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Wah, cry, wah, cry. Sulk, Sulk, cry, sulk.  Crybaby, cry!!  Issues of Nightwing are really starting to turn into towels for tears.  Conor was right, they should have just ended the series two issues ago.  Okay, enough of these crappy Bat-stories!!  Bring on Battle For The Damn Cowl already, JEEZZ!!!!!  Come on!!

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I agree that this story wasn’t very good, but I didn’t pick up on the crying or sulking. He seemed pretty chipper and reminiscent most of the time, then reflected on his and bruces parents’ murder at the end.

  2. Someone crying because their father dies makes them a crybaby? lol Wow.

  3. Hey Robby, 

    What did your parents do to you?

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