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Oooo schnap. I’m really glad I didn’t know what the surprise at the end
of this book was, because honestly it would have probably ruined it.
I’m a little tired of the team being called the New Mutants. They’ve
been around, in continuity mind you, at least 4 years, additionally
there have been 2 incarnations of teen teams, one even called New
Mutants, since they were in costumes. I like that Wells seems to have a
pretty good grasp on the history of the team though. I don’t like the
new costumes. They seem like a cross between Cassady’s Astonishing
redesigns and the original costumes, with none of the heart of either.
It would have been incredibly cool if they’d have put them in the
costumes they designed for when they were X-Men in that one Art Adams
annual, but that’s just ancillary nerd wishing. The story was pretty
good. I don’t like the idea of Illyana trying to change the past, just
because of how time travel works in the Marvel Universe, but again nerd
bitching. This issue seems to lend itself to that though. There is a
lot of knowledged and acknowledgement of the past but sometimes not
enough. I like how the Newer Mutants treated Illyana like she had the
plague, but I didn’t like her characterization. The best part was Sam
leading and him hanging out with Bobby though. A good start, let’s hope
they follow through with it.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Is this an actual start or just an attempted jumping on point? Is there something there for people that didn’t read much X-Men stuff?

  2. @Chlop: I thought it was a start, you don’t have to know these characters, but if you’ve read any of the original title, they mean more to you.  

    So far, this is a great semi-X-men title for people who haven’t been sucked into anything X-related for the past few years (I’ve only been reading the Shi’ar / Vulcan / War of Kings stuff which doesn’t tie in to NM either.)  Pick it up if you’re interested.  It was a good read and I’m interested to see where this goes.

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