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  1. I got the first issue, but not sure if I’ll pick this one. I really can’t afford to pick up many more series.

  2. im pumped for this. this is an awesome series i love rick rememnder

  3. Number one was pretty good, but i’m just feeling burnt out on punisher. I mean…investigate a mob family or something, then kill them all… but do that in 4 or 5 different books.

  4. I wan’t to get into this but I will probably just wait for the trade.

  5. Last issue was medicore; but with a very very slow week for me and my love for Punisher….I’ll give this issue another try.

  6. I’d much prefer this team be cranking out kick a$$ Fear Agent stories…but I’ll take what I can get.  I went into #1 not expecting much and was intrigued enough to want to check out the second issue. Loving the McKone homage covers!!

  7. cant wait for this issue…. franks on hell, he kills bad guys that the govt cant get and now the bad guys are the govt

  8. THE PUNISHER!!!  lol, I can’t believe I’m buying this again.  I’m 27 with the mentality of a 12 year old. What the hell is wrong with me?

  9. Josh was totally right. this 1st issue was a lesson in sequential art. the whole punisher vz sentry was fantastic. Between opena on punisher & T. Moore on ghostrider, i wonder what this means for Fear Agent??????


  10. @Osyris: It’s cancelled

    Oops let me use a more PR friendly term: On Hiatus.

  11. I hate the Punisher but for whatever reason I picked up the first issue because I thought the idea of the Sentry and the Punisher was interesting.  I liked it enough to get #2!

  12. @ Next Champ:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m really dissapointed with the Ifanbase for pulling this book more than Fear Agent. Sure, this isn’t a bad book, but Fear Agent was by far superior.

    For shame.

  14. With that said… should I pick it up?=).

  15. That’s a weird gun.

  16. @ Ruo21:  totally pick this book up. 4 sum reason the punisher kinda reminded me of Heath Huston. both characters r very similar. they"re both beaten down men that’ve gotten shit handed 2 them. Also the loss of family, children in particular.  Sooooo short answer is yes, pick this sucka up!!!!

  17. I hope this series actually lasts and doesn’t get renamed or anything like War Journal.

  18. Sorry to say this but in front of Adventure Comics 0, this was the second worst book from this week.  not that it wasn’t great but Spidey, Dead Irons, and Iron Man were just dynomite!

  19. This sums up my thoughts on this:


  20. @osyris unfortunately i pick up fear agent in trade. i figure its easier.  Punisheris pretty good idea. between this and deadpool i like the new direction marvel is heading. frank now has to fight a  propaganda war against norman that great

  21. loved this issue!!! i feel like everything is hitting on all cylinders 4 me. & w/ this new character/ partner its only going 2 make frank more efficient @ his job. does any1 know whose weapons belonged 2 that he used @ the end of the issue. the boomerang looking thingys?????

  22. No I’m curious about that as well, maybe the guys will mention it in the show

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