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  1. woot.


    and more woot. 

  2. I am liking Secret Invasion more then Civil War so far.



  3. I can’t help thinking that Secret Invasion is going to be another Clone Saga.

    I mean, somehow Marvel has managed to convince itself AGAIN that if having an evil twin is a brain-meltingly bad, cliche plot device then having several must somehow be an award-winning original concept.  

  4. I think it’s too soon to make any judgements about how this story’s going to go.  I did like the first issue, so hopefully this one will be just as good. 

  5. Yea i think its definatly too early to start bashing SI. I mean so far if i was to say anything i’d say its been going very well. Bendis has demonstrated tremendous scope and depth in developing a story over numerous titles and over several years, I will faithfully put my trust and money in Bendis’s hands

  6. I am so confused by this so far (not in a bad way). The first issue left me guessing so much (it didn’t help that there was a printing error in my issue) but I’m hoping this clears up some of the mystery.

  7. Secret Invasion, YYEEEESSSSSS!

  8. So far so good. Let’s keep it going. I trust Bendis.

  9. A couple of months ago, Bendis said what he thought was the biggest reveal in the series happens in issue 2.

    Just wanted to point that out.

  10. I’m loving this ride so far.  The first issue was awesome, and the tie-ins were good as well.  Sure, not a ton happened in the tie-ins, but I feel that they really enriched the first issue.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in #2.  Great comic day tomorrow!

  11. So far SI and the Bendis penned tie-ins have been really strong.  It’s quite unique that a single writer gets to craft this much of a summer event.  Millar for example did not write and Civil War tie-ins, let alone two monthly ones.

  12. First issue was amazing. I can not wait for the next one!!

    happy wednesday!!

  13. Secret Invasion has been a fun story so far including what I’ve read in the Avengers. I’m enjoying it more then World War Hulk and Civil War at least for the moment.

  14. 11 more pulls and we have the first 500 pulled issue on ifanboy (I think).

  15. There we go.

  16. @Andrew – The first issue of Secret Invasion is 2 pulls away from 600.  That’s the record so far.

  17. Were all the skrulls weeded out in the fight? Did they all get stepped on by the Tyrannosaur?! I – DON’T – KNOW! Just another thing that made this issue falter. It bothers me because it’s perhaps the one intriguing thing about this issue: the potential for any of the classic heroes to have actually been Skrull captives. Not that I believe Cap or Phoenix could have been real, but somebody.. anybody. It’s the one thing that gave this issue life, though, it’s all too obvious now that Clint’s a skrull; it’s the only reason that Mockingbird’s gonna walk on this one.

    There’s some story movement being made in the Tony/Carol interaction (how he can focus on anything else with her in the room is beyond me and good reason for him to suggest that she "fly back to the mainland… now"). Most importantly, for me as an Initiative fan at least, is that he’s suggested gathering the Initiative. They no longer exist on an island. Yay! Not to mention the tie-in to New Warriors last week. Maybe now both books will actually have some relevance – the art in NW is just too good to pass up. Also, what could Tony be up to regarding the whole using his brain bit? Bet it’s gonna be big.

  18. WEll I thought this issue was good. Now are we going to be seeing new armor…anyway I bet they make that cap the "real" cap but then they kill him and then find out he wasnt a skrull, of course this is after SI is over, maybe when they are bringing cap to a skrull jail?

  19. Oh ya that was a joke

  20. Only one problem with this series so far…….I WANT MORE!!!

     Don’t know if I can wait til next month to read the next issue…………<slaps arm> I NEED MY FIX MAN!!!

  21. I was a little disaapointed by this won. Guess I was expecting more, but I like this better looking back at it, and noticing the weird skrulls. Like the Stephen Strange/Blackbolt Skrull, and the Collossus/Wolverine/Cyclops skrull. Not to mention the Cap/Iron Man skrull. Quite a bit of the awesome on that page. I don’t know what it means and there weren’t any reveals, but it was still pretty awesome. I agree completely with Ratenef. More please. Two a month and I’d be good.

  22. Great, great issue. I usually leave books I’m most anticipating until the end of the stack, but I had to tear into this one. Great reveal of who wasn’t a Skrull – huge story possibilities there, especially given what the character happiest about this reveal has been up to the last few years. (How’s that for non-spoiler-y vagueness!!) Anyone else notice the two Wonder Men on the "now we start fighting" spread? I double checked, and unless I missed it, there was only one Wonder Man out of the two groups. Huh. Great, great issue none the less – I really don’t see anything else that could come close to POW – how about it, fellas?

  23. This was the 2nd best book of the week, after Invincible Iron Man

  24. Big thumbs up from me…

  25. Does the last page kind of kill the whole "Secret" part of the invasion?

  26. Loved this issue very fast paced I definatly want some more. I think the secret part of this event has been the inflitration into the key positions within the MarvelU, now its time for the INVASION…..

  27. Jesus….I paid an extra buck for a cardstock cover and an Eternals ad. 22 pages for $3.99? Ugh

  28. My biggest complaint with this book is that I fly through it so fast that it seems a lot shorter than it actually is. I got to the end and went "That’s it? Already?" I actually went back and counted to make sure there were 22 pages of comic book. 

  29. @ThomasKaters – you’re a celebrity podcaster, money shouldn’t be an issue for you! hehe

    btw: i love what you had to say about the first issue of SI on the Con-Men ep. of AC. being that it was the first issue it left the door open for reader’s imaginations on what would follow and the almost inevitability of dissapointment they would feel when the blanks were being filled in. i only just listened to that show yesterday but had the same thoughts after finishing this issue the day before. when i considered writing a review that’s what i wanted to write.

    – chewblakka –

  30. Stupid Drunk comment:

     Without going inot depth or spoilers:  I felt so let down by this issue. The only reveal was near meaningless except for show some Green Arrow/ Black Canary envy.  That’s about the only reason this exsists.  Everything else could have been summed up in two well laid out pages.  After a awsome start this was just a lame duck issue.  I’ve always gotten angry when people say Bendis likes to drag things out… but in this case….  the only real hightlight I can see is that I want to see what can be made in  a cave (or ruins) from SCRAPS!!!

  31. That Sentry page was sad and hilarious.  There was a whole lot of nothing in this issue, outside of the Clint/Mockingbird reunion which was nice.

    Did not enjoy that Eternals stuff at the end of the book.  Didn’t really feel like a book worth $4 but that’s the problem with event books, they feel stretched out and full of splash pages. 

  32. I’m losing interest in this event.  New Avengers, Mighty Avengers and SI all have interesting things going on, but it’s unfolding at such a slow pace that it’s gone beyond building tension and now it’s just losing my interest.  I feel like the latest issues of NA, MA and SI combined could have been done in one or one and a half comics with equal (no, better) impact.   If the pace doesn’t pick up soon I could go from being a fan of the idea to simply wishing it was done…

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