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  1. damn i love that cover

  2. Is this cover trying to copy the scene from the Spiderman movie where Mary Jane kisses an upside down Spiderman?

    If so count me out. The idea of Marvels 2 biggest heroes making out is not a turn on.

  3. Wolverine looks way more into it then Dunst ever was.

  4. I just realised that it’s issue 7 of 8 and i’m still waiting for it to "get good".

    I mean, the series hasn’t been bad per se, it just hasn’t been significantly good. So, if it’s gonna start ‘wowing" me, it better do so soon. because they only have 2 issues left…

  5. hahaha, make out session.  You guys are hilarious.  Yeah its sad, I am more excited about Final Crisis than this…and I’m a Marvel Zombie through and through.  Does that revoke my status as a zombie??  We’ll see how this goes.  I hope Bendis pulls something out of rarified thin air.

  6. In all honesty I have somewhat low expecations for this issue. All I know about it is that it’s going to be a big fight. I’m really excited about #8 and the implications of that issue, but the only excitement I can really find in this issue is that it’s one issue closer to the issue where the status quo is actually going to change.

  7. *shows small key and sallows it*

    *stitches mouth together and peirces a lock into the corner of mouth*

    *mumbles* Have fun this week guys, not getting into another flame war again….Just gonna have fun on the sidelines….I hope I get the key back by Wednesday….

  8. The big reveal in this issue is we find out exactly what rarified air is.

    Seriously though, I can’t wait. This hasn’t been the best event but it is what got me reading issues on a regular basis instead of trades.

  9. is TheNextChampion really gonna keep his mouth shut for once? Nice. (And before you point it out, yes, I am egging him on…)

    Why does everything have to have a major impact on the future of a given universe? I have a feeling that no matter what happens people are going to be disappointed. Let’s just see what happens and enjoy the ride. No one ever picked up every issue of an event series in the hopes that it would be the best thing ever written, I mean come on! These events are so loaded down with continuity and sacred characters, that unless they take place in an alternate reality/pocket universe (Age of Apocalypse, Secret Wars), an alternate future (Kingdom Come, Dark Knight), or with original characters (Watchmen), it’s just going to be the signaling of the next chapter of the Marvel Universe and maybe a shift in the status quo.

    My point is that we buy this not because we’re looking for a good story, but because we want to be there when the shit goes down, and we want to be ready and knowledgeable when the new shit starts happening. Now obviously, good writing is nice, but that’s not the reason we’re in this. Am I wrong?

  10. @ActualButt-Um…I’m looking for a good story.  At least I was at first.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  That being said, I see your point.  At this point in the story, most of us are just waiting around to see what comes out of this.  If a great ending shows up, I’ll be the first to welcome it with open arms.  But I don’t think that will happen.

    And why in the world would you egg him on!?!?!?!?  I was going to say something too, but then I knew that if I did he would just come back.  You are squarly to blame for what comes of this

  11. *laughs evilly with the lock in his mouth*

    (Thinks) It’s working…..they miss me and my troll actions….:)

  12. I’m wondering if there’s a possibility that the end of this is we lose and there’s a Skrull occupation (i.e. their reign will be dark). That’d be a BIIIIIIIIIG game changer.

  13. @TheNextChampion-Sir, the only trolls I acknowledge are the ones that live under bridges!  Away with you!!

  14. yup nice cover. I like white.

  15. @South- I don’t think there will be a Skrull occupation simply because other forces would step in to save earth(Gotg, Nova, Captain Brit and crew, Black Panther, and so on). I do however think that the big game changer will be the stepping up of villains to help take down the Skrulls when the heroes fail. Thus creating an uneasy truce between villain and hero.

    Purely guess, but I fell that would be awesome. Magneto working with Iron Man and occasionally taking control of his suit, Dr. Doom and Captain America, Thor and Norman Osbourne. Awesomeness.

  16. I realize this issue is going to be a big skrull-smashing-fest. And I’m looking forward to it.

  17. *mumbles* Fine Down I go

    *takes his hat and suitcase and walks to Ben Franklin Bridge. Reads Deadpool #3*

  18. I have enjoyed every issue of Secret Invasion. I can already tell I’m gonna love this one, too. This mini-series is great and Bendis is a god.


  19.  @Champ – it should be no big deal if all you’ve done is ‘sallowed’ the key. seems you’ve only deemed it sickly yellow and so it ought to be around here, somewhere. better hope i don’t find it..

    look forward to your thoughts. hope this issue can inspire something other than dissapointment 

  20. I hope you dont find it FACE….cause it anit gonna be yellow when it comes out 😉

    In all seriousness though, I probably will read the damn issue. Not buy it, just get it all down like a hawk at my LCS. It makes me a hypocrite, but damnit I’ve read six issues so I cant just stop when it’s so close to finishing.

    But wasnt this suppose to be 7 issues? I thought in the early beginnings of this this was only suppose to be seven issues and then they added an eighth for some reason. Maybe that’s why the Savage Land setting stretch for 5 issues.

  21. I am a die-hard Marvel Fan.  I get suckered into each Marvel event, I think that our expectation far exceeds what Marvel is capable of delivering.  I don’t mean to say that these are bad books, lets be honest they are fairly good.  Where Marvel is suffering is that their marketing team outpaces the writing.  I also think that these books suffer the fate or breadth.  They are trying to tell a 8 issue story in 50 books.  Please God let Dark Reign be good, that way when I buy these 50 issues of books I wouldn’t normally read it will be for a reason.

  22. "My point is that we buy this not because we’re looking for a good story,"

     Speak for yourself.  There is no other reason to buy comics other than the want of a good story as far as I’m concerned.

  23. @TheNextChampion – Its been eight issues from the start. If you look on the cover, it says "one/two/etc. of eight." Or are you perhaps referring to something you read before issue one? If so, I didn’t read that. You may be right.

  24. I just remember reading an article a while back (before the first issue) saying that this was going to be 7 issues. Then somewhere down the road, like a week before the first issue came out, they annouced this was an 8 part series. I dont know what happenend in that length of time but I swear this event got an extra issue.

    But for the lazily pacing and now rushed storytelling to get to this issue, I cant image why Bendis needed another issue for this.

  25. Isn’t it obvious that the status quo changing cliamax has been getting sold out by Marvel’s marketing dept for the last two months of "Embrace Change" ads?  The heroes will win, but have no way to send the Skrulls back to thier space.  So, a whole heck of a lot of Skrulls are going to be getting re-habilitated and integrated into Earth culture.  Basically, Skrulls are going to be the new racism metaphor in the MU, now that mutants are basically accepted.

  26. @Harper:
    That’s a good theory, but I’m not so sure you’re right. I think the Embrace Change ads are more like "what the Skrulls would run if they were trying to take over the real world", but I do like your thinking.

  27. @Harper-Mutants still aren’t accepted, only in good ol’ SF!!  We’ll take your outcast!

    You’re probably on to something though.  I think that some Skrulls will be integrated into society, and that they might be given their own piece of land to call home.  Its out there I know, but I would love to see them get the ruins of Genosha and totally pimp it out.  Probably won’t happen, but it could be interesting. 

  28. @drakedangerz  Maybe we can give the Skrulls free college too 😉

  29. @RoiVampire-I don’t think they would like that.  Most likely they would think our education system is flawed.  All the more reason why they would get thier own island.  They want Earth, but would loathe our backwards culture and technology.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind social security though 🙂

  30. Even though Final Crisis has had some problems with delays…it is soooo much better than Secret Invasion.  That is not to say Secret Invasion is terrible, it just has been a let down after the first issue.

  31. Yeah you’ll see in my epic review (which the link is right about….totally not selling out or anything…) that this is really the same old same old. And by that I mean this wasnt very good. Maybe entertaining; but in terms of story progression it really didnt deliver.

  32. This thing was completely awesome–exactly what I wanted.  If you didn’t pick it up–run out and pick it up!!

  33. oh man i definitely got a fist pump moment in this issue. Im sure Josh will have it also once he sees it. The most badass i’ve seen hawkeye ever.

  34. This is the better than Final Crisis. My reasons 1. Hawkeye killing everyone. 2. Marvel boy making his return (eventhough we may have to buy an avenger title to see him fight.) 3.  Tonys impending confrontation  with jarvis. 4. nick furys return and my favorite line in this issue " Comandos save the rubber man"

  35. I have little good to say about this series, except that it has proven to be a great vehicle for Lenil Yu to draw some really great splash pages.

  36. A big fight happened.

  37. It was entertaining.  Too chaotic, but at least we got some story out of it.  Not as much as I would have liked, but some.  But you know what kept bugging me?  I kept seeing Daredevil fight, but I don’t remember him every joining up with any crew!  Maybe I missed him last issue, I don’t remember.  Oh well, not the best Bendis has been at story telling and the flow was off.  BUT…Howard the Duck made me laugh, and Hawkeye of course rocked it.

  38. it has the same feel as the rest of the books.  so i wanst disapointed. 

  39. SPOILER!

    Not trying to be an asshole (and probably failing), but these things stood out as distractions:
    -So, Wolverine can stab "Skrull Queen" in the chest repeatedly and she will survive, but one arrow through the cheek from Hawkeye and she dies?
    -When did Captain America become a monosyllabic statue?
    -If an arrow in the cheek can kill the queen, how does a bazooka blast in the eye NOT kill Yellow Jacket Skrull?
    -Do you think anyone even heard Marvel Boy’s little speech over the sound of Fury’s ridicuzooka?

    Also, the art was pretty.  IF all the women didn’t have the exact same face and the exact same body I would have given the art a 5.  IF he wasn’t such a sexist, Leinil would be a hell of an artist.

  40. I don’t really know what to say…I don’t think I actually get what Secret Invasion is supposed to be about.

  41. I really shudder to think how Bendis is going to finish this event. Seriously, the final issue is going to have actual story elements involved….That is so new to this thing I cant see Bendis actually pulling off a successful conclusion.

    Btw, with a serious question here: I know a lot of Marvel’s big events have been disappointments for some in the last couple of years. But what stands out as the worse out of all of these? House of M, Civil War, World War Hulk, or now Secret Invasion?

  42. Does that mean Howard the Duck was a Skrull?!

  43. @Spooky-Howard was not a Skrull, thats really him.

    @Stuclach-It could have been a combination of the arrow and a bunch of Wolvie stabs?

    -So many characters crammed together, not enough room to have ACTUAL dialogue?

    -Yellow Jacket was big, so propotionally the damage wasn’t that bad?

    -Don’t know the ridicuzooka, you know you wish you had one.

    I’m just offering these things for the sake of a counter-arguement.  Don’t really believe them, but somebody has to offer up some ideas right?

  44. I know I was just kidding …


  45. @NextChampion – I’m voting for House of M….after reading it, I was like "What?!?!?!?!?"  Other than those 3 magic words, there was absolutly nothing to it.

     Tho on the same hand, I’ve been enjoying Christos Gage versions of House of M: Avengers and now House of M: Civil War.

  46. As far as I can tell, the only good shot Wolverine gets on the Queen is in the shoulder, not the chest. Her uniform is torn in a way that indicates slashing across the chest but not stabbing. Also the arrow looked to me like it went through part of her neck, upwards, and out her cheek on the other side of her face which is totally enough to kill somebody. Although not instantly which was a little wierd. Still, that was one of the most badass kills i’ve ever seen in a comic book.

  47. Wow… what happened to sequential art? Visual story telling? This was the most confusing, non-sequitor, mish mosh of splash pages and fight panels I’ve ever seen. What a disaster this series turned out to be. And then there was Howard the Duck, followed by the Watcher, random, random, random, confusing.



    But also sorta fun.

  48. @cman12-I believe you see Wolverine’s claws sticking out of her chest mid fight (he is stabbing her from behind).  I don’t have the issue in front of me thought, so I may be misremembering.  Regardless, the whole things seems a little unlikely (even in a world with Skrull invaders and dudes with claws). 

    Maybe I am reading these books too closely.  I am reading them with the same attention to detail that I am reading Final Crisis and I don’t think this is written in a fashion that either expects or desires that type of inspection.  Not that they are explicitly bad, they are just not very deep (in my opinion). I understand that some people don’t want a book that requires any real focus (popcorn movie-style books).  I like to have a few of those books in the stack, too, but when I am spending $4 an issue for 8 issues, I like to see more attention to detail and more depth to the story.

    Just my two cents.  Sorry if I am offending/irritation, just wanted to offer my opinion and join the discussion.

  49. @stuclach No worries man. Your contribution to the discussion is appreciated.

  50. This issue was okay. But you know… I wish this event were over already. I just don’t have it in me to care anymore.

     Now, there were some great character moments: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Fury-Osbourne, Ares. And then there were some completely out of character moments (Thor reverting to "Thou" speech again annoyed me the most.) but overall they were minor. I have to say, I am tired of Bendis’ Spider-Man though. I just stopped finding him funny this issue. And it all felt very forced. The Watcher bit also really irked me, because I’m pretty sure that bit showed up somewhere else before.

    But… it was a fun, rock’em sock’em romp. I always liked Lenil Yu on art, so I was much appeased here. At the end of the day, though. I was left wanting more not out of curiosity, but out of feeling gipped of my $4. 

  51. Ayone else catch the conuinity error between this and Thunderbolts? I mean seriously. I am not a huge continiuty nut or anything but if this jumps out at me and I don’t go looking for that stuff, it must drive a lot of people bonkers.

     Hey at least DD was at th fight 🙂 Maybe he stopped there on the way to his therapist. 

  52. I can’t help but compare this event with Final Crisis. I expected to Like Secret Invaison more but have found it to be not much more than secret wars with a months of backstory. That doesn’t make it bad, there is not bad or good here, I just find that Final Crisis to me is speaking about the way the world is now and secret invaison is speaking about the way comics are now.

  53. I hate how they always put the Watcher in mediocre stories to try and give it some forced sense of importance.  Probably should have cut him out of this entirely because frankly this was the best issue so far. Plenty of action and some nice character touches. I still have the same problem I’ve had throughout the series and that is Yu’s art. It’s really hard to tell what the hell is going on sometimes.

  54. I have to echo some of stuclach’s concerns here.  If only because they were my same thoughts when I read this issue.  Bazooka to the eye and SkrullJacket just falls down but an arrow through the jaw and Skrull Queen dies?  That was just nonsensical.  Forget the fact that Skrulljacket appeared to die in Thunderbolts.  Or the fact that Skrull Queen was fighting Wolverine.  He used to be a killer.  Not to mention the art was all over the place.  In the sense that it was muddled and confusing if not consistently so.  I’ve much more enjoyed the crossover tights than the man one.  And what’s up with the hood?  After the big reveal in New Avengers I thought he would, you know, do something more than just shot at the skrulls.

  55. action 1 … plot 0

  56. This issue was okay, but I have to say I enjoyed Civil War way more than Secret Invasion.  Is that wrong??

  57. it’s too expensive to understand final crisis. At least the invasion it’s running on schedule.

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