SIEGE #1 (OF 4)

Review by: RKB

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WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Oliver Coipel
COVER BY: Oliver Coipel

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. @RKB: This event really has been planned for seven years, with many of the titles being plotted out just to arrive at this point.  It is both impressive, in that there weren’t the same amount of giant flubs that plagued Final Crisis, and disappointing in that, I agree with you, it isn’t very good.


    But to say they came up with this just to compete with Blackest Night is fallacy.

  2. @akamuu: Yeah, I get that, but I feel like they have really been rushing through the plot so that they’re events will coincide, y’know? Like I wouldn’t have minded a cleaner transition from Dark Reign to Siege. That would have given them time to fix the Captain America Identity Crisis and clearly shown Norm’s descent into insanity. Also, I’m sure they had the notion to bring back Marvel’s big three after Avengers Disassembled, but did they specifically have the Siege storyline in mind seven years ago? I thought the whole Asgard being on our plane was J.M.S.’s idea…hence my skepticism about "this event" being planned that long ago versus the idea of just undoing what BMS did seven years ago for the sake of sales. Comics are constantly fluid and people come back from the dead all the time. I just feel like they way they are trying to return to the classic hero status quo is a lot like One More Day where there is a lot of magical stuff going on; a sort of quick fix. I was a big fan of Civil War because it was relatively grounded in reality. I believe a more thought out, smart storyline (same goes for OMD) would have benefitted Marvel . This event, after all, is rumored to be one of the reasons JMS left Marvel during his fantastic run on Thor. It just seems like a big gimmick: "Return to Heroic Age"…"NEW Avengers"…."DARK Avengers"….so yeah, sorry for the rant, but that was the thinking behind coming up with Siege to compete with Blackest Night…the idea mightve been there seven years ago, but the choice to implement it now had to be a result of BN; I mean they’re last few issues basically line up perfectly. I don’t mean to offend you, it’s just I don’t have many people to talk comics with! 🙂 so yeah, thanks!

  3. @RKB: I agree with you that the transition feels rushed.  I feel like that’s more of bad writing and plotting than a marketing decision, but maybe that’s because we’re different types of cynics.  😉

     I’m also in completel agreement that Civil War was a more enjoyable read (for me, anyway) because it was more reality based than "omg, magick!1!1!"

     And I wasn’t in any way offended by your review, and certainly not offended by your comment.  As someone who works in a comic book store, and deals with a variety of comic readers, you sound like a very reasonable comic fan.  If you’re ever in Massachusetts you should stop into one of my stores.

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