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NOVA #22

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  1. The best on-going series of the year.

  2. Woo, cool cover!

  3. Love the cover.

  4. love the cover!! i want it as a poster

  5. I cant wait to see how Rider explains to his family why he is naked in their backyard…

    But damnit, I really think this issue is going to show Worldmind as a villain….That I dont like, but only in the sense that I didnt see it coming.

  6. Ha.

    Yeah, I think Worldmind is going totalitarian.  Amazing book…just amazing.

  7. Good jumping on point? I ask this every month and never buy the damn thing but with a cover like this…

  8. More cosmo the space dog!! We need at least 25% more cosmo

    Aquaman is very pro space dog.

  9. @Aquaman- Get Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s pretty much in every issue.

  10. @magnum240 Haha i have been. i like how they use him

  11. This is the first issue I’m picking up. I love Guardians of the Galaxy. I hope I’m not jumping on at an akward point in the series.

  12. This was a good issue; kinda slow for a Nova issue but still good.

    That splash page with the people rising into the air and the title saying ‘The Rapture’? Gorgeous.

  13. Good a place as any to pick this up, Tiocore. This is a really fun series, feels like books from the seventies. It’s good, old-fashioned Cosmic Superheroics!

  14. $2.99 oh come on! I remember when they used to pay you to buy comics!

  15. You know what? I bought this for the cover and I’ve little interest to read the book. I think this just isn’t for me at this point. But wow! The cover!

  16. Awesome as usual…and not "holding pattern awesome" like Captain America…like, "Every month is rocks your socks off awesome.

  17. I prefer my comic book heroes to be street level vigilantes, so I usually avoid anything cosmic like the plague, but I’ve been loving this series.  The writers month in, and month out give me a fun and entertaining story that isn’t drawn out to fit the trade format.

    And it’s only $2.99! 

  18. OK, I’m not usually a critic, but…

    Isn’t this a little silly in parts? I mean, the whole, "I need you to run every test you’ve got to prove I’m not insane." Cut to later, Richard to Robbie, "We’re still waiting on some of the biospsy tests to come back, but as far as my sanity’s concerned, I got a clean bill of health!" Oh, geez how’d they figure that out?. Then the whole, mind control aspect… like adding cheese to cheez wiz. And the Final "At current rate of colapse… I’m so sorry. You will be dead in less than 48 hours." Don’t get me wrong, love the book, digging the cheese to story ratio, but this is silly at the Bat-Man TV show level of silly. Why hasn’t anyone else said something? I’m just saying.

  19. Everything everyone says about this leads me to believe I would absolutely love this. But I couldn’t make it past page 5. I guess it just isn’t my thing.

  20. None of that seems out of line to me for a superhero comic, DenverDave…I mean, they basically did the same thing with Winter Soldier in Captain America before he felt safe taking over that costume…I guess I don’t see what’s so crazy about Richard getting a clean psyche eval, but then finding out his body is falling apart because he was housing a huge cosmic force.

  21. Yeah, I guess it feels like comics are taking themselves more seriously nowadays. This comic is doing things that feel like an attempt to use techniques that I’m used to seeing in the Silver Age. Like that cliff hanger… BA BA BAAAAA!! Again, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this book like I enjoyed all those silver age titles but it seems lile the writers are trying to do an homage to the cheese of old. What do you think?

  22. @JumpingJupiter you should have gotten on back at #17 which is when I got on. You’d probably be more interested then. But that’s your perogative if you wish to go back that far though.

  23. The first half of this issue, i told myself ‘alright, i’m done’. But at the end i’m all in again. Ever since the arc after the Silver surfer arc, i have had the same feeling that the series is going downhill…but then the cliffhangers always leave me refusing to drop it. I’m very mixed about this book.

  24. Oh this is Juan Doe doing the cover? Huh….usually I dont like this work.

    But again, I would love for Marvel to make a poster out of that.

  25. i like Love this book.  perhaps the writing style is a little old with the cliff hanger at the end of every issue. i dont care i love it.  i know he isnt going to die but i do want to see how he doesnt die.  if yo dont like it thats fine, i dont think there is a comic out there that everyone likes but this is probly the closest you will get.

  26. I GIGGLED LIKE A GIRL when I bagged and boarded this. =| I hope it’s not a trend. Dammit Marvel! KEEP MY EXPECTATIONS LOW!!!! =|

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