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Pick of the Week #326 – Saga #1

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The return of one of comics’ best writers is cause for celebration and discussion as Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards pore over the week that was in comic books. Also! The fall of Unsolved Mysteries and the best way to drive from New York City to Ithaca.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – Everyone is on-board with the Pick of the Week: Saga #1.

00:15:13 – Saucer Country #1 is quirky alien abduction political fun.
00:19:55 – Ron and Josh disagree on The Secret History of DB Cooper #1.
00:24:24 – Avengers Assemble #1… happened.
00:26:50 – Off-panel climax? Must be The Avengers #24.
00:30:58 – Everyone loves Demon Knights #7.
00:32:22 – Conan the Barbarian #2 is a big improvement over the last issue.
00:33:22 – Glory #24 is a big improvement over the last issue.
00:33:59 – Fantastic Four #604 wraps things up awesomely.
00:34:42 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #7 introduces the Buffybot.
00:35:07 – Journey Into Mystery #635 had a lot of words. A lot.

User Reviews:
00:35:49 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:04 – 5150 loves Suicide Squad #7… or does he?
00:38:56 – Metamorphic kind of liked The Ray #4… or does he?

00:41:25 – Brad from Canada tries to tear iFanboy asunder.
00:45:12 – Anthony K. wants to know what iFanboy thinks of The Walking Dead TV show.

00:47:48 – Anonymous asks if iFanboy has lost that loving feeling for comics.

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  1. Great discussion about Saga guys but one thing that doesn’t seem to mentioned about the issue that is, to my mind, one of its best points was how funny it was. Not just the banter but the visual gags (grease money!), the satire and the general sense of off-beatness to the world he’s building. Epic science fiction often suffers from a sense of its own importance and a lack of sense of humour and one of the best things about Saga already is how quickly and easily it avoids that.

    • Good point indeed! I really loved that it didn’t take itself too seriously without undercutting the wait of the story.
      Think it’s really going to be FUN book that also delivers some interesting drama. Really excited to be on at the start of it.

  2. Thanks for the answer fellas. For the record, I took NY-17. However, I was only up there for court, thanks to speeding on NY-17 in December. Also, 17 is faster… If you don’t get caught.

  3. THIS was a great discussion. It’s great when a new book lights a fire under everyone’s ass. I feel like this episode was back to true form.

  4. You can see how different you guys are right now! Three years ago Josh wouldn’t have been asking to advertise HIS comic. 🙂

    • three years ago they were advertising Afro Samurai and some seat belt initiative. It’s not like Josh wouldn’t have gone for that then

  5. “Brian K. Vaughn is Jesus” — iFanboy.com

    There’s the quote for the trade.

  6. Question about Journey into Mystery (since I’m not reading it right now). How is Nightmare alive? He was killed in Chaos War. Is it a new Nightmare?

  7. Great podcast! Saga and Saucer Country were great, and I still need to get D.B. Cooper. I’m a little disappointed you didn’t talk about Peter Panzerfaust, Thief of Thieves, or Luther Strode, but it was a fun podcast!

    I am more excited about comics right never than I have ever been. The amazing books Image is putting out every month are astounding, and with new series like Saga, Thief of Thieves, Fatale, and Manhattan Projects, there is no way I’m going to lose excitement for comics anytime soon.

    About you guys seeming more tired, I have to admit I feel like Josh has been very different in the last couple months, in a good way. I feel like he laughs a lot more than he used to, even more than Ron now, and he just seems a little lighter, or even happier on the podcast. It’s really cool, and just something that has stood out to me for a few weeks now.

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