the best thing ever but it was a great first issue and i can’t wait for the cap to get everyone together in the next issue. i really can’t wait to see how he rallies the troops and finds everyone

  48. It was a high emotional read, but as a fan of JMS’ Thor, I felt a little outraged by the end. I also would like to throw some $$ in the bounty on Sentry as well. I’m going to give this the full4 issues to develop, but I’m not happy with the "where’s Asgard" continuity, or the Thor continuity as well. Isn’t Thor having his ass handed to him in Latveria currently? Copiel did a brilliant job illustrating though.

  49. I enjoyed it. I dropped the Avengers line after Dark Reign. I’m more than happy to tune in to see how it ends.

  50. It was good, but I was hoping for great.  The opening shots have been fired and since it’s only four issues I’m more than certain that things will ramp up very quickly.

    While this issue wasn’t all I hoped it would be I don’t feel like it did anything to ruin the event itself.

  51. This is the first "Avengers" book I’ve bought since New Avengers #1.

    I’m going in glass-half-full on getting the old band back together, and so far I’m cautiously optimistic.  I did think it was kind of odd that they basically started it off the same way Civil War did.

  52. This was suprising easy to follow for someone who hasn’t read almost any mainstream Marvel books Secret Invasion…

  53. *SINCE Secret Invasion.

  54. You know, I used to be on the ANTI-Sentry bandwagon. I felt he went from boring to annoying throughout the course of New/Mighty Avengers and they way he was used in World War Hulk and Secret Invasion just pissed me off, but now i think im the only one who thinks the whole Dark Reign thing has actually made Sentry more interesting. It’s been a very slow burn but he subtle increase in craziness has me very very very interested in whats coming next. I’m actually REALLY looking forward to when the dude just utterly flips out and goes on a killing spree.

  55. @Bassoonjedi  Your outraged by the end…I dont understand.  Do you believed that JMS set some kind of precedent that Thor is invincible or something?  I mean want part of the Odin force transfered to Mjolnir?  Isnt it possible that this is why he was taken down a little easier?  And also bare in mind he was flanked HARD by the Sentry.

  56. Siege 1 was very similar to Hulk were in it was a giant fight book but Siege is playing with better toys.  Also similar to Hulk, if you try to analyze any story or reasons your brain will implode w/ madness.  I’m just not going to rate this.  Its part of my denial process.

  57. @Fractal514 I believe the "Nothing Happened" complaint has less to do with "Nothing happening at all" and more to do with "Nothing that we didn’t already know would happen happened in the book." What I mean by that is many people were expecting for the issue to end with the "Trinity" being fully functional and involved in the battle. Not scattered and ineffectual. I know several people at my shop flipped through the issue and groaned audibly when Cap only appeared at the last page. One reader set the issue back down and declared: "Glad I didn’t pay for this glorified trailer." For my part, I just found it to feel like "necessary" event for Marvel that seems to be lacking heart. Like I said… it felt very perfunctory, but it looked great. 

    For me, this issue felt exactly like Civil War #1. (And not just because it used the exact same impetus and how tired and trite that was) Because I recall reading Civil War #1 and thinking "Okay… why didn’t anything more than the solicitation happen in this issue?" So I think that’s where a good number of people are coming from with "Nothing happened."

  58. I actually liked this, and I am not a fan of Bendis’ work.  In fact, this is the first Marvel event I’ve bought since I was a kid buying Marvel comics back in the late 80’s.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Avengers return, although I don’t know if I’ll read the titles as Bendis and Slott are not exactly faves of mine, but we’ll see.  I’ll definitely pick the rest of this mini up.

  59. Got this a week and a half ago ahead of time and I’mma say now what I said then at my lcs. It looks promising, but it didn’t leave much of cliffhanger. It’s pretty much what everyone’s saying up above. Again, I hold any real/final judgements of dropping the series until they try to execute something potentially good poorly, that’s when you’ll know you’re money is better spent elsewhere.

  60. This was great. Not sure what the whole nothing happend comments are all about. Players are moved into place, and the siege starts… thats alot happening in one issue. Pretty much like saying that nothing happend in Two Towers in the first 2 hours of the movie.

    @PraxJarvin- Just because the president doesn’t trust a person doesn’t mean that he can remove them from office immediately. Plus the dude is pretty much like Will Smith from Independence Day to the American people. It’s hard to hate Will Smith.

    I’m giving the book 5 stars based on the quality of the main story, the fact that the back of the book is garbage really made me reconsider this scoring. First off theres the error, then theres a preview for the Hulk titles? C’mon this should be the biggest book Marvel is producing right now there should not be a preview for another book within it. Quite bothersome.

    @Rockingeek- Didn’t see an answer to your question about Asgard being in Oklahoma. Does anyone know why Asgard isn’t in Latveria? This was the only gripe I had about the main story. Overall I thought the writing and characterization were strong and I love me some Coipel art. I’ve been dropping Marvel books left and right lately, mostly Bendis books actually(USM, Dark Avengers, New Avengers). This is exactly what I wanted though, something quite meaty which I feel I have been missing from the Marvel Universe lately.

  61. I was bored by this issue.  I doubt I’ll be back for #2.

    On a positive note, the art looked good.

  62. Book was boring because it’s the same story that has been being told in many a Marvel book over the last few years.  Osbourne is crazy and in charge and getting crazier.  I recall about a year ago he went crazy at Thunderbolt Mountain (is that what the Thunderbolts base is called?  If not it should be) and nothing came of it.  "Why did nothing come of that?" I asked myself, because the event wasn’t over, alot of books with Dark in the title still needed to be put out the little Joe Quesada on my shoulder said.  Which could have been good, we like comic books, so more comic books is good.  But it all led to this issue, which wasn’t very good.

  63. I gave this a 4, but I’m not completely sure it deserves it. It fell pretty flat to me, and unlike Civil War and Secret Invasion, it doesn’t even seem to have that aura of something important. I dunno, I liked it well enough, the writing was sharp and the art was pretty good, it just didn’t really hit home for me. I’ll continue reading it though. 4/5.

  64. Better than I expected, but that’s not saying much.

  65. Besides a character death, I’m not sure what else people expected from this issue. Not sure how it could have moved faster? I see fault with it being too short, but other than that I’m lost as to where all these complaints are coming from.

  66. Nothing happened in this book for me, because it felt like a reprint.  In the all the build up to siege they had already told the story of the stadium getting blown up and Loki screwing with Osbourn.  Then the majority of the book was Norman doing the same things he’d been doing the past year, talking with his Avengers and trying to get the good guys.  The fight with Thor was it and it was 2 pages.  So okay something happened just not enough for an event hyped as 7 years in the making.

  67. @Poopmonster- Didn’t the stadium getting blown up happen in a preview? I don’t think you can really fault the issue for that. I dunno, I felt that was a pretty big event, followed by only 6 pages of dialogue, and the stoming of Asgard. I’m just not sure what else could happen in the very first issue.


    I thought it was okay, I didn’t really expect it to be awe inspiring or anything before I read it.

  69. @Ruo21
    I never saw the Two Towers but I did happen to see #1 and #3 and you know what? Couldn’t tell the difference.

    I kind of think that this issue would have benefitted from being an oversize of 50 pages total. It’d definetly have more room to tell us what other core characters are up to.

  70. @Mangaman- I agree wholeheartedly about maybe having a larger issue size, but how can you not see the Two Towers? C’mon that movies a must.

  71. EXACTLY! the stadium blowing up was in a preview.  you decide to read a preview, you are accepting that when you get to the actual issue, that first several pages may seem a little boring.  one should not criticize the issue as a whole just because you technically started reading it a month ago and are only now able to finish it.

    clarification: Asgard was NEVER in Latveria.  The Asgardians went to Latveria to start anew.  the actual floating land of Asgard stayed floating in Broxton.

    my thoughts: I loved this issue.  I wanted to see amazing rendering and layouts by Coipel and that’s what we got.  I enjoy seeing time and again that Norman’s sole purpose for Sentry is basically as a human missile.  Thor gets beat up by a gaggle of super-villains (HOW is that NOTHING HAPPENED?).  Norman promises to set the Dark Avengers lose after this.  We know it’s not going to happen, but I can’t wait to see how that’ll play out. 

  72. Bendis is becoming the Adam Sandler of the Marvel Universe. That transcript in the back was painful.

  73. Marvel goofed up on the back section Avengers transcripts from the H.A.M.M.E.R files of Osborne proposing the Asgardian attack. The third page repeats all the same text as the first page. Reeaaaally frustrating to spend 4 bucks on a book and to have a whole page screwed up that badly. Was editorial napping when this issue went out? Did Marvel even find the back section too boring to read thru?

  74. I don’t understand the hate.

    Is it coming from just wanting to shit on events?

    The comic was solid and fun. It wasn’t life changing, but it also wasn’t poorly written.

    Thor’s televised beatdown was more interesting to me than the Captain America page.

    I’m just hoping that this mini doesn’t fall apart like the Secret Invasion mini.

  75. @ruo21 Oh, it’s not just the president not trusting Osborne. There’s the whole logical fallacy of how he got in charge in the first place. It would be like putting the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald in charge of the FBI because he shot someone. As well, it makes no sense that the government would just stick their fingers in their ears when the heroes came and said "Hey this guy’s crazy and an ass." As well, the past year has been rife with scenes of the man making really big mistakes on camera (At one point threatening to have his men shoot children). In the real world people are fired from high profile jobs for much less. (And some are not, true.) It’s just beyond the point of ridiculous for me. This was just the icing on the cake. 

    @abirdseyeview To be honest, I had no idea that preview wasn’t just a regular part of SIEGE: THE CABAL. I wasn’t really annoy by that, and again I did give the book a 4, so I enjoyed it. It just doesn’t feel like there’s any heart in this event, which is odd for something "7 years in the planning." 

  76. I enjoyed it. I was a good book, so good I read it twice. Just kinda miffed about the repeating content in the transcript section. But shit happens I guess.

  77. Yeah, between the printing error and the fact that I’ve already read the first few pages, I can’t help but feel a little ripped off by this. Overall though, I’m impressed and excited for the res of this short series.

    Are there really that many tie-in books? I mean, I guess I’ll add Thor to my list while this is going on and I’m already reading New and Dark Avengers, Iron Man, and Cap, but aside from that, I don’t see myself picking up anything else that I usually don’t anyway.

  78. yeah, I have not liked that whole "7 years in the making" claim.  7 years ago was January of 2003.  wasn’t Avengers Disassembled in summer of 2004?  so unless something here harkens back to Bendis’ Daredevil or Alias runs, I’m not sure how that’s an accurate statement.

  79. I try not to let promotion influence my feelings about a story.

    The thing that bugs me about the 7 years in the making thing is that it is the same type of hook they used to promote Secret Invasion. They didn’t use it as a tag line but they consistently referenced the fact that the story had been seeded for many years and that S.I. was going to be the culmination of all those plans. Suddenly, the Siege is the culmination now.

    When was the last time Thor, Iron Man and Captain America were on the Avengers team? Maybe that is what they are saying is 7 years in the making.

  80. well the Secret Invasion-Dark Reign-Siege line was going to just be Avengers stories until Marvel and other writers decided they wanted to opt-in on the stories as events

  81. i have to say i really like coipel’s art. the only part of interest in the story was when thor got beat down. but still, not very exciting and it felt like half an issue. apparently the sales were low so my comic shop gave this issue to me for free just hoping i’d buy the others. i’m not.

  82. First off, the art was good.  no complaints about that.

    I should have put it down once I saw the Sentry splash page.  Here’s hoping he’s the character that gets killed in this event.  

    Once I got past the last page of the actual story, I just put it down.  I guess it’s the boiling over of my frustrations at seeing Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers in so many titles.  I’ve just had it with them.  I’ll just read recaps of the rest  of the series and hope for something good to emerge at the conclusion

  83. You know who I’d LIKE to see in Osborn’s place if they change things after SEIGE? Put someone unexpected like Thor. And let HAMMER still be the prime organization. I’m pro to switching things up is what I’m trying to say. The Marvel status quo BEFORE civil war shouldn’t be repeated.

  84. you know, it would be very interesting to see a likable character in the controlling everything role.  I think it may still get old after a while.

  85. I haven’t been reading many Marvel books lately due to quality, but felt that the Sentry was used quite well in this book.

  86. @Ruo21 Yep! Nice tackle by The Sentry.

    @Mangaman How about Bucky or Steve? I would prefer Bucky,though. Winter Soldier.

    There is something wrong with this issue. I was underwhelmed. But who isn’t left hanging?

  87. #2 is supposedly the Avenger death, it does not specify whether its a New, Mighty, or Dark Avenger.  Sentry’s on the cover of issue 2 holding a skull, but then again this issue showed Cap/Thor/and Iron Man on the cover.

  88. I’m thinking Steve will run hammer or bring back shield (ha ha) hence SPOILER the presidents comment when Steve isn’t sure he wants to resume as cap “I may have something in mind for you” in who will wield the shield

  89. I just read it and I don’t what is so wrong with this book that people are calling it mediocre? It is exactly how you start a blockbuster movie. This is the first Bendis Avenger book where I am excited to read the next issue. It kinda reminded me of Sinestro Corps War, not as good, but has the same pacing. Hell, its my favorite Avnegers book since Young Avengers. No I wasn’t reading Avengers before Bendis, so I can’t speak of their quality before him, but New Avnegers has mostly been mediocre to me.

    That being said, Embedded was way better.

  90. @Owlyfan I hope bullseye gets killed in the hawkeye costume just for some weird closure on disassembled to sort of mirror the death in that one

  91. When did the asgardians go back to Asgard? They were still in the back woods of latveria in the last issue of Thor. I’m guessing that’s the next issue of Thor but still…way to jump the gun AGAIN!

  92. @NathanNicdao: If you read What If? – Civil War you’ll see how Marvel ruined that idea for me. There’s a tale where the premise is "What if Tony Stark didn’t attack Captain America?" It’s pretty much a happy ending where they both are in control, which ruined a perfectly interesting dynamic that could have been done better with dilemmas and carefully plotted stories but since they threw it away the way they did it’s pretty much a tainted idea from the start.

  93. LCS tomorrow… I have skipped all comments/reviews/podcasts. After work tomorrow looking forward to picking this up and sharing comments with iFanboy and listening to this weeks podcast. 

  94. I’m sure that by the end, or it will be the ending, of the next Thor issue(#606) Asgard will be move back to Oklahoma.

  95. That’s it, I’m out. This was such a waste of time and money, that I’m done with the entire siege event.

  96. @AlanRob I think that there isn’t really enough preceident between god-powers, and super powered metas in the Marvel continuity. Which explains why I think it’s wierd that thor could get punked by a group of Metas. Sentry has the power of a million Suns or whatever, but should still be a mortal man compared to Thor. Just my opinion. Obviously there has to be a sense of danger to build tensio, but I would think that having a TV report of thor duking it out with the Dark Avengers on TV would be enough for the classic Avengers to get involved, not Thor getting slapped around by Sentry. That’s just me.

  97. I actually kind of regret buying a Thor action figure. I kind of want The Sentry.

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