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All the pieces of the puzzle come together as Power Girl faces friend and foe in the no-holds-barred climax of the Ultra-Humanite’s mad grab for control of Earth!

Art and cover by AMANDA CONNER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. If you go back and look at #1’s board, it’s basically me saying I’m interested in thsi book and saying it was good while everyone else makes boob jokes.

    Look how far we’ve come…  Can’t say I’ll get 13 though.  The character didn’t make this book, it was the team. 

  2. End of an era, folks. 🙁 

  3. ;_; Sad to see the teams change.

    That being said I am interested to see where the new team takes this book. 

  4. I’ll keep reading after this issue but I can’t see the series being the same at all.

  5. This is my last issue.

  6. Bye Justin, jimmy, Amanda, and Paul. You guys rocked. Having said that, I’m looking foreward to Winicks run

  7. poo on winnick

  8. Sad to see this team go. But I’m willing to give Winnick a shot on the book. PG for forever. 😉

  9. Good bye to a great team on this book.

  10. @Slockhart Right with you there man.

  11. Sigh, where do I go for my fix of Amanda Conner art next?  Black Cat covers?  I demand interiors!

  12. So sad. The only way I pick up 13 is if it gets rated < 4.2. I just can’t imagine anything other than a let down. This issue, however, will be greatness.

  13. I’ve been rereading Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run. If he ever returns to the character, Amanda Conner would be the perfect artist for the tone of that series.

  14. Last issue for Palmiotti, Gray, Conner & me. Such an awesome book. It sucks that it’s "over" 🙁

  15. Sad to see the teams change, yet it feels like it’s in line with the latest "changing of the guard" in this corner of the DCU. I’ll be dropping this book for financial reasons, but the new art looks really good, so who knows, maybe I’ll be jumping right back on this bandwagon. It was a beautiful twelve issues, it was a wonderful year, and I’m actually kind of glad that they are making the break here. Well worth the 3 bucks.

    We’ll see what the future brings for this corner of the Crusaders/JSA/WW/PG-verse. I also dropped WW, JSA (but I’m still getting All-Stars), Shield, Web, Magog and Doom Patrol. Now they’ll tie all the story lines together, and I’ll miss the big payoff. Oh well…

  16. I just hope winnick doesn’t make her gay and give her AIDS hi-oh! I kid I kid, in acually a huge Winnick fan and am looking foreward to his run.

  17. @ScorpionMasada: I always felt this series was kind of DC’s answer to Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run.

  18. Early POTW leader, huh?  It’s the rainbow cleavage, isn’t it?

  19. well this run is going to make a pretty nice 2nd trade. 

  20. Wow, this run was really good. I followed since Connor started talking about it. Really great issue…just FUN COMICS!

  21. It has a similar tone for sure.

    Loved this issue and it was a good wrap up for the 12 issue run. I liked all the little scenes that echoed earlier storylines. I liked the "resolution" to the "big threat" of Satanna. The art was ridiculously good with Power Girl’s goofy faces as a favorite.

    Yeah, the faces.

    4/5 and probably my pick of the week.

  22. I love this book. Smiling from era to ear. 

  23. I hope they collect all 12 in one HC.

  24. so rare thet you get a high quality consistent run nowadays. this title will be missed greatly.

  25. This was fantastic.

  26. AWESOME issue 🙁

  27. @nathan

    I doubt it, but if they do, that cover is perfect for a HC cover.

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