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The ongoing epic continues!

After deserting their galactic armies, former soldiers Marko and Alana must now protect their newborn girl from the lethal killers dispatched to destroy their family.

Story by Brian K Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Cover by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 63.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Easily the most anticipated book of the month for me. Can’t wait!

  2. I love the cover on this book again! I can’t wait ’till i have this in my hands.

  3. The first issue lived up to the hype. I’m eagerly awaiting this. And, you know….robot sex.

  4. What is so good about this book? The first issue was just innovatively weird at best.

    • I think it was a few things, @kingjoeg. For one, that first issue may be chaotic with weird juxtapositions of sci-fi, fantasy, modern tech/social references, etc. – but there’s excitement in that Vaughn zigged where he should’ve zagged. It may not have been the most groundbreaking issue ever, but it was both specific & open enough to leave people expectant as all hell – which is due largely to the promise you basically get with Vaughn: It will almost definitely be really, really good. And then, there is a very relatable story & core characters to hinge it all on. Marko & Alana are likeable people, & it’s an easy concept to empathize with – trying to protect your family in a harsh world. And Staples’ art has that same grounded, anti-superhero, personal quality that shaped Guerra’s in Y, in much the same way.

      I mean, that would be my layman’s guess.

    • I really liked the two main characters. They had a ‘people you know in real life’ quality and I want to see how they try to survive in a very strange set of circumstances

    • If you want to psychoanalyze the reason for this book’s early success, consider part of it is hype, mixed with the memory of how enjoyable many found Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man. Throw a dash of comicdom peer pressure (“…all the cool kids are doing it”), with a twist of it being a #1 issue from someone other than the Big Two and you start to get the picture.

      Of course, trying to explain why someone likes something is never that easy. It’s like dissecting a frog, the minute you do, the thing is dead.

    • I think people just want something besides avenger and barman’s sidekick comics

    • My wife picked this up and read it out of a stack of DareDevil, Teen Titans, The Wheel of Time and TMNT. She liked the characters because they felt real and the narration had an anticipatory heart to it. She rarely reads anything I’ll hand her but I know it’s an amazing book when she does.

    • @markavo
      my wife likes this, too.
      this, american vampire and wonder woman.
      gonna try snyder batman next.
      her seduction to the dark side is almost complete.

    • @ all, my girlfriend liked the breast feeding and birthing scene. @ Edward: I think you nailed the nail on the head… (that’s how you say it, right?)

    • Also, @ king joeg: what more do you want in a comic?

    • @DenverDave what more do i want in a comic? I would say that at the moment this comic is a weird character piece, but I would like it to have a good story with lots of symbolism and epic plot twists, just like Brian K Vaughn has done in his other series. I will definatley read the first few issues though, but at the moment I think people are over hyping it.

    • I don’t see this as overhyped. Aside from BKV this wasn’t on everyone’s radar and was pretty quickly when it dropped. Mostly from word of mouth and positive press, which I think it deserves. Can you nitpick, yes. The hemorrhoids comment and a few other writing clunkers, the big splash page of the turtle things was a bit weak instead of awe-inspiring, and a few other minor things and science/factual errors. I don’t think Fiona Staples is the best at the speedpainting style she does but there are glimmers of greatness in there. It set a pretty good stage and world with a lot of possibilities and threads in it, it had some depth. It made me care and it drew me in, I found new hints and touches on re-reads… that equals a great 1st issue. Has nothing to do with hype or other people’s interest for me personally.

    • maybe people who are either (1) a parent or (2) a spouse enjoy this more. if you’re both then that’s a double whammy. maybe some people like good storytelling better than others. there is no logic. just go with it or don’t.
      we could take a poll. do childless singles enjoy this book or do you have to be like al bundy?

  5. finally a comicbook i can read over and over without getting bored

  6. I think I’m the only person who felt lukewarm about the first issue. It was interesting and I’m definitely in for at least the first couple arcs, but it wasn’t even my favorite book of the week. The characters and locations were interesting and the dialogue was great, but the plot felt a little familiar. Its only the first issue to I don’t want to draw too many conclusions but it felt like it was setting up an old world (with the magic users) vs. new world (with the technologically advanced race) battle. I mean that could be cool if its done well be I’ve also seen that a bunch of times. Again its only the first issue but overall I was underwhelmed. Maybe it was all the hype. I Dunno. Either way, like I said, I’m in for at least a few arcs; I mean it is BKV after all.

    • You’ve summed up my feelings as well. I wasn’t blown away by the first issue, and like you said, there were better books out that week.

      It wasn’t bad, and has potential to become amazing, but we really really ain’t there yet.

      But ya know… the people want their hyperbole and what not. I’ve even seen people recommending the book as a starter for non-comics peoples. “Oh you want to read comics? You’ve gotta check out Saga!”

      Give it a minute people. Let’s get a few more issues under our belts before you announce it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • Yeah I agree. I’m looking forward to this but I’m more excited for Saucer County #2 than this one.

      When it comes to introducing non-comics readers to comics I always go with Local. It’s probably my all time favorite comic and in my opinion is one of the best examples of what the medium is capable of in terms of story telling and characterization.

    • Agree 100%

      I’m not familiar with BKV’s older stuff so I am looking at this comic without the weight of expectation of others.
      I thought the story and characters – while well written – were unoriginal.

      Also the art is not to my tastes. Before I get crucified on this board by all the people wetting themselves over this book’s greatness – let me clarify. I did not just call this art poor, it is just not to my tastes.

      Issue # 2 was much better and I’m enjoying it enough to continue – I gave it a 4/5. I’m also planning to pick up the Y The Last Man trades

      Hype around this book is crazy though

  7. I’m buying issue 1 and 2 this Wedensday.

  8. It lived up to the hype. Fiona Staples art is a perfect fit for this book.

  9. The art and characters are fun. Looking forward to this!

  10. Man, I still haven’t gotten number 1 yet.
    The online comic store I buy from is still sold out.

    • I got one on ebay for cover price

    • Buy Digital, mate, digital

    • Ya buy digital and enjoy a #1 issue that will never be worth anything.

    • How much do you think the print first issue will be worth? 20 thousand future dollars?

    • No, clearly. But because of supply and demand whatever it will be worth is going to be more than a digital copy.

    • Yeah I don’t get collecting. I just like reading comics. That’s enough for me. All comics are going to be digital eventually. I don’t look forward to that day but pretending it isn’t going to happen is naive.

    • @uspunx that’s nonsense. Looks like my LCS is doin quite well while a certain well known digital provider is on the verge of going under hmmm. People like reading a book more than a screen. What about sports and trading cards are those only gonna exist digitally too or just comics?

    • Okay, before this tired argument goes too far, can we agree on this?

      Digtial and Print are two very different methods for selling and reading comic books. While there is some crossover among the audience, the digital reader is not necessarily the same as the print reader (as evidenced by the same arguments we’ve been hearing since 2009 or so), therefore print and digital can coexist in the current market.

      Digital vs. Print is a false battle. It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s about more comics being bought and read by more people in whatever format they prefer. Will the proportions of digital and print sales change? Of course, but in the near term, it’s unlikely that either method will achieve total ubiquity or obsolescence.

      tl:dr – Sit down Print vs Digital, you’re both pretty.

      On topic: I really liked issue 1, and look forward to seeing what BKV and Fiona have in store for us!

    • @ken agree.

    • @craig stuart
      that’s a fine point with the sports cards. an angle i hadn’t considered. well played.

      digital is the next step in evolutionary process for comics. doesn’t mean the mutants and the humans can’t get along and coexist for the long haul.
      if print does become obsolete, it won’t happen for at least another generation or 2. but @ken raises some interesting points as to why that won’t necessarily happen. a diplomatic gentleman and scholar as ever.

    • I really wasn’t trying to start an argument, I was just saying that digital will eventually be the dominate distribution method. I even said I don’t look forward to that day in my comment. I don’t buy ANY digital comics but I’m not naive enough to think that my kids will be buying print comics. I don’t think its going to happen overnight but it will be sooner than a couple generations. I mean look at the book market. Look at music. When is the last time you bought a CD? If you told me fifteen years ago that I wouldn’t be buying CDs anymore and all my favorite record stores would be closed I would have called you crazy. Now, I haven’t bought a physical CD in probably five years. I went to my favorite local record store until the day it closed. It was a heartbreaking day but guess what, I didn’t stop listening to music, I started buying it on iTunes. The same thing is happening to books now. Last years e-books made up 15% of all books sold in the US. Four years e-readers didn’t even exist and now they are responsible for almost 1/5 of all books sold. Again, I’m not happy about this but to ignore the patterns is pointless. It happened to music first, now its happening to books; comics won’t be far behind. Again, please understand I’m not arguing in favor of digital comics over print, I’m just saying it inevitable.

    • people still buy vinyl records. they don’t even make vinyl records anymore and there is still a huge market for them. there are conventions held all over the country yearly. when was the last time you even saw a record player?
      people still buy wrist watches even though their cell phone tells them what time it is. hell, some people buy pocket watches and grandfather clocks. now granted, no one is going to haul around a grandfather clock to know the time just like i’m not taking a long box with me on my travels to catch up on my reading, but those things are wonderful when you’re at home.
      your kids might not read print, but my 2 and half year old son already does. and who knows, maybe he’ll have fond memories of us reading comics and continue the practice for nostalgic reasons. that’s why i still carry a pocket watch that my grandfather gave me. i am 31 years old.
      you might judge me as naive, but i think you underestimate the power of the printed word and the impact of tangible creative works in the palm of your hand. it’s gonna be a least a couple of generations before it dies, if in fact that is it’s fate.

    • @sitara–they surely do still make Vinyl records….many bands release on Vinyl and iTunes and ditch the CD. Yes its extremely niche, but if you’re into it and know where to buy them, its really high quality stuff.

      I’ve been arguing the comparison of vinyl records and print for quite a while. I think the two have more in common than we think.

    • @sitara119: They absolutely do still make vinyl records. I went vinyl record shopping with my sister this past weekend and she picked up a few new releases. I see record players all the time. In fact, I’m in the market for a new one because my old one is busted.

    • really!? well holy shit.
      thanks guys! you’ve reinforced my point of view and enlightened me on the durability of vinyl. i’ve always wanted to hear the Doors’ first album on vinyl. i hear that it sounds amazing. but as stated, i haven’t even seen a record player in years.
      well, this certainly puts to rest any of my fears of the printed word dying prematurely.

    • @sitara119–yeah and whats coolest about is that its being made for connoisseurs so they are pressing the records on super high quality vinyl and all that. Lots of classic albums getting reissues….Ramones, Zepplin etc. Its really the highest quality the format has ever been at.

      I see the same thing happening with print (and i hope with comics). Books as object…a return to fine printing and high quality papers as the norm with small print runs and so on.

    • It’s actually even more than a niche thing nowadays…there are still lots of great record stores around, but they’ve all but phased out their CD selections. In fact, I went to Crooked Beat Records in DC a month or two ago (which is seriously the premiere place to go to if you’re looking for DC hardcore and punk), and they had a chart out on their front desk explaining why they’ve all but phased out their CDs. Turns out, as the months went by, new CDs only made up for near 1% of their profits, with vinyl claiming the majority. I’m sure this was the same for all other record stores around the country.

    • I’ve heard this very same argument many times. I love vinyl records. Bands are certainly still releasing records on vinyl and records companies like Rhino are constantly re-releasing old classics on new 120 gram vinyl. I own a record player and about 5 or 6 dozen vinyl records. Thats maybe 75 albums on vinyl. On my iPod I have maybe 250 albums. Probably more. All of the items you mentioned are called luxury goods. They are things people do not need but rather things they want. People no longer need wristwatches but some people still like them. You’re 31 and carry a pocket watch, my father is 63 and stopped wearing a wristwatch the day he got an iPhone. Finding one personal example doesn’t make a case regarding societal trends. The simple fact that something still exists doesn’t mean it hasn’t been supplanted by a different means of doing that same thing. People still carry pocket watches of course, but I’d be willing to guess that expotentially less people carry them today than did say 50 years ago. Vinyl records will always be around, printed books will always be around, printed comics will always be around; but they will be (and in the case of records already are) collectors items. Digital music replaced CD’s in, at the most, a single generation. In four years digital books have taken over 15% of the US book market. Why do you think comics are going to be different? I have had this discussion so many times and I just wish someone that disagrees with me could articulate an argument to defend their side other than “your wrong because I love printed stuff.” I love printed stuff too, but that doesn’t mean digital isn’t replacing it.

    • Also I hate the “power of the printed word” argument. If you read a book or comic digitally it is still printed!! It still has power!! I love books, I do not own an e-reader. I love the feel of a book but I’m not stupid enough to think the words somehow mean something less if the are on a screen not a page. People that say things like that are crazy. Do you like DVD’s? Do you like Netflix? Well how is watching a movie on your TV with your sound system not stealing the power of that film? It would be much better projected in a theater and the sound quality would be delivered in the way it was intended. Did you ever think of that? How are the two different? People always trumpet the power of the written word like reading it digitally somehow lessens it. Then they go watch movies on their crappy TV’s and listen to music through cheap headphones. How the hell are they different?

    • @comicbookchris: A fellow Districter! I’ve never been to Crooked Beat but when I lived in Northern Virginia I was always partial to Smash when it came to punk. I’ll have to check it out. Where is it in the city?

    • Oh no, I just go there from time to time, I’m actually a NYCer. We have a great record store scene, but I gotta say that DC has a much more tight nit community…it’s really cool to see. Crooked Beat is actually just a few blocks down from Smash on 18th St, both in Adams Morgan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Smash Records…the first time I went there, I spent an obscene amount of money.

    • Yeah Smash was a problem for me when I lived there. I spent so much money there in high school I think I owned stock. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Crooked Beat! I know exactly where that is, I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m back in DC.

      DC does have a GREAT music scene. Between Smash, the 9:30 Club, and the Black Cat; its a great city to be a punk.

    • Speaking of Smash…I just saw a commercial the other night, think it was American Express, that featured a bunch of local businesses around the country and Smash was one of them. I was freaking out. My wife was like “what’s the big deal, its only a record store.” I then had to calmly explain to her that when I was in high school it was THE record store. It was pretty cool to see it on TV.

    • comic books are luxury items. movies are better on the big screen. i both go to the movies and watch movies at home. dvds didn’t put theatres out of business nor did netflix stop dvds. people like variety. we like the option. whatever’s convenient. that’s one of the reasons why printed comics will be around for a while.
      hating a point of view doesn’t invalidate it. i hate it when people say they’re not stupid, crazy or naive enough to believe what i do. this isn’t an argument for me. just a friendly debate. i don’t think you’re wrong or any of the aforementioned derogatory adjectives you mentioned in your posts. it’s just a discussion, no need to get bent outa shape and lose composure.

    • You’re right. I apologize for getting carried away and calling you those names. That was out of line. I’ve just had this discussion many times before and as you can probably tell, I am very passionate about it. Still no reason to lose my cool and I apologize.

      All that said you still haven’t articulated an argument as to why you think printed comics will be around for a long time other than “I like printed comics.” I’m truly not trying to be a jerk but as I said I’ve had this debate many times and that is usually the only argument I ever hear. I try and paint a picture that, at least in my opinion, is accurate based on trends and similar situations in other mediums. I’m interested in this debate, I read and talk about the digitizing of media a lot. I try and bring the information I’ve gathered to an discussion and all I’m met with is, “you’re wrong because I love print.” I gets frustrating. As I’ve said a couple times above, I love print too. I don’t buy digital comics, I own an iPad and I purposefully don’t use it to read comics or books. I don’t want all reading materials to go digital but that’s what I see happening. I’m just wondering why you don’t see it that way? I know people like variety and like tangible things, but if it was that simple why the take over of digital music and the ever increasing explosion of e-readers and digital books? Again I apologize for going too far and calling you naive, crazy, and stupid; that was stupid of me, but I really am interested in why you think comics will be different than the other mediums and situations I’ve mentioned.

    • Digital will never fully take over. As has been mentioned print may become niche and not mainstream, but I’m fine with that. The NYTimes bestsellers and big two comics may very well go fully digital in time, but there will be indie and specialized titles in print forever… and I will be there to buy them and support them. The average superhero book is not about pushing the envelope in the art dept. they aren’t laboring over paper choice and bindings or any of that, and that is fine, but I’ll take a book that does over the superhero book every single time. Part is personal preference and part is the nature of what you read and value. Neither is right or wrong, but print will never fully go away.

    • Yeah I agree with that completely. As I said a couple times above print will never be fully gone, it will become a collectors item, just as vinyl records are now. I too will be there to buy print as long as it is around.

    • I buy a lot of new vinyl still.
      A new store just opened in my town that sells Pie and Vinyl.
      I buy a lot of printed comics still. Digital is not really for me.

    • I can’t wait for vinyl reissues of comic books. I could finally take one into the shower

    • I have to buy my vinyl mostly online now or while I’m traving. All the record stories in my town closed years ago.

    • fuck it. i’m getting a record player.

  11. Love this series so far!

    I got my #1 signed by BKV as well! booya!

  12. That is for sure going to be in the covers of the week. It evokes all the same feelings I had before I opened the first issue; wonder, hope, and a slight fear that something big is going to happen that will take a long time to finish.

    • This book’s like a jackhammer; when it’s done, you’re not the same. You’re changed

    • Maybe it’s the video editor in me, but I love that green background! Seems like there’s an opportunity for a “Replace the Background” contest or something.

    • @ken–Doppler Radar Background!

    • “Taking a look at SagaCast Doppler 9000, it looks like we’ve got a pair of baby arms pushing out of the southwest trying to latch on to a creepy man/spider middle finger in the southeaster region of the cover. This should clear out by Wednesday evening, but since it’s April, you still might want your umbrella! Tune in for the 10-day at 11. Back to you, Diane.”

    • Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I can confirm that this will indeed be in Best of the Week in Covers. That image is a story.

    • @edward – Where do you come up with this shit? That is the cheesiest response to an honest comic book I’ve ever heard!

  13. I’m really looking forward to this. Issue #1 was really fun.

  14. About vinyl: vinyl sales are actually up significantly this year compared to last year. I love vinyl and always want my favourite albums in that format.

    Regarding digital comics: I will never buy a digital comic until they remove the DRM and bring the price down. Graphicly are already quitting their selling-comics business model and their app is dead.

    And on topic with Saga, I’m really looking forward to this like most people are. I think what I liked most about the first issue was how fresh it was and how they’ve set the scene for a huge world that has the potential to be epic. Kind of in the same way Nonplayer did.

  15. 1,000+ pulls already?? What is this comic all about and why all of the buzz?? Is this another comic I should be picking up?? The cover intrueges me and well my freinds, what this all about? Should I try and get issue one and should I read this??


    • I’m not one to say just because something is popular that means it is for everyone or that they should read it. Basically this is a long awaited new book from BKV that is a light sci-fi/fantasy-ish book in a new world and a blend of more realistic writing as well as fantastical and even absurd elements. It is definitely light on science, so don’t expect much there as there are errors and faults, but nothing major. The art is by Fiona Staples and in a digital speedpainting style, it is not amazing but it is very well done and at times excellent. It has some depth and the makings of a great tale. I’d say pick up #1 and if you enjoy it dive in. There aren’t many values better you’ll find for your money in comics right now than that 1st issue.

  16. Here’s hoping I have #1 and #2 waiting for me at my LCS. Been waiting on a reorder of #1 for a month (obviously). But I don’t blame anyeone but myself. As a long time Vaughn fan, I should’ve known better than to wait.

    And please spare us all from another digital vs. print discussion and don’t suggest I go digital. I’m not gonna.

  17. I picked the first issue last week on a whim and after one of my friends told me I was stupid to not read this (and I was!!!) so I’m fucking eager to read this! 😀 First Image title I ever put on my pull-list!

    Heck, I even got my girlfriend into reading the first issue and she digs it!

    Hope it will stick around! 🙂

  18. cover says everything there is to about this book….super sick!!!!!!

  19. Picked up issues #1 and #2 today, just from all the positive buzz on this site! Along with “Thief of Thieves” #3 and the first issue of “America’s Got Powers”, it’s Image Week for me! Looking forward to the reads when I get home!

  20. And freakiest moment of the week goes to; AUGGH FUCK WHAT IS THAT SPIDER FACE TIT BEAST!?

  21. Reason I love indie books – I was genuinely shocked when a main character for stabbed, and wondered for a second if he’d recover,

  22. An AWESOME issue!! The Stalk…..say no more!!!! my POTW!!

  23. 5 out of 5! POTW! Holy SHIT this is amazing!

  24. I know its just the 2nd issue but I’m really getting into this book! 5-5

  25. This was *better* than #1! Seriously the most perfect comic book I have ever read. That is not hyperbole either, seriously this is everything and more I could have ever asked for. Absolutely one of the best things to happen to comics in a very long time.

    • Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Always give it a couple days before you decide on this. It was very good though.

    • @ Paul I’ve read it three times already and I have zero doubt. I’ve been reading comics for decades, this is as close to perfection for me and my tastes as it gets. There have been a select few books close but not surpassing this for me. I will devour the art and re-read this a number of times more until #3. This hit every note for me.

  26. I Love Cheese!

  27. What I cant wait for… The Will VS The Stalk! The Stalk might be the best villian ever. Such a cool introduction.

  28. Just seeing a new monthly BKV book on the stands brought me great joy today. I wasn’t able to read it right away as I hit the comic shop on my lunch break but I read it tonight and couldn’t be liking it more. Very fresh and has endless possibilities.

    Anybody think the “main” dead chick looks a bit like Molly?

  29. I picked up both issues yesterday. of course issue number #1 was a second printing because they were sold out rather quickly after all of the buzz hit. So anyway, I will say other then the artwork which was subpar for me, I liked this story very original and the graphic nature of this story bleeds through very nicely. I mean the artwork I guess can be considered a artsy type thing and that maybe thats what makes it work more so. I disagree and think this story line can survive with even a better artist and more detaill to the surroundings. Either way I enjoyed this very, very much and thank you for the recomendation my friends. If you are not reading this and you are looking for a different kind of adventure then this comic is for you!!


    • Fiona works in a “speedpainting” digital style and while she is not one of the best at that (think Daarken) issue #2 is starting to bring me around to her. She has some panels that are just excellent, she has some clunkers too. The thing though is that while there are nits to pick on both art and story, the sum of all the parts equals something great. It has subtlety and nuance as well as mystery and action and depth and it has them all in a great mix. It is different and in a paradigm shifting way IMO, this is important for comics in general not just for Image or creator-owned stuff. I think this will be looked back on as a game changer at some point in the future unless they manage to royally drop the ball.

    • @Zhurrie – I am in no way attacking Fiona’s art at all, I was just stating that it really had it’s good moments and it’s bad moments like you stated and I really, really enjoyed both issues so far. I am willing to say this feels like an epic in the ways of Star Wars and many others that continued on through decades. Yes, I really believe this is well beyond just a comic book; more of a novel with artistic pictures. Thanks again for your help on the info for this book otherwise I would have missed out on this.



    • No worries, I didn’t think you were attacking nor was I defending really, just that a lot of people don’t get the style or even know it is one or that it is digital. People were asking her for originals pieces… I also even saw Fiona asking about some pretty basic use questions on a digital art program the other day so my guess is that she is still finding her way a bit herself and like I said you can definitely see that in the work. The good news is that it seems like she has a lot of growth ahead of her so it should get to a point of more excellent than clunker panels and I think #2 showed a bit of that progression. (The dragon bus panel was a bit rough to take when others were so good). It’s all good though nuttin but love here.

  30. 500 more pulls than the #2 comic this week. pretty amazing. pity these stats aren’t reflected in sales.

    • The relationship between books may not carry over, but the high number of pulls here is definitely a positive indicator. I’d guess around 95% of the people who pull the book on this site have actually bought it (I’m sure there are some folks who haven’t been to the store yet, some who pull it just to see what the deal is, and some who pull it, but download it illegally), so that’s a solid 1,000-1300 units sold which — for an non-superhero book — is probably a pretty healthy percentage of a decent sales number.

  31. My reorder of #1 came in yesterday so I was able to read both issues in one sitting. As hard as it was to wait for #1, reading them back to back was a nice treat. This is awesome sci-fi. Every once in a while, a comic comes along that you just wanna share with the whole world. This is one of them. Great artwork. Great story. Great comics. So glad to be a part of this tribe. Gimme issue three.

  32. Wow!

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