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  1. Great cover!

    Can’t wait to see more on this new take for Kingpin. I wonder what twisted thing is going happen to top the eye gouge?

  2. That design is gorgeous.  But I wonder why green, some kind of X-mas influence?

  3. you mean the dude’s face? I think it’s less green when printed on paper.

    Last issue was pretty mediocre, i hope this improves…. or i might just have to buy the whole run and bitch about every issue, don’t think i won’t. Epecially you, TNC, you troublemaker

  4. Yeah, I figure that it is just a translation error that will not appear on the shelves, but it still looks funny and alien.

    gonna wait for trade, first issue didn’t blow me away.

  5. honestly, issue 1 blew me away. i love aaron but had little expectations but issue 1 was the book for me and i can’t wait for this issue. will be top of the stack and first read. C.A.N.N.O.T W.A.I.T!!!

  6. Face kinda has a cubist look to it.

    Maybe it’s an homage to a painting?

  7. EYE think issue one was a good set up. More BLOOD!

  8. @TNC : I’ll take a brain splatter, thank you.

  9. I love this cover. All Dave Johnson covers are great though. I dont think I’ve ever came across one I didn’t like.

  10. i don’t think it’s a homage to a particular painting. I think he is more likely trying to use the art style of crime pulp paperbacks from the 50s. Kind of a Saul Bass style

  11. @edward: I can see that, does look a bit like Saul Bass.

  12. agreed.  goddamn this take on the Kingpin is awesome!

  13. Loved the first issue. I was unsure as to why the boys were so worried about it being called a Max title during the podcast. I think that when Marvel put the #1 on the last issue, they meant it. Who cares about past perceptions of the line, if the book is good let it be good. Why gripe about what universe its in. Ennis’ run was good in its own right and other creative teams won’t be able to compare, Aaron should be able to build his own empire.

  14. So, is Frank a zombie in this issue, or just sea sick?

  15. Love this book have done ever since Enni’s number 1. Can’t wait for more!

  16. @WadeWilson : I think it’s Hepatitis gone worse.

  17. Cussin’ wicked cover!

  18. I’d love to see more eyeballs popping out of their sockets.  You just don’t get that enough in comics.

  19. My POTW for being such a fucked up issue.

    There are certain things in here that I don’t even think Garth Ennis would put into his work. That’s how fucked up they were. But Aaron is definitely showing why he is perfect for Punisher MAX and Dillon definitely is a strong artist.

  20. This was fantastic.  The first issue gave me an Ennis vibe for sure, especially with Dillon’s art, which hurt it in my opinion, but this issue totally separated me from that thought.  Definitely feel like this is going to be something special. 

  21. Pure awesome, kingpin is a man I don’t want to even look at funny. My potw

  22. I’d turn evil too if I had to go through that in prison!

  23. Two maniacs looking to kill each other. Love it.

  24. POTW, Ruthless and awesome. Dillon haters can shut up now.

  25. Fan-freakin-tastic!

  26. I really like that Aaron establishs Fisk as fairly hands off, but still responsible for the terrible things in this issue, which really makes sense for him to be a "kingpin" of crime later in life. With his dad, he sets up the murder, but it is technically some animals that do the damage. To get back at the guy in prison, he hires others to do something truly awful, but just sits and watches.

  27. Loved it. Fisk is terrifying.

  28. I agree to an extent about Dillon’s art looking a little cartoony on this book.  but the storytelling is just so perfect, I’m getting used to it fast.

  29. See I don’t think any of this was cartoony or somewhat ‘funny’ because of Dillon’s pencils.

    Normally I would say ‘yes Dillon does make the more extreme moments more light hearted cause of his over the top layouts.’ But there is nothing funny about this issue, or anything to make it funny on the side of Aaron. It’s probably the most brutal issue Dillon has ever had to draw.

  30. well I thought it was hilarious, but I guess that says more about me.

  31. Um Hilarious? How?


    @ABirdseysView : I thought this was funny too.

    Kingpin’s so bad ass.

    Frank looked older here too! Way to listen to the boards.

  33. I tend to find awful things amusing when they occur in fiction and especially to bad people

  34. Wow, what a terrifying issue. Fisk is an incredibly damaged, incredibly psychotic, incredibly interesting character to read, and Frank isnt all that different. Some awful, awful things contained within. 5/5.

  35. Just remember the one important rule: "Big Lucky gets to fuck whatever he wants."

  36. @WadeWilson : LOL.

     one helluva way to avenge, though.

  37. Brutal.  In a good way.  My POTW for sure.  

  38. This feel sooo completley ennis.  I mean, the rat scene alone….

  39. I was a little bored with another Kingpin origin, but this was phenominal.  Just goes to show that any story can be retold and still feel original when its told well.

  40. @ Gabe. I think Issue one was very Ennis centric. This bad boy was ALL Aaron.

  41. Don’t I mean

  42. Jason Aaron writes one mean Kingpin (and the Punisher too).

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