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SAGA #12

Prince Robot IV makes his move.

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 38.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Nice! I’ve been wondering about PRIV. It’s getting redundant at this point, but what an awesome cover. The real bummer is the break starts up again after this issue, I guess I’ll have to re-read.

    • Any indication how long the break is gonna be?

    • At least two months so far as we know!

    • Cover looks a little dull imo compared to all the shiny coloured ones from 1-11. I mean it’s grey 🙂

    • @martinNL – I think the muted colors are to draw your eye to the vibrant color bars of his “face.” Like he’s fading out of consciousness & the color bars are a “mayday” sort of thing. Not saying you’re wrong – to each his opinion. But I’m guessing that was the design thought behind it.

      Also, I really dig how it underplays his lost leg.

    • @jasonhart Ha I missed his missing leg LOL. Thanks for your perspective. I love how good art can be viewed from different perspectives, and it made me see the cleverness now. It’s a great cover, still I think just not as great in comparison to the others.

    • Gosh that sounded terrible… what I meant to say was: I love how art can change when viewed from a different perspective. For me that defines good art. Your perspective made me see the cleverness in this cover.

    • I believe the bars on the TV represent that the the Prince has lost the signal of the current program. Maybe it foreshadows a death?

    • @martinNL Gotcha, buddy. Didn’t sound terrible at all. And you’re right, at first glance, the cover’s not nearly as striking as a lot of the others have been. Maybe it wasn’t as imperative to grab new readers with this one, since it’s the end of an arc & the next trade will do that instead… Or the graphic designer in me is overthinking it way too much.

      @scottie67 That’s a really interesting theory, man. I like the “lost the signal” idea – does that imply he loses his stature/position, or has a change of heart about his mission, or… endless possibilities. Very cool.

  2. Im glad we get some Prince Robot IV before the break.Great character.

  3. Really excited for this. PRIV had been one if the more sparsely explained elements of this while thing. It will be fun to learn more.

  4. Always a great story and one I’m happy to reread!

  5. So bummed this book needs to have a break every six issues. But if it’ll make BKV and Staples keep up the pace more frequently than I’m okay with that. Basically, let’s not be a series like Chew which can be delayed without warning. Chew probably would have done perfectly with a release schedule like this series.

    • I think the break is there to give Staples some rest since she does all the artwork, the color art and the lettering of Hazel’s narration if I’m not mistaken.

  6. I think it’s time I picked this up in TP.

  7. I know this will come off as sacrilegious, but I am steadily losing interest and may be on the chopping block

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      *You* are on the chopping block?

    • Yep, that’s justice. You ain’t down with the Saga, we deliver the King’s Justice and liberate your head from your body.

      Because, you know, that’s comics!

      But seriously, saiyanzzrage, don’t keep buying a book if you aren’t enjoying it even if it’s wildly popular and extremely well-crafted. You’re objectively wrong to dislike Saga, but you’re probably still a decent person. I guess. 😉

    • Ha, you guys are great 😉

  8. I’m going to need some closure on Dad..As much as I am sure I will enjoy a PRIV story there had better be some insight into the family….

    • Yeah this book had been pretty light on character and relationship development so it probably makes sense to be worried…

  9. I just read on ign that apple and comixology are not going to be selling this book on ios devices tomorrow. That sucks balls. I have no comic shop within the area and no other option to buy this book. Gotta say pretty disappointed in apple on this one.

    • You can still buy it on ComiXology’s website and on iBooks, you just can’t get it via the app.

    • Didn’t Image sell digital copies of Joe Casey’s Sex right from their website (due to Apple’s content restrictions)? I feel like that happened.

      I have a feeling that if any company decides to go for DRM-free digital comics purchases of PDFs or CBRs (a la The Private Eye) on a pay what you want system, it’s gonna be Image.

      At least, I hope so!

    • Thanks for the heads up Conner. Really didn’t want to miss an issue.

    • Yeah its idiotic. Izneo uploaded thousand of european comics to the app store but had to delete 1,500 again because they were deemed too pornographic for Americans. Among the books was Blake and Mortimer. :scratches head:

    • @martinNL: Not too pornographic for Americans, too pornographic for Apple. It wasn’t a US government decision, it was the decision of a single company. Not at all agreeing with it, just saying there is a pretty big difference.

    • So I can still read it on the app, I just can’t buy it? Is that how’s it’s working?

      If so it wouldn’t have affected me but it is still a little annoying that consumers occasionally get held hostage by Apple’s fear of children being allowed to play with their absent minded parent’s iPads.

    • @Spoons: Yes. You can buy it on the website and then synch it to your app.

    • @keithfury ~ “That sucks balls.” Haha, that’s funny, considering the content that got the issue banned. (And as Vaughan stated, THIS was the issue that set off alarm bells?! Have they not reviewed #1-11?)

    • It was available yesterday through the app so not sure if they just delayed it or someone said it wasn’t worth the hoopla to not offer it through the app.

  10. @USPUNX I know man… I could’ve added *by apple. But I thought that was clear from my post.

    • Oh okay gotcha. I agree that Apple is too conservative with their policies but I also understand the desire to be safe for all ages. It can be a tough rope to walk.

  11. This is one of the best titles I’ve ever read. And to think, I might not have gotten it(as early as i did) if it wasn’t for that jerk-off who found issue 1’s breast feeding cover so offensive, which in turn, generated a lot of press around it.
    THANKS, JERK-OFF!!!! 😛

  12. Wow just read this issue. No wonder Apple didn’t want to sell it those two small images could lead to the downfall of society. I was more more focused on the mouse medic and didn’t even notice what was on PRIV’s screen/face. I had to go over it twice before I even realized what the fuss was about. Way to make an issue out of nothing Apple.

    • Maybe the Robot Royalty’s suspicious resemblance to old-school imacs just pushed it over the line in this case. Could it be that underneath the narrative of Saga the brilliant BKV has planted a secret message? Could Saga be nothing more than a thinly veiled treatise (compelling if not entirely persuasive) against Apple Computers?!?!

  13. *possible spoilers I guess. blah blah blah blah blah*

    Did anyone else get an Inglourious Basterds chapter 1 vibe from this issue? Not a bad thing at all, just couldn’t help but think of that Tarantino scene once we got to the last page reveal. These are going to be a tough three months to wait.

    • PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

      Yeah, the architecture of the home looked like the scene from The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly where Angel Eyes is asking around about Bill Carson.

  14. Two screens, which could have been images of a woman doing the deed as it were. HNub bub for hub bub’s sake. Sad really.

  15. There were so many things I loved about this issue. But I’m going to have to say that the panel of the seal walking the walrus was my favorite. Too cute LOL!!

  16. Well this was BKV trying to be like Tarantino. Pretty much a long, drawn out conversation with a HUGE reveal at the end to make it all tie up nicely. Great ending but I’m still not down with this robot guy. Out of the three stories we’re following this is the one I like the least even if it is still good. Not dissing Staples but this must have been a much easier issue to draw since there is very little outlandish ideas here. But that creature to point the Prince in the right direction? Let’s have a comic on those guys!


    • Yes! Let’s see more creatures / alien races. The mouse, walrus, and seal critters were all new and for me, unexpected. Those kind of appearances create a sense of wonder in me. I think just about anything could happen in this story and that’s pretty rare.

  17. This was pretty good. I liked the mouse chick, that was a bummer. I like Prince Robot and really want to know more about the Robot kingdom. The art was good, but I saw the reveal coming way early on, though. 4/5

  18. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I got a Lying Cat shirt at my LCS for $6!

  19. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    About that… Lying.

  20. Anyone else wonder why Oswald Heist pulled the gun? There was no need whatsoever. IV was leaving the house thus allaying any fears about hiding the family. Really stupid move, could have been done a little better.

  21. Seriously this is going to be pick of the week? This issue was extremely weak, by far the worst issue. As mentioned above, trying to emulate tarantino but didnt quite work out. The entire time i was reading this all I kept thinking was who cares about this? When are we going to move on to…oh wait thats the end of the book. 1/5

  22. I’m really getting tired of people complaining about comics being too wordy and that not enough happens. I realize that comics are a visual medium, but the other fifty percent of a comic is reading.

    That complaint is really annoying and makes you sound really lazy, not capable of thought that goes beyond “oooo look at the pretty pictures”, not willing to look for subtext or see the character developments or plot advancements that come from the power of a single sentence. The conflict that happens in argument, or in this specific case the conflict in what is NOT being said. The tension that comes from two people trying to figure each other out.

    No one dies in Batman, there’s too much narration in Uncanny Avengers, there’s too much dialogue in Bendis books not enough ‘splosions!! 90s back issues are still there if you just want to see fight scenes.

    I don’t know, tell me I’m wrong I guess. I just feel like these complaints hold no value, to me at least.

  23. Fuck sake just seen July’s solicitations & guess what another month without Saga, so here’s hoping it will be back in August but there is a really awesome looking Lying Cat tee coming out!

  24. That poor mouse medic! That’s the scene that got me. The rest was fine. The dialogue is fun, the story is ok, the art is the show.

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