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  1. I wasn’t too jazzed for this until I saw the preview. Now I’m all giddy.

  2. Cool that they are keeping the old team for the new series. Is Warlock dead, still?

  3. I adore Zeb Wells. If you’ve not seen Real World: Krypton, do your self a favor and go directly to youtube.

  4. Can’t wait to buy this comic book The New Mutants are back awesome !!!

  5. I am conflicted about this book.  Never liked Magik very much.  However, Cannonball is out of that AWFUL costume he was wearing in X-Men.  That thing was embarrassing.  Is X-Infernus required reading before this series?

  6. Trying this for Legion.

  7. Buying this out of old X-men nostalgia. 

  8. I’m surprisingly excited for this. Love that Kubert cover.

  9. can’t wait–one of my favorite teams ever

  10. Needs 100% more Wolfesbane if they’re trying to recapture the original bottle lightning.

  11. I don’t understand why this is happening. What is the need for reforming this team? They aren’t "New Mutants" anymore. Isn’t this actually like the second or third time they’ve tried to put out a new New Mutants title? I guess the first relaunch had the former students becoming teachers, which kind of made sense, but this just seems really unnecessarily, capitalizing on nostalgia for no overarching narrative purpose.

    For the past ten months or so, every other week or so, I’ve been going to a nearby comic shop and buying a few issues of the old New Mutants series, which is in the dollar bin there. I *should* be down for this new series, shouldn’t I? I couldn’t care less. Unless I hear otherwise (and I’ll keep my ears open), I’m going to assume that this is just going to be another x-title that lasts somewhere between 10 and 25 issues. It’s all going to be streamlined. They’re going to try to shock us with the return of a few characters we have little reason to care about. My biggest problem is that I’m sure the older characters in this new title will probably not behave as natural progressions from the youngsters Claremont developed. I’ve grown to love the old New Mutants and their stories. If I bought an issue of the new series, due to the conceits of modern comicbooking, the whole affair would seem rushed to me and the characters would seem so damn superficial compared to the personalities that Claremont (back when he was on his game) crafted.

  12. They’re getting this particular band back together because these folks gel with each other better than they ever have with anyone else.

    So far, it feels like it works. 

  13. I’m glad Marvel finally decided to just put this book out again.  I feel like they were trying to recreate magic by putting out those Academy X and New X-Men series.  They were ok, but this team is where it’s at. 

  14. Liked this book and have always liked Cannonball just because like Cyclops his power seems kind of weak and goofy but he uses it in the most awesome ways. Liked this book and can’t wait to see more.

  15. Is that Warlock on the cover? AND a guy with crazy hair? I’m in!

    The freaky hair guy reminds me of this: 

  16. I’m new to this team, and newish to the X universe. Anyone want to fill me in on the last page?

  17. Wow, I was really excited to have the old team back (although I really miss Doug Ramsey), but the art in this book is TERRIBLE.  Even my girlfriend, who is usually either impressed by or indifferent to comic art, looked over my shoulder and made the "gas face" at a few panels.  Such a disappointment.

  18. You know what? Pretty solid, I give it a 4.

  19. @Flapjaxx – for me it’s totally about nostalgia. I don’t read as much Marvel as I do DC, but I remember collecting this series back when it was coming out.  I loved it then, and I hope I love it now.  I’d also like to see as much of the original Alpha Flight regroup, and I would buy it because of its nostalgic factor.  I’m gonna go pick up a copy now, unless the art is as bad as "themanagement" says.   Nothing can be as bad as Bill Sienkiewicz’ art…can it? 

  20. @PhantomPhrenemy – I was obviously way more harsh on the art than any of the reviewers, so maybe I should soften up and just say that it was very inconsistent and a way too cartoony for my taste.  One thing’s for sure: it’s about as far from Bill Sienkiewicz as it gets.

  21. I already bought a copy of this comic book and it is probably one of the best comic book I ever bought hope to complete this comic book saga and further more Legion is back cool.

  22. @Flapjaxx – it’s not the best art ever, but I figure it’s a solid 3 out of 5, I don’t really like the faces, but it’s not the worst art coming out of Marvel, and no airbrushing (they overuse it in my opinion). Something tells me I’m glad not knowing anything that’s happened to any of these characters since the original NM run. Seeing the group back together felt like old times, and the writing was good.  

  23. Hmm. How come Illyana’s rejoining the X-men, having come from the future, when she already rejoined the X-men at the end of X-Infernus? Welcome to fuzzy X-Men continuity….

  24. Art wasn’t too bad. Didn’t take me away from the story. Ilyana’s pretty creepy in this.

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