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A secret city buried one mile under American soil is discovered through the leakage of Von Doom radiation – a type of energy emitted only by time-travel devices. So the Secret Avengers head underground to a weird metropolis forgotten about for decades, because a time machine in the wrong hands is the worst kind of WMD imaginable. Master storyteller Warren Ellis begins his tenure on Earth’s Mightiest Clandestine Super-Team, illustrated by Eagle Award-winning Jamie McKelvie.

Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Jamie McKelvie
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by John Cassaday, Paul Mounts, Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. This is a must have! I like the McKelvie cover better, I hope I get that one.

  2. Can’t wait for this!

    But since this is the ONLY book coming out for me this week, I’m gonna hold off till next week.

  3. I’ve recently been reading Warren Ellis’s Stormwatch and Authority, both of which blew me away. I have fairly high expectations for this.

  4. Nothing matches his Wildstorm and Vertigo work, but I’m definitely on board too. Done in ones with various artists… fun!

  5. Hmm… may give this a try. It will be a game day decision.

  6. The material and the one-shot format could make this the superhero equivalent of Ellis’ Global Frequency. Glad I stayed on for this.

  7. I might pick this up only because I like the done-in-one concept. I haven’t been reading the title at all, though, so I’m hopeful for a nice clean jumping on point.

  8. Psyched for this. I like a lot of stuff by Ellis, including his take on Thunderbolts. Also, the done-in-one format really interests the Bronze Age ten year old I once was.

  9. I didn’t like Nick Spencer’s work on this book that much which makes me even more excited for Warren Ellis

    • Agreed. I just don’t get him. His run on this book was atrocious and Morning Glories was everything that was wrong with Lost without any of the redeeming features.

  10. I know Ellis is getting a ton of praise, but I’m picking this up for McKelvie!

  11. ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod, so fucking stoked for this!

  12. WOW! I can see the title!! does this mean Fear itself is done yet?

  13. Fear Itself is the fugliest event heading banner. Every book looks the same, and it doesn’t help that they all have Juggernaut on the cover too.

  14. Will definitely flip through this but I think the price tag will keep me away. Could be a great trade though.

  15. I’m going to echo what Conor has said before, McKelvie draws hot ladies.

  16. THis was a very fun book, hope the Secret Avengers stay on this path.

  17. This issue highlights the problem with Marvel not going same day digital. I would so impulse buy this right now but I’m not driving an hour to a comic shop to do so.

  18. Totally worth it. The price tag was worth it for the team roster alone.

  19. i loved how steve rogers was drawn with the constant look of hipster indifference. right out of phonogram.

  20. This issue is beyond awesome! Who is drawing the next issue?

  21. This was pretty ok, but not quite enough to make me pick it up again.

  22. What a nice change from the way this series had been going. Hands down the best issue to date. It looked terrific and Warren Ellis is great at the one and dones.

  23. I always get a kick out of Ellis writing Marvel super hero books. So fun to read. And the art was superb.

  24. I was dropping this book, it’s been the weakest of the Avenger titles in my opinion…BUT…this issue was FANtastic! Way to go Ellis! The Bangor was terrific and who doesn’t love an atomic Caddy? FUN!

  25. I was dropping this book, it’s been the weakest of the Avenger titles in my opinion…BUT…this issue was FANtastic! Way to go Ellis! The Banter was terrific and who doesn’t love an atomic Caddy? FUN!

  26. Out of sheer fun, this was my Pick of the Week. But because Justice League was really fun and such a big thing,, i chose JLA over this.

  27. After reading Zorro on Wednesday I was assuming that it would be my pick of the week (sorry, Johns, but, the New 52 excitement for me doesn’t really start with Justice League — not a bad read though . . .). However, after reading Secret Avengers this morning, I think that I’ll give the edge to it. Zorro was it’s usual top-notch self, while Secret Avengers seemed to point the title in a fresh direction. I did not dislike the earlier issues as much as others, but it has been a disappointing series. This issue was alot of fun in terms of both the story and the art. Plus, I’m happy to hear that they’ll be doing a run of stand alone stories, which I wish that we saw more of these days. It seems now that everything is collected, every storyline in mandated by law to last between 4 and 6 issues.

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