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NOVA #21

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.0%


USPUNX02/01/09YesRead Review
buffalowhig01/30/09NoRead Review
Templar01/28/09YesRead Review
TheNextChampion01/28/09YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. YES!! It is always such a long wait for this awesome book!!

  2. Granov is wicked good!

  3. Best Outer Space Soap Opera since Star Wars? Who ever wrote that from Wizard must’ve been high….

    No this is really great, every issue is gold from start to finish. BTW, I think Nova has the best endings to issues period.

  4. It’s certainly written in such a way as to make reading in issues worthwhile.

  5. I looked up the back issues. Wowee! 9$ for #2.

    As soon as I can get more cashflow going I’ll get the trades. But that’s the thing I have with trades, you miss out on the friggin’ awesome covers!

  6. If Nova stays on Earth a little bit longer, can we have an issue in which Nova puts a thumping on Noh-Varr (cause that guy’s a punk)?

  7. @JumpingJupiter: Do you?  I thought they reprinted the covers, sans trade dress, within the trades as issue breaks?

    I bought the first Nova trade and it seems that’s the case.  I have no doubt this will bring all kinds of awesome.

  8. Hmm, most trades I’ve picked up ommited the covers or reprinted them all on a single page.

  9. thats lame.  i like covers. do look forward to this though.  probly my number one book.

  10. Awesome, can’t wait for this book 🙂

  11. i have the hardcover trade 1-14 i think it covers. Anyways, it has all the badass covers in it. PICK IT UP!

  12. Does anyoen know for sure if all the covers are included in the TPBs?

  13. THAT’S IT! I’m picking this title up.

  14. Great issue! I look foward to see how Dan & Andy play with this angle.

  15. OOOhhh snap this ending was goooood.

  16. It’s never a good thing when your naked in your parents backyard and screaming: ‘YOU TOOK IT ALL AWAY!’

    Great issue though, my POTW.

  17. So pissed off i havew to wait until the next trade comes out before i can read this, since i didn’t start reading this series until a couple months ago.

  18. This was a great issue, probably one of my faves from this one in months.  This was my POTW.

  19. My first time picking it up since like issue 4. Started out doubtful but the story assuaged my negative-Nelly additude. 4-stars and now I sort of want to pick up a TP of the earlier stuff. @ TheNextChampion, bad enough he’s back in his parent’s backyard. Worse it’s in Long Island. As for being naked, well that’s just fun. (and a bit scary.)


  20. Can I jump on here and get the jist of it?

  21. @JumpingJupiter Probably. It’s in the middle of an arc but I don’t believe Nova is hard hard book to jump onto and hit the ground running.

  22. I had no real prior knowledge of Nova and picked it up easy in the middle of the Galactus arc. It’s now become one of my favorite books (tied with Captain America and X-Factor) and one of those I don’t think I’ll ever drop (even though I said the same thing about Runaways, but that’s a whole nuther story).

  23. @JumpingJupiter       Id go back at try to get issue 19 its the best jumping on point. unless you cant find it =(  issue 20 however is pretty unimportant sooooooo now isent a bad time to jump on either!

     ps. YOU TOOK IT ALL AWAY!!!!

  24. This is the single most consistently amazing superhero book I buy.  Period.  Abnett and Lanning are modern miracle workers for making Nova so impressive.

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