NOVA #21

Review by: buffalowhig

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I love this series! The most engaging thing about this issue in particular was Nova’s ever evolving relationship with Worldmind. When they were merged, it was so easy to look at them as the bickering buddies who, on the surface, put up with each other because they were forced to, but deep down really had affection for each other. But now that the’ve seperated, Nova’s having a hard time realizing that Worldmind isn’t capable of that kind of human emotion and that Nova needs Worldmind much more than Worldmind needs him. The Abnett and Lanning have really made me care about a character that I never thought I’d care about, and I was an early 90’s “New Warriors” fan! Plus, we get a patented Nova cliffhanger ending. This title always leaves me wanting to read the next issue immediately. My only problem with the book is that the art is merely average. It doesn’t really detract from my enjoyment, but I do wish Marvel would assign a better artist to this title.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Really,you dont like the art???  Well there getting a different artist for the War Of Kings Novas…..i think its gana be issue 23.

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