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‘NEW SKIN’ Jack learns the road is full of swindlers. And in Chicago, the most devious one awaits him: a travelling-salesman with shark-like-teeth who craves the flesh of the innocent. SCOTT SNYDER (American Vampire, Detective Comics), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (Percy Jackson) are back with 2011’s most terrifying horror series. SEVERED.

art / cover ATTILA FUTAKI

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  1. I’m surprised this was coming out this week because Midtown and other sites said it would be NEXT week. But either way I can’t complain of seeing more Scott Snyder comics.

    Shame it’ll probably be lost in the shuffle like everything else with the relaunch this week.

  2. I finally get to read this…been waiting on the reprint to come out of issue one, and it looks like they both hit stores this Wed. I’m extremely excited/intrigued about another Snyder book.

  3. Can Scott Snyder do any wrong? Everything he writes ends up being awesome.

  4. im not sure if this list is accurate because as well my LCS said it was getting pushed back as well.

  5. This is such a great week, with so many good titles. It will be hard to decide where to start reading. And with with two Snyder books it will be even more difficult. I suppose I’ll just start and finish with a Snyder book.

  6. Double Snyder week! Nice.

  7. Issue #1 was amazing. I have nothing but high expectations for issue #2.

  8. What a great cover! I loved the first issue and can’t wait for this one.

  9. “Daredevil,” “Criminal,” and “Severed” all in the same week? My cup runneth over!

  10. Well this wasn’t shipped to my LCS this week. Not sure if that was the case for everyone else.

    So trust midtowncomics and not Diamond folks!

  11. None on this side of the water either.

  12. The boogie man in this comic is terrifying. There’s a panel in this issue that’s really disturbing. If I read this as a child, I’d have problems sleeping. What a great book.

  13. Didn’t come into my shop either (and I had it preordered). Damn.

  14. Luckily it made it to Amsterdam. Issue two is great again!!

  15. Mine came in but I decided to switch over to trades. Save space and $$ plus I’m reading way too many books. Looking forward to having the full trade and reading on a dark and stormy night.

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