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  1. Have they said what happens to this title and Robin after next month? New #1 reboots? No Nightwing or Robin titles at all?

  2. I think they’re coming back after The Battle for The Cowl finishes.

  3. Previews showed a new, Kryptonian Nightwing recently…so if there’s a new Nightwing #1, I don’t reckon it’ll much resemble this.

  4. Yeah, I’ve seen the Kryptonian Nightwing. Not sure how I feel about it. I’ll pick up the books to see how it goes.

  5. The new Nightwing book is going to be about the original Nightwing (the one from New Krypton is the original one) and Grayson is going to become Batman, Tim=Red Robin, Damien=Robin, and then I really don’t know from there but I’m positive about the Nightwing books becoming about New Krypton Nightwing

  6. The big rumor is that ROBIN and NIGHTWING will be replaced by two books called BATMAN & ROBIN and RED ROBIN.  Who will be the characters featured in them is yet to be determined.  Again these are rumors, so take them with a grain of salt.

  7. I’d heard it was gonna be Robin and Batman but that doesn’t really roll of the tongue at all.

    I agree that it’ll be Grayson=Batman, Drake=Red Robin, Damien=Robin

     Still excited for Battle for the Cowl though.

  8. Man, if any of those rumours are right, they sure fucked this title. They finally got it right, and now…

  9. @Eyun (akaCharlotte):Don’t judge the book until you’ve read it.

  10. @Eyun – I agree. They finally get Nightwing right & they mess with it …

    I just hope Nightwing isn’t written as a whiney little bitch who acts like he’s had about 3 weeks crime fighting experience, like he was in the last issue of Batman. 

  11. @WadeWilson

     Well hopefully if Morrison and Dini come back or even if Tomasi does it for a little bit I think things will be fine with Dick as Batman. Just don’t get Denny O’Neil on there again, he just didn’t get the character on those last two issues he did. 

  12. @reg5000 – You’re right, I phrased that badly, not pre-judging it. Just hoping for the best, as this has been one of the best books out there.

  13. Tim as Red Robin is almost certain.  I checked out what happened to him in Robin and man…that guy is not looking pretty.  Looks like he’ll be covering up that head of his for the forseeable future.

  14. Indeed, which begs the question how Tim will continue to be a fairly normal student with have his head burned off.

  15. Doesn’t the DCU have any healers?  Marvel is up to their butt holes in ’em.

  16. Zatanna could just say ‘nrub laeh!’ and the wound would be gone.

  17. this issue was great! first couple pages were amazing…

  18. I’m really gonna miss this book.

  19. This was excellent.  A solid one-shot story that moved along the overall plot and gave some indication of how Dick stacks up.  It feels like Dick is really ready to take his place (that’s what she said?) and begin his role as a leader in the DCU.  Given what happened in Final Crisis this week, he is going to have to step up.

  20. Heheh "Dick stakcs up".

    This issue was AWESOME. So awesome that I had to type it with caps on.

    I didn’t fully understand Ra’s motives for wanting to talk to Nightwing (to help him? to confirm Bats’ death? to take out his anger at not being the one to kill him?) but, it was a great issue. Great dialogue, great art, & really great to see a good, strong, hard Dick (*giggle*) after he was SO poorly written in the last Batman issue. Tomasi has his character down, even if none of the other DC writers do.

  21. Ra’s goal was to look Nightwing in the eye and find out if the rumours of the Batman’s demise were correct.  He found out that they were. 

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