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  1. This may be pretty fun.  I hope it gets better.  I’m glad the last arch is over.

  2. Hank Pym ripping off Mr. Fantastic!?! I’m sold.

  3. This was crazy fun. Now that Captain Britain has been cancelled, this is now officially at the top of the list of books I hope don’t get canceled. I love that all this Hank Pym stuff is going on in a book that’s dedicated to having this much fun. Pym’s flaws, issues, and past seems like they were just begging writers to supply a daredevil style mope-fest, but instead Slott gives us this. Thank you Dan Slott for making sure we have one less mope book, and one more balls out having fun book.

  4. This is my new favorite book. Thank you, Dan Slot. Nothing has made me laugh this hard in weeks, and I really needed it.

  5. This was cool despite some questionable dialogue.

    I like the idea of the smartest people in the world going up against each other even if Reed isn’t aware that it is going down (maybe . . . or yet).

  6. How much better is this book without Pham? HOT DAMN!

  7. I agree with ScorpionMasada, some of the dialogue was a bit too contrived–even for a comic book.  Pym’s closing remark to Reed Richards and Quicksilver’s super-jerkfaced thought bubbles seemed a bit too much.

    That aside, I loved the rest of the issue; US Agent’s last suggestion for getting to Lhasa quickly vis-a-vis Quicksilver was pretty hilarious.

  8. It is impossible for Quicksilver dialogue to be too jerkfaced.  It’s Quicksilver.

  9. So Quicksilver hasn’t learned from his latest conflicts and depowering . . .

    This was almost pick of the week for me, but Spider-Man took it.

  10. didn’t like the art, but this was a great part one.  hope this arc continues being this good.

  11. There really was some bizarre dialogue in this one. For one thing, there was some weirdness about exactly how the gizmo ended up in Ben Grimm’s possession in the first place. Something about Foster willing it to him…? But Hank was supposed to get it? But he was a Skrull? But nobody knew that? The whole thing was beyond my feeble cognitive skills.

  12. There definitely was some questionable dialogue in this. I’m not sure how I feel about this. The ‘It’s on, Bitch!’ comment from Pym was the biggest stand out to me, but there were a couple, smaller, others.

    The biggest thing, though, was the issue with the Molecular Whatchamacalit. Goliath died and left it to Hank Pym, but it was given to Ben Grimm by default because Hank Pym was a Skrull? But that doesn’t make any sense, because how would they know he was a skrull. It would only make sense that the gadget would be given to Skrull Pym. 

    There was a similar issue in this same book, where Cho was saying how he was the 7th smartest person on Earth, but Pym responded saying that Cho was the 8th now that Pym was back on Earth. Again, it doesn’t make sense, as whoever makes the WORLDS SMARTEST PEOPLE list would’ve never known that Pym was off earth.

    lol comic books. 3/5.

  13. Maybe Bill Foster never actually wrote out his will.  It was just a verbal thing, so since Skrull-Pym didn’t know he was supposed to get the device, Ben Grimm was just like, "Uh, I guess I’ll take the Whatchamacalit."

  14. Much better art than so far on Slott’s run. Looked good.

    Somehow I find it hard seeing Hank Pym tell Richards to "Bring it, Bitch!" but it certainly made me laugh.

  15. heh it’s on bitch.

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