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Silas, an ex-soldier turned space pirate, finds himself stranded on a mysterious planet in alien territory. As he explores the long-abandoned industrial ruins of the planet’s surface he will have to fend off rogue mechanical creatures, roving cyborg militias, and a hostile alien military with a bounty on his head. Silas will have to rely on resourcefulness and bare-bones survival tactics in order to stay alive and ultimately unlock the secrets of a planet where survival is a luxury and escape an impossibility.

Story by Ken Garing
Art by Ken Garing
Cover by Ken Garing

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Cannot wait for this book! I have been eagerly checking for this book’s solicit, and now it’s here. Huzzah!

    I wonder if there will be PROPHET comparisons?

  2. Is this a mini or ongoing?

  3. So excited for this!

  4. This looks interesting, ever since reading comics like the “The Incal” and “Praphet” I’m really digging this kind of stories.

  5. Ever since I first saw this I was really grabbed by the art work. So happy it is coming to print.

  6. Digging this! Definitely has a similar vibe to Prophet (at least the couple of issues I’ve read), as well as a Dark Horse book from years back called Heiroglyph. Great stuff!

  7. Nice little surprise (for me)! It kinda made me sad that this was a mini.

  8. This was really cool. Garing did a great job of introducing us to this world, and moving the plot forward at a good pace. I’ll defintely be following the rest of the story. It seems like there is more to explore in this world, so hopefully it can expand beyond the initial five issues. Image really seems to be embracing new(and some revamped) Sci-fi, and so far it is working out very well for us readers.

  9. Excellent. If Prophet is humid, smelly & freaky then Planetoid is windy, rainy & rusty. This issue had some really nice panels. Garing knows how to tell a clear story with his art. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  10. The art is stunning. I liked the mood of the story too. Very much looking forward to issue #2, as this issue was a lot of setup.

  11. WOW! What a great read! Very impressed with the art and the story was well written, compelling and moved at a great pace. I was going to make Batman my pick of the week due to the fantastic reveal they made in that book, but I just felt that Planetoid is more worthy of it. It is done completely by Ken Garing (story, art and lettering), is fantastic in all aspects, and it is only 2.99, which to me makes it an incredible value!

    Don’t get me wrong, Batman 10 was great, but the main story felt way too short (21 pages vs. Planetoids 32) and I really don’t care much for having a backup story, while good, cost me a dollar more for only 7 extra pages, which brings Batmans storyline total to 28 (still less than Planetoids for those of you keeping count :)), and then a preview of a book taking up more space…for 3.99.

    Great book, INCREDIBLE VALUE!!!

  12. I was pleasantly surprised that my LCS had extra copies! I’m glad I took iFanboy’s advice in picking up this book 🙂

  13. This was excellent! My favorite book this week. Can’t wait to read more about this crazy world…

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