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Jason Aaron is a crazy motherfucker. I knew he was going to rev up the violence and cursing on this title. But there are some things in this issue that I don’t even think Garth Ennis would go near. Hell he did sixty issues of this title and I never saw anything that fucked up like what Aaron did here.

If I repeated what Aaron specifically did with this issue then I would disturb you. So instead of going into specifics let me just say that: This issue pretty much explains why this will be an amazing run by Aaron and Dillon. Jason is just perfect for Punisher, especially when he has no boundries for a MAX title. Nothing is left sacred or pure in here, it’s violent and fucked up. The rise of Kingpin is sick but Aaron is able to weave in a narrative that actually makes us root for Fisk. Even if some of the things he do in here are down right offensive. There has been a little bit of Punisher in this, but that’s because this isn’t really his story. I have a feeling this is just a ‘prologue’ of sorts to get everything together for Aaron’s main story going. Like with Garth Ennis, the real story didn’t come about until a couple of arcs in.

We have labeled Steve Dillon as a bit of a ‘funny’ artist. His work is usually involved with funny situations or more ‘over the top’ ideas. I mean last issue we had a man’s eyes get bounced around out of his sockets. But with this issue, there is really nothing funny here about the drawings. It’s raw and disturbing, just like the story. There is no relief or something over the top to make us feel comfortable. Also I have to commend Dave Johnson for another amazing cover; he is just racking them up this year. Someone mentioned it’s a bit like a Saul Bass design (edward) and I can see that. But I also see a bit of cubism with the face in this, not pure ‘Van Gough’ but I can definitely see a bit of that influence.

Only two issues in and I am excited to see where Aaron is going to take us. With Dillon by his side there is only one, true thing we will know. It’s going to be one fucked up journey for Frank Castle.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. So… why aren’t you reading Scalped?

  2. @Anson17: I honestly don’t know. lol

    Seriously I tried it before and I just didn’t enjoy it. Maybe the setting and the characters didn’t interest me all that much. Considering how Aaron is killing it right now with this series; I might try Scalped again.

  3. I’m gonna give you a huge tip. Make it past the first trade. I’m a HUGE fan of the series but I still tell everyone this. The first trade didn’t do it for me. Finish the second trade and you won’t be able to stop. If that don’t do it for you, you might as well give it up. (If I were reading weeklies right now I’d probably be on this book right along with you.) 

  4. @Anson17: I understand what your saying, but that type of logical always puzzles me.

    ‘Stick with the series after the first trade’ Well……If I didnt like the first trade why would I continue? lol

    Again I get it that the series gets better over time, but if you can’t hook someone for the first trade I would find that to be a bad thing.

  5. I thought the same thing. I bought the first three because I got a good deal at them. It just… changes. I wish I could explain it better. I really do. Almost forgot to say, nice review.

  6. If you think of the 1st trade as the first 30 minutes of a movie, that may be helpful in this case. Now, you could argue that a comic series "shouldn’t" be that way, but that is a different argument. The fact is, for many series, the first trade serves to set the table and that is certainly true for Scalped. I won’t presume to know what you like, but based on your remarks her and on murmur.com, I really think this series, as one large story, would be right up your alley. I think the best and most important character in the series is Red Crow, and he really isn’t devloped much in the first 6 or so issues.

    I would strongly recommend picking up the last four issues (30-33) or just getting the trad of "The Knawing" when it comes out. Then, it will be like seeing a kick ass 30 minues scene of a movie, that will probably have you going back to gobble up the previous story to get the entire feast.

  7. @Anson17/Andrew: Well I am interested now on trying the series again. There was a time where I wasn’t a fan of Jason Aaron, I mean now I cannot get enough of his work. He has certainly improved when I started to read more stories.

    So maybe now I can read Scalped and appreciate it more.

  8. I read the first volume of Scalped.  Didn’t think much of it at all.  I guess things get better down the line?  Too bad miyamotofreak beat me for my copy of Scalped volume one or else I’d give it another shot.

    I read the first few issues of Wolverine Weapon X and decided it would probably be best to trade wait that even though it probably was some of the best Wolverine I ever read.  I just not that big a fan of the character though.

    This on the other hand: this is definitely where I can see why everybody recommends Jason Aaron and I don’t see myself droppin it, or even switching to trades, any time in the near future.

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