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  1. Any chance of this being back on schedule after this issue?

  2. Sweet Kick-ass this book Kicks-ass.

     But Brandon2 get real never gonna happen….

  3. Millar said it would, but JRJR still has to draw Amazing Spider-Man #600.  (Unless he already drew it, which wouldn’t be surprising)

  4. @Brandon2 – I doubt it. I’m still waiting on War Heroes too.

  5. @ deadspace – It’s the artists though, not the writer.  Millar coincidentally had 4 comics sverely delayed.  Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Kick-Ass, War Heroes, all the artists delayed.  Mark finished them all last year, according to him.

  6. I am willing to wait a long time for any art by McNiven, Hitch, Romita JR or Harris. Damn Millar gets some good artists.

  7. So we were talking about violence in comics earlier….

  8. Comics Blogspot had an scathing article on this series, he’d only read issue #1, but was horrified and likened it to child pornography.  I dunno, I think he thinks too much, I find this series provocative mindless fun in the spirit of Sin City and Brat Pack.  But then again, I’m not always proud of my taste in things….

  9. @Urthona: Not to start anything, because I get the impression that I’ve been reading this series for the same reasons you (and most others) do, but: You criticized someone for "think[ing] too much" and then defended Kick-Ass by noting its "mindless" nature. Just sort of amusing to me slash indicative of why some people would have a (legitimate) problem with this series: because it’s pretty "mindless". Under certain circumstances, not thinking enough can be a bad thing. 😉 I’ve enjoyed this series enough to keep reading, though. In a way, Kick-Ass is pretty indicative of the comics industry as a whole these days: a bunch of guys reading stories about people way younger than them…but the stories are well structured, fun, violent, and really, really nicely illustrated.

  10. Isn’t this only a 7 or 8 issue mini?

  11. probubly my most anticipated title this week. Geeked.

  12. @the Kza

    Millar has said it is going to be seasons.

  13. I’m starting to get very meh over this series, the schedule is really throwing me off.

  14. I’m probably done after this issue.  Or switching to trades, depending if the other "seasons" get enough good reviews

  15. Im with Onic.  I used to me much more excited about this series but the schedule is killing me.  The last issue was just ok for me – good but not kick-ass.  Heres hoping 6 gets back in gear.

    Am I to understand from the cover that they’ve discovered another homicidal 8 year old with katana skills?  Well, kick-ass!

  16. @Urthoria

    I’ve never read anything so dumb as what was posted at the page you linked to. "would you leave this out on your coffee table and have a party at your house that included co-workers and family?" Umm, yes.

    Child pornography? Seriously? That’s too dumb to even argue against.

    This series is just funny! That poor guy sounds so repressed.  

  17. This series has been a bunch of fun over since Issue #1, it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

     Can’t wait to finally read a new issue.

  18. Urthona — No way I’d ever call Sin City "mindless".

    And if I took this comic serious on any level I would probably be offended by it too. It’s like a strait out comedy to me, it’s hilarious.

  19. I’m with Wade.

  20. love this book, its over the top. and it catches new readers.  the writer of that article just wants to bring traffic to his/her site. annoying. it they saw the violence in some of the things i write they would have me committed

  21. Wait….there’s ‘seasons’ to this series?

    When was that decided?….Oh right when Millar realized he can whore this series out for more films.

  22. If you could write comics and "whore them out" for films, you’d do it too.

     @hxcscarecrow – is that a TWLOHA shirt you got on? 

  23. @deadspace: Come to think of it…..yeah Millar is laughing his way to the bank. Seriously, good for him.

  24. @TNC-It was decided on way back before the series ever came out.  I suggest getting your facts straight before making snarky comments about creators or their intentions.

  25. @flapjaxx – starting things?  I actually agree with everything you said!  Well said sir.

    @deadspace – while I don’t agree with the author, I hardly think he is dumb.  He raises some valid points.

    @hxcscarecrow – totally disagree with you, I think the author’s motives were pure.  He’s horrified by the book.  Is that really so hard to imagine?  We should all hesitate from questioning someone’s motives just because they disagree with us.  That website is excellent, btw.

    @wadewilson – you’re right, mindless isn’t the right word, although it comes pretty close when the "deadly little M???" used to come in and just kill everyone!  Ha ha, But I think you and Brandon2 pick up correctly on the humor, particularly pointed at comics themselves.


  26. @drake: But….but it’s all I know…:(

    But looking at the cover…..we were talking about covers that we dont wanna show in public earlier…

  27. @Urthona – comparing some violence in a fictional comic story to child pornography is dumb. what are the valid points he raised? that kick-ass is too violent, goes too far and should be taken off the shelves? if people aren’t seeing the comedy in this series they are totally missing the point. 

  28. Personal attack deleted.

  29. I would have no problem reading this comic on the subway. Then again, I read the entire run of PREACHER on the train.

  30. Issue #8 was solicited for June, I think. I just picked up #4 & 5. I didn’t know JRJr was capable of this.

  31. @Urthona — Deadly little Miho! I love her =D

  32. I liked this, but have no problems switching to trades on this one. 

    P.S. Red Mist is a bitch.  Screw him

  33. issue 5 was sort of a let down, but issue 6 made up for that big time.  My jaw dropped w/ the last few pages.  worth the wait…it’s going to be torture waiting for issue 7 to come out.  Awesome!

  34. Great issue!  "what is this, the silver age?"

  35. BRILIANT! the Punisher has a kid. The origen of the Big Daddy and Hit Girl came through in the clutch for this book. What a great week for books.

  36. This book is a fast and fun read.  Some very quoteable lines.  I especially got a kick out of the Michael Moore reference.

  37. Read my copy on the subway 😉

  38. Best.  Issue.  Yet.

    That was one hell of a cliffhanger.

  39. Conor also shouts "Personal Attack Deleted" when someone insults him in real life. it’s a coping skill.

    so we all realise that Big-daddy’s origin was told from his daugther’s point of view. I think he was lying to her since she was born; that he was never a cop and that her mother was not killed by the mob. i also think that Big-daddy isn’t her father and  wasn’t even married to Hit-girl’s mother.

    i think that he all so started off as a bored little weirdo like Kick-ass and eventually, and with a ton of luck, grew into teh role of one of these real world superheroes. i would even guest that he accidently murder Hit-girl’s real parents and that they were part of the mob.

     how do you like them apples?

  40. ^Yeah, I guess that could be true…but if Big Daddy was actually pulling a big trick on his daughter, and his daughter was unknowingly passing that trick on to the reader, then that would give "Kick-Ass" something like, uh, DEPTH, which I’m not sure it is capable of having. 🙂

    Nah, I liked this issue alright. I know what I’m getting into with this series. Yeah yeah, pointless violence is bad, sure, sure. But it’s fun enough for me because the art is pretty and the dialogue is snappy. I’m not a sucker all that often for what this book gives me, but this book doesn’t come out all that often.

    The strange thing is that this book’s poor track record of getting issues out actually HELPS it in my eyes. If this came out every month, or every other month, I might have gotten tired/disgusted/bored with it. I generally hate stories of any sort that are full of topical pop culture references. But Kick-Ass only comes out like every three months. So whenever a new issue does come out, I’m in the mood for something like this again. If this book shipped on schedule I’d’ve burnt out on it after issue 3 or 4.

  41. Finally! I was starting to get bored with this book, but the cliff hanger did it’s job.

  42. =| I’m actually disappointed that the entire series is about some flashback (or at least up to this point). I’d rather have the first issue build up to the part where Kick-Ass is getting jolted by the Mob. It’d have a better effect on me as a reader than actually "knowing" where this situation builds to. If this series actually "ends" because that moment is the climax I’mma be severely disappointed. I just hope it’s going to last longer than this one arc.

  43. My only problem with this issue was the way that Hit Girl’s voice came accross in her story. I mean, I know that she’s lived way beyond her years but with lines of dialogue like, "To say my childhood has been unconventional would probably be pretty accurate"? I’m not buying that any 10 year old no matter how battle-scarred puts scentences together like that. Unless, of course, this is supposed to be her a few years later recounting something.

  44. I dug this issue alot. Cliffhanger was great! I just hope this book sticks to some sort of a schedual because waiting another 5 months for issue 7 is gonna be hard.

  45. @Davetron3k – yeah I had a problem with that line too

  46. Yeah i agree with everyone the cliffhanger was great and "what is this? the silver age." classic!

  47. I liked it. I didn’t like all of the comic book references, but it was a very good book ortherwise 4/4.

    As far as the origins of Big Daddy & Hit Girl, yeah, something felt not-so-right about that to me also. I’m willing to bet that in an issue or two we’ll get the same origin story but told from Big Daddy’s POV.

  48. This was AWESOME. It was so good it gave me a special feeling in my tunk.

    My favourite part — when Kick-Ass confessed to the girl he wasn’t gay, then hid in the bushes & ran. Made me LOL for real.

  49. That was brilliant. Actually made me gasp at the cliffhanger!

  50. I also had a Oh Snap! moment

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