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Story by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly
Cover by Ryan Kelly

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Being an alien nut that I am, the first issue of Saucer Country really got me excited. A politician running for President AND she thinks she’s been abducted by aliens? That sounds like a combination that can’t fail. Plus you have Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly as the creative team? That’s a 2x multiplier for success!

This issue is definitely much more grounded in reality then the last. (Well except for the last page and the constant appearance of the naked models from the Pioneer satellite…But apart from that it’s ALL reality!) Obviously when you blurt out to your advisers that you were abducted by aliens more than likely they’ll call bullshit. While that is partly true I do like it how her closest adviser, Harry, is so willing to believe in what Arcadia is pleading. I’m not sure if this bond is going to go anywhere in the future but if it does then the moments they share in this issue makes it very sweet. I do like it how I have no idea where this series is going right now. Is Arcadia telling the truth? (If not then that uncomfortable moment with the doctor will be even more disturbing) Is the guy envisioning the Pioneer 10 models crazy? (Probably) What the hell happened to that guy at the end of the issue? Hopefully like Lost we’ll get some answers. Also like Lost let’s hope the answers are worth it.

Like last issue, the art by Ryan Kelly is very good. It has a cartoony vibe to it even though the characters look realistic. What make it look cartoony are the colors by Giulia Brusco, who again should be commended for what she brings to the issue. It’s a colorful looking series but the colors are realistic and use them right for the tone of a scene (like the color purple for the limo panels). But when he’s not being asked to be realistic, Kelly can dish it out creatively like the final page. Might not look at a potted plant ever again thanks to this series.

With two very solid issues down I can safely say I’m in this series for the long haul. The writing and premise by Cornell is very good while Kelly’s art continues to impress me. But then again this series is all about aliens so I’d probably be down for it no matter what.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Cornell is always a great read, especially in his own titles
    Kelly, I love him <3

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