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  1. The ‘Midnight Run’ comparison is perfect.  The stuff with Iron Man and Doom just made me smile and laugh out loud, and — well, the Sentry was less useless than he normallly is?  Anyway, I could just tell how much fun Bendis and Bagley had doing this.  Awesome issue.

  2. Great review, pretty much how I felt about the issue.  But I’m not sure how rushed Mark Bagley’s pencils have been on this arc.  I remember Bendis announced last April at Emerald City Comicon that Bagley would be the penciler for the second arc, and knowing Bagley’s reputation, he probably got ahead of Frank Cho during that oft-delayed first arc.  I think Bagley’s Mighty Avengers‘ run may have been in the can for awhile, considering the recent accelerated release schedule for the title.  It took what, 10 months for the first arc to finish; Bagley’s last issues will be out in two weeks meaning we got 5 issues in three months.  Man deserves a bonus for getting the series reasonably close to being back on schedule.

  3. Isn’t Bagley doing a weekly series for DC starting soon?

    He’s a machine.

  4. Oh yeah I’m not basing on Bagley at all, and for the most part 3/4 issues have looked great, it was that first one, something seemed…offish, but I’m loving this stuff and will be a bit bumed when he goes, cause I love getting this book this quickly.

  5. Loved the art, Loved the story, HATE the sentry – please find a way to get rid of him and end the whining.

  6. yeah, went back and looked at that first issue & I’ll concede there was something a bit off.  Maybe after all that Ultimate Spider-man, he needed an issue to find his feet on a new title.

  7. lets talked about the sentry for a second.

     He is a new caharacter, he needs time to grow. Bendis is a smart dude and he understands that Marvel has a history of expanding the universe by developing new characters. New caharacters generate conflict with existing characters; without this stories would become redundant as existing characters re-hash past interactions. 

     so come on, give Bob a break. That crasy whiny bastard

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