With the growing presence of super beings around the world, the United Nations resolves to create a new group called Justice League International.

Batman, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, August General in Iron, Fire, Ice, Vixen and Rocket Red are charged with promoting unity and trust – but can they reach that goal without killing each other first?

Written by DAN JURGENS

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  1. Here is my guilty pleasure of the whole bunch, this looks like the book I wanted twenty years ago…

  2. Is this going to have the same humor as before? i don’t think so, thats what (I belive) made the original so good, was the interactions between others and the humor of their lives. I would like to see that again, that will keep me in this book

    • I think in some places it’s trying too hard to recapture the old JLI humor and it’s feeling a little forced, but in other moments it feels more organic and works very well. overall though, I really enjoyed the book.

  3. I’m trying out all the books but depending on how this goes I might stick with this solely for Booster Gold. Never read any booster gold before but I picked up his Flashpoint tie-in and fell in love with the character and this series looks like my only way to get a booster gold fix now.

  4. Dan Jurgens first attempt at writing the Justice League was real lame. I hope it’s better this time. I like his art, it’s very solid, but his writing has always felt bland and dull to me. I hope that’s not the case here.

  5. I’ll be picking this up, hopefully the humour is there.

  6. I’m glad they put someone back into the position vacated by Dona Troy (presumably). The cover would have been unbalanced otherwise. Though, I am unsure as to who took her place. Is that Godiva?

    This will be one of the few titles that I am picking this up digitally. No real reason why other than I am not 100% I will be on this book for the long-haul, despite what Winick was doing with JL:GL, which I loved.

  7. I have high hopes for this.

  8. I am a big fan of Lopresti’s artwork… anybody know if he frequents many conventions and if so where?

  9. I wonder how they’ll address Batman’s simultaneous presence in the JLI and Justice League proper.

    … Maybe Batman’s heading out of the Johns League after the “five years ago” period?

  10. Read the preview, kinda liked it… but still unsure.

    Anyone has anything to add that may weigh in the balance?

  11. Think its bruce wayne batman? or maybe dick grayson or another member of batman inc?

  12. My understanding is the original Justice League that we read last week is 5 years ago…..JLI is current day…so shouldn’t be any issue with Batman on two teams. My first thought was the woman in the lower left corner was Godiva also.

    Im hoping they DONT try to recapture the humor from the JLI series 20 years ago. I’d be happy if it kept the flavor of Generations Lost, but I”ll be ok if they just do their own thing and don’t try to get bogged down mimicking anything else.

  13. After reading the preview pages and reading the review here, I have decided against picking up this title. I’m a fan of Batman and Booster, but this just seems boring as hell. Is there a way to remove this from my pull list now?

  14. Compared to the other New 52 titles I’ve read so far this seemed like the b-movie of the bunch. Nothing really wrong with it but it was sorta boring. I think I was expecting more humor or at least better dialogue. Also from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know anyone on this team except batman, booster, and green lantern I felt very lost about who everyone else was and what they can do. 3/5

  15. Best thing about this book was the he-man advert at the end. I really want those toys.

  16. Read this and I am kind of confused. I never read the ending of Booster Gold where he went into the Flashpoint world, but does he remember the old DCU? Is he still just pretending to be the unsuspected guy like he decided he was going to be at the end of 52 and the Geoff Johns run? Because he came off as “This isn’t the real Justice League? Count me out!” in the beginning.

  17. I read this with great expectations. i loved Generation Lost and Aaron Lopresti has become one of my favorite artists. I was really disappointed. I’m done with this one.

  18. Really, you had to insert the comment of people who complain about change on the internet are whiners and should be ignored? This books totally lost me and it was one of the titles I was more excited for…

  19. This was flawed, but fun. I’ll try another helping next month, see if it retains it’s flavor.

  20. Does Captain Atom have a fiery mohawk on page 1, and if so why? This issue captured some of that first time feeling that the new DC is supposed to have. I’m getting at least issue #2 of all the books I’ve read so far.

  21. I liked the team building and introduction of the characters. Thats a great way to start a team book that is mostly made up of new (to most people) B-list characters. Maybe i’m just missing Generation Lost, but i like where this is going.

  22. Yep this was just a humdrum issue. I won’t drop it quite yet, I’ll wait and see how it shapes up until the 3rd issue but this hasn’t yet grabbed me like I was hoping.

  23. Loved watching the team form and meet each other. I thought this was a lot of fun.

  24. Liked this issue, loved the part where they called Plastic Man too goofy (but he was such a badass villain in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom!)

    It seems they have completely rebooted the JLI continuity, it has now never existed before and none of the team knows each other. Completely gutted the history of this book. Generation Lost now never happened either. Maxwell Lord, who knows if he even still exists?

  25. Liked the vibe of this.

  26. sorry to say it, but I really wasn’t feeling this whatsoever. Didn’t enjoy the characters’ chemistry, there wasn’t hardly any comedy (something I had really wanted), and the plot seemed so by-the-numbers simple I was just bored.

    • While this didnt particularly grab me either, I don’t think a humor book would have been the way to go. It only really worked as a comedy for JLI the first time around. I’ve not found any of the JLI specials over the years to be particularly well done, and I didn’t find Giffen’s run on Booster Gold to be very good either. I dont think we needed a comedy book, but we did need some spark which just wasn’t there this first issue.

  27. My one problem with this is I didn’t feel like they really explained who Booster was. I already knew because I’m a JLI fan but if you were just picking this up on a whim you would have no idea who anyone was except for Batman.

  28. ah i love this issue – a great way to start a justice league…

    i do wonder why Judd Winick is not writing it though… especially after his great run on JLI Brightest Day

  29. really did enjoy reading this,

  30. I was really looking forward to this book, but found myself disappointed. I agree with the critqiues above that the team hasn’t really gelled or found their chemistry yet — though some of the Godiva and Booster interactions were promsing. I think that the biggest let down for me was Booster, who seems to have gone back to his old flaky self, instead of his pretending to be flaky post-52 persona. I could be wrong; he is the team leader after all, so perhaps he’ll grow into greater stature once again. That said, I’ll try (budget allowing) to give Jurgens the benefit of a couple issues before dropping the titie.

    I’ve never been a big fan of the artist, and this issue didn’t do much to change my mind.

    I missed Sketes. Are we assume the he was completely fried in Flashpoint, and somehow rebooted out of existence? Also, now that I’ve seen more of Booster’s new outfit, it really isn’t working for me . . .

  31. Very enjoyable. It doesn’t yet have me loving it but a very solid start. The potential is there.

  32. I’m not as familiar with the lower tiered DCU characters….. is Lady Godiva a new character?

  33. HUGE DUD

  34. 2 out of 5 for me since I already like some of the character development ideas which will be fun in the future. The artwork was good although the story seemed boring for now. I am not sure about DUD, not yet anyway so I will give it one more issue to change me mind.

    Just sayin’,


    • I agree wholeheartedly! The characterizations worked, the art was solid, the story lagged and just kind of sat there in a very formulaic manner. That dropped my rating a lot.

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