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  1. I thought that Robin #183 was also due out this week???

  2. The release schedule is never set in stone until Monday. Things often change.

  3. I can’t believe this book is ending…

  4. I hope this goes out with a bang, not a whimper.

  5. @Garrett – I get the distinct sense that we can count on Tomasi to provide a bang.

  6. saddened this is done…i loved it since i started it

  7. All my favorite books are coming to an end: Nightwing, Robin, Ultimate Spider-man (possible in April)

  8. Any news from the NYCC about what’s happening with Nightwing in the future? Is he going to be starring in one of the 27 rebooted bat-books? I hope so, because I am pretty pissed off that DC finally got a good writer on this book & they cancel it …

  9. The worst part is that this has totally kicked butt since RIP began or so.

  10. @WadeWilson- These are all the Batman related books that will launch in June…


    Detective Comics- Starring Batwoman and written by Greg Rucka

    Batman and Robin

    Red Robin



    Batman: Streets of Gotham

    Gotham City Sirens

    Where Dick fits in (that’s what she said), we’ll have to wait and see.

  11. @Kory – I really hope Dick plays a major part in one (or more) of those titles, now that he doesn’t have his own book, which is blasphemy IMO! No matter how much Didio hates Wing’ he’s an awesome character.

    Maybe he will be Red Robin? Dick was Red Robin in Kingdom Come, right? And, all the Kingdom Come stuff seems to be happening in the DCU now, with JSA etc … even though KC was meant to be in one of the alternate earths …

  12. I think Tim Drake or Jason Todd will be the new Batman. All signs point to Nightwing becoming Batman, but it’s to obvious and that’s why I don’t think that it’s going to happen.

  13. Calling it in the air: Hush and Damian join forces and manipulate Jason Todd into killing Dick Grayson and assuming the mantle of Batman…Tim Drake has to fend off all three to become the new Batman, which only lasts two years until Bruce Wayne comes back and takes over again.

  14. I have absolute faith in Tomasi that he will make this kick-ass. Which also kinda makes me sadder he won’t be writing it anymore 🙁

  15. The almost-sure-thing rumor is that Dick will be Red Robin and star in that title.

    (As others know, there will be a "new" Nightwing character co-starring in Action Comics.)

  16. With the way the post Battle for the Cowl landscape is shaking out, I am probably going to wid up dropping the Batman books right after…which is sad, because I just started getting them with the conclusion of RIP.

  17. @ flapjaxx:


    Where did you hear about Dick Grayson becoming Red Robin? Or did you mean Tim Drake?

    Jason Todd is a strong candidate for the mantle of the bat. They had to bring him back for a reason, or maybe Jason will sacrifice himself and not go out like a hot-headed punk… 

  18. I regret not picking this title up.  I have been totally in love with Tomasi the last couple months.  I’m sure I’ll pick up all his Nightwing trades when they come out, and start picking up whatever bat family book he starts doing after Battle for the Cowl

  19. @drakedangerz: Tomasi will be writing Outsiders.  His run starts this week with the Outsiders Special, and continues next week with issue #15

  20. This book just makes me very sad that Nightwing is ending.

  21. Nightwing is one of my top 2 or 3 favourite characters in all of comics. I have all 153 issues of this run, so I can geek out a bit & say I am a little upset this title is over. Dixon killed on this book in the early days, I thought Devin Grayson’s run was really good (most people disagree) & after that the book was kinda crappy for a while until Tomasi came along & made it good again. And now DC cancel it … I’m as sad & confused as 10 year old boy in Michael Jackson’s bed.

    This was a pretty good send off issue, though. It’s awesome to see Dick back where he belongs (no vagina jokes, please) in Gotham City, & re-pledging his oath to protect the city on the spot Bruce’s parents were killed is some pretty hardcore stuff & that won’t be an oath he could ever break. I know Didio has a real hate on for Dick Grayson, but I hope he stays around in the Bat-books in some way, or I will be pretty disappointed.

  22. I will miss this title, and disappointed that it wasn’t on the list to resume in June.  Tomasi had done a great job with his run, and they killed it off for Battle for the Cowl.  That miniseries better be even grander than Nightwing was at the end or I’ll be even more disappointed to see this one go.

  23. i started reading this title with r.i.p and loved it but this was a total dud

  24. This is probably one of the best Batman related comic book ever his former sidekick and apprentice Dick Grayson will be the one to carry the Dark Knight’s fallen legacy hope he’ll be the one though.

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