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Arcadia Alvarado is the Governor of New Mexico, she’s running for President, and she just released a bombshell: She was abducted by aliens. As her campaign tries to deal with this startling new information, they must seek help from a disgraced Harvard UFO-ologist who might not be completely sane. The West Wing meets The X-Files in an adventure through the strange and fascinating world of UFO mythology.

Story by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly
Cover by Ryan Kelly

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Quite the striking cover, Ryan. Bravo!

  2. Had to get #1 on a re-order so I just read it last week. I enjoyed it more than I expected. It’s intriguing. The tone and aliens-to-politics balance feels on the money so far. Vertigo is 3 for 4 with me out of last month’s new series.

    • This is the only new Vertigo I checked out. Which of the others did you like?

    • The New Deadwardians and Fairest. I’d recommend trying New Deadwardians if you like Saucer Country. They’re both fun and unique mash up ideas. Fairest is the Fables spin off and since I’m still enjoying Fables (I know some around here got bored with it) it was easy to get into.

      The Voodoo Child book I did not care for at all but it didn’t sound interesting to me in the first place so I’m not sure why I even bought it.

    • Actually I’m reading Fairest too, forget that was one of the new four. Loving that book and Fables. Thanks for the reco, think I’ll check out New Deadwardians.

    • I liked these same 3/4, especially new deadwardians.

    • With you on the 3/4 split. I didn’t get Voodoo Child because I didn’t care for the preview story in The Unexpected one-shot.

  3. Loved the first issue of this. Settling in for what will hopefully be another long running Vertigo title.

  4. Issue 1 was a pleasant surprise for me, & I’m really excited to see where this book goes.

  5. I thought the first issue was good, not great, but I am definitely interested enough to see where it goes. I enjoyed the art in particular, very moody and expressive. Cornell did do a good job of introducing the cast, and leaving the reader wanting more.

  6. I really liked the first issue even though it didn’t quite top Manhattan Projects as my favorite #1 of the year. But I’m a sucker for alien stories and Cornell/Kelly are the right men for the job on this.

    • This and Manhattan Projects are the two new books that I’m most excited about right now as well, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one. Hopefully Saucer Country can scratch the Sci-Fi/Political story itch like Ex Machina did early on.

  7. I’ve enjoyed all the new Vertigo books, even Voodoo Child. Fairest #2 was actually my pick of the week last week.

  8. Finally got around to reading #1 last night, and realized that Cornell’s comics just don’t do it for me. I might give it another chance, but this is really going to be a last minute decision tonight.

  9. Seems to me that this would be better in trade, but I loved the first issue and I couldn’t resist this at the shop.

  10. Really enjoying this book. I was going to trade wait but I just love me some political intrigue and aliens both too much to wait those few months. Plus that cover is awesome

  11. This was a great comic!

  12. Much better than #1. Last issue’s cliff hanger felt really cheesy to me. I think if #1 would’ve been double-sized, I wouldn’t have thought twice about whether or not this was going to a winner. Just had a really awkward ending spot last issue.

    I also tried all 4 new vertigo titles and enjoyed all of them except Voodoo Child. Grant it I’m a little biased, ever since I came back to comics as an adult Vertigo has been my favorite imprint hands down, and I’ve been slightly obsessing over the rumors of it’s demise.

  13. Excellent issue. 5/5.

  14. Love this book 5/5

  15. Great story. Compelling and rich.

  16. I liked this very much 5/5. I liked #1 okay but it felt awkward and short, glad it’s finding its legs quickly. Absolutely gorgeous and haunting art, btw. I hope people buy this and Vertigo backs it for a good long run.

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