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  1. Is there anyway to leave Sentry in that past without destroying mavel’s space-time continuum?

  2. @Hoshigaki – I like they way you think.

  3. I used to love the sentry…. Now I just want him to be a skrull so he can be written off once and for all.

  4. I don’t hate the sentry as much per se as i hate the concept of someone that powerful functioning in the marvel universe. It just doesn’t doesn’t work. You know your character is to powerful when you have to use mental illness as an excuse for why he never really does anything to help. that’s just… lame. Not to mention it makes the character incredibly frustrating.

    Actually, now that i think about it… ya, i hate the sentry.

  5. I just want more art with big dots!

    And Iron Man beating people up. 

    I’m easy.

  6. I’m hoping Secret Invasion sets this series straight.  I don’t really get what the point is, other than to contrast the rebel New Avengers.  I mean I think I like it.  The art is great, the story is fun.  But for an Avengers title, I just don’t feel like it effects the Marvel universe in any way.  Maybe thats the delays, or I just don’t like the title.  At the end of the day, I’ll keep on picking this up…but i’m not as sold on it as the New Avengers.

  7. I like Sentry

  8. I just think it’s dumb that they keep talking about how powerful the Sentry is without EVER showing some payoff.  Plus I think it’s incredibly weak character design to just invent a character and rather than giving him an interesting power to say that he’s the MOST powerful.  It really makes me mad, and that’s pathetic.  Thor, Gladiator, and especially the Silver Surfer are the established badasses of the Marvel Universe, and it pisses me off that someone just came along and invented a guy who’s MORE powerful, and couldn’t be bothered to attach an interesting story to him.  If I were a writer at Marvel I’d write a story where the Surfer came to town, and got into it with the Sentry.  Iron Man would make his "Power of a million exploding suns" statement, and then the Surfer commenced kicking the ever-loving crap out of the Sentry.

    Fanboy rant over.

    P.S.  I did rather enjoy Jenkins’ original story but it was perfect the way it was.  The Sentry was a fun toy, he was played with, and then he got permenantly put back in the cupboard.

  9. i LOVE the Sentry and morrison’s Marvel Boy.

     they should team up. that would be awesome!

  10. Every month everyone complains about this book, from the schedule to the art, to the word baloons and yet ya’ll still buy it. what is so great about this book that i’m missing. I mean I dropped this after the first issue when I saw the damn Mole Man.

  11. The only reason I buy it right now is that it’s integral to the Marvel Universe, and I am an unabashed fan of the MU.  If it reaches the point of irrelevance, I’ll drop this book like a bad habit.  New Avengers is already dangerously close to that point. 

  12. It’s Bendis, that  is the only reason I buy it.

  13. I buy it because I think it is pretty good. Now, I concede that I tend to like almost all of Bendis’ stuff, so I may be blinded, expecially when you add in that I really like Cho and Bagley.

    Delays?  Who cares?  I read enough stuff that I don’t think, "Hmm, second week of the month…that means a new Mighty Avengers!"  Frankly, I don’t really notice if a book skips a month or two.  Yes, it is intended to be a main part of the greater Marvel story, but everything seems to be good to me. Even having the symbiote story fleshed out after the New Avengers covered it isn’t a big deal because comics across the board often tell stories from the past, what difference does a few days (in the Marvel universe) matter?

     Honestly, I think all the dissatisfaction with this book comes from getting a solid book when people were expecting an sensational book with Bendis and Cho.  When people expect a 10/10 grade and only get 6/10, they are less satisfied, even if they buy ten other mediocre books a month.

     That said, I really wouldn’t be surprised if this story was concocted to leave the Sentry in the past.

  14. @JonSamuelson – they have shown the Sentry let loose, in the final issue of World War Hulk.

  15. Sentry should join the Nova Corps and leave earth. He’d be more use there.

  16. @Archon – Because it’s fun?

  17. I’ve been enjoying the Bagley drawn issues better than the Cho ones.  It’s too bad that Bags couldn’t have launched the book with Bendis!

  18. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Jenkins original series… was that the one drawn by JR-JR, in which The Sentry kissed the Void full on the lips before throwing him into the sun? Blechhh

  19. @PymSlap – The original Sentry mini had art by Jae Lee.

  20. @Balefuego – Yeah, I guess he did cut loose, but even then the Hulk whipped his fanny.  And I was pretty pleased to see that, as I’m a big fan of the Hulk.  I was happy to see a return to the days when the Hulk was the type of force that takes the entire Avengers to reckon with.

  21. dont really get all the sentry hate

  22. Guess I’m the only one who has given up on this title..its just become so irrelavant, and full of characters I dislike or just don’t care about.

     Maybe when Secret Invasion finally comes into full swing. 

     And yes Sentry sucks. < see JonSamulesons rant above..bang on brother..!!>



  23. ok, but I don’t see what’s fun about reading six splash pages in a row. I also don’t see how it’s "Integral" when the stories being told are 3+ months old. I mean the could be fighting Mephisto, Galactus, and anyone else right now but we’d know they’d survive since they’re sitting in the Tower with Mrs. Cage. I just can’t read something when there’s not even a hint of danger. But hey, to each his own. Make mine "New".

  24. I just finished reading this book and it’s really very good. All the complaints that everyone here has are valid, but don’t really apply to this issue (other than Sentry being kind of pointless, can’t argue that!) The interaction between Iron Man and Doom is fun. And everyone rejoice! More dots!!!

  25. No one has mentioned the past part of the issue – the gutter hypes!

  26. I’m thinking the homage to the ‘old style’ comics is representative of the fact that most of us readers are old enough to remember when all comics were like that. I don’t know if the younger generation, being used to clean, bright, shiny art/colours, will appreciate this issue for that fact.

    And it is sooooooo nice to hear I’m not the only one who HATES the Sentry!

    And I’m only reading this series to keep up to date on how the ‘Bendisverse’ is shaping up.

  27. I was just quickly leafing through this one, and I saw a random fly by of Thor with a advert at the bottom for his book. Isn’t that what Ron is always talking about on the podcast? think Bendis threw it in there for him?

  28. Also, I like the idea of a emotionally unstable dude with big time powers. Bendis has to be going somewhere cool with this. Also, this book looked really cool.

  29. I suppose it’s gimmicky, but I loved the conceit of the old-school Marvel design conventions in this issue with the notes from the editor at the bottom of the page, etc.



  30. Also, Bendis writes a great Doom. I’m curious if he’s written any extended Doom storylines in the past. Ultimate Fantastic Four, maybe?

  31. I loved this issue, probably my favorite of the series so far – everything felt spot on, from the presentation of the art and the throwback taglines along the bottom of the pages, and to the stellar interplay between Iron Man and Doom. This was Fun Comics. And I love Bagley on this book, too bad there’s only a coupla more with him.  

  32. I enjoyed this issue for several reasons.  Most importantly, like some have said above (PV, Conor) this issue was just plain fun… a real hoot and a holler.  It also satisfied the Sentry-hater in me.  He just seemed so pitiful with all of his mental shortcomings.  I laughed out loud on the train when Doom asked Iron Man if the Senty was insane.  

  33. Haha, I must be the only guy in the world who really enjoys the Sentry. Well, I enjoy the concept (ridiculously powerful superhero with mental problems) maybe not the execution. This has to be the best Sentry thing I’ve read in a while, since the original Sentry mini.

     Also, loved the Doc Doom/Iron Man banter in this one. Brilliant.

  34. Some nice bits of Marvel Silver Age furniture (eg the splash page, dot matrix colours) fail to disguise a truly rubbish bit of water-treading from Bendis and Bagley, as Iron Man, Sentry and Dr Doom are stuck in the past, with no point evident. As ever, Bendis’ script depends on characters forgetting stuff they know and just acting plain stupid. And can someone please explain why the Sentry is on the team? He’s mega powerful and spotty of brain – a distinct liability.

  35. My guess for the future Bendis going to make Dr Doom the Sorcerer Supreme 


    that would be interesting  

  36. A different issue … enjoyed the banter between Doom and Stark and the fact Doom fooled Tony in the end …  artwork very solid … loved the advertising at the bottom of each page .. especially THE CLASH YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR GHOST RIDER v THE HULK! 

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