DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues here! Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice and Blue Beetle track a mysterious villain to Russia only to find themselves face-to-face with an angry Rocket Red Brigade! When one of the Rocket Reds decides to defect and join our heroes, they all soon realize that the Justice League International is once again complete…but why, and for what purpose? The mystery deepens as this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in continues!3

Variant cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. Following this more to support digital comics than to read the story

    But it really picked up in #4 so hopefullly it stays at level or better

  2. Maxwell should probably do something about that nose bleed. Get out of the sun for god’s sake.

  3. I love Booster Gold so to see him as the major player in an event is really fun.

  4. This series has consistently shocked me with its quality story. Hell, it was even my POTW one week! I hope they can maintain this level over the next 21 issues, though.

  5. Damn those two weeks felt so long. After that last issue, I so wanted this book to be weekly just so I could get it sooner.

  6. This is the best thing to come out of Brightest Day yet. I was introduced to the DC universe during the time when Booster, Fire, and Ice were all on the Justice League back when Doomsday attacked. This is like comfort food for me

  7. I was only let down by issue #3. Other than that really a very solid, engaging story about characters I know little about. Still working better than Brightest Day proper for me.

  8. This book has been surprisingly good. I’m on board for the long haul.

  9. super excited for this one. every issue has been consistently good so far.

  10. You don’t see smoking on comics much anymore…..Just saying.

  11. He’s a villain. Villains are allowed addictions with serious Health consequences. Although I swear Lobo seems to always show up with a butt in his mouth… Hmm, that didn’t come out exactly right.

  12. @blulew23  agreed

  13. @jimBilly4 @NextChamp If I’m not mistaken, DC just chooses to not show it but will from time-to-time. It’s Marvel that has a moratorium on any character smoking ever. 

  14. Wolverine don’t smoke?

  15. and JJ as well right?

  16. @ScorpionMasada Not since Quesada took over – with maybe a few exceptions of writers/artists slipping it in. Quesada’s father died of lung cancer, I believe, so he took a really aggressive anti-smoking stance when he took over in 2000-2001. At the time there was a lot of outcry about it affecting characters like Wolverine, Nick Fury and Jameson but it’s been pretty well enforced.  As a matter of fact, if you look at some of the early Nick Fury pages in MARVELS PROJECT it looks like his cigar smoking was censored out, with odd panels of his hand randomly close to his face with gritted teeth!

  17. Invisible cigars are the new Shield invention.

  18. How is it that this is so good? By all accounts Brightest Day should be the better book…but it isn’t!  This book is great it has focus and makes me care about characters I didn’t even like before. Where Brightest Day still lacks focus and direction JL:GL had a direction from issue one.  I wish I didn’t have to wait two weeks for the next one 5/5

  19. @Damons23  Almost agree. I love Brightest Day but it’s always a 4 whereas this book has been a 5 or better. The last page of this book always makes me go "Hell yeah!" in my head.

  20. Captain Atom and that soldier was just an awesome moment.

    Also Rocket Red is a freaking hypocrite. 

  21. I’m going to start calling people ‘job whack’.

  22. Still loving this series.  It’s finally time to add this to my pull and drop Brightest Day proper.  Brightest Night is just spread too thin while also being too mysterious for my tastes resulting in me never feeling satisfied after reading an issue.  Brightest Day 5 was the best so far but that was largely because two of the plots weren’t included.

    Generation Lost, on the other hand, has a tight focus on its characters and seems to have a clear direction.  5 issues in and I’m well invested in characters that I’ve hardly ever read (or heard of) before.  Its greatest strength remains its balance of action, comedy, drama and mystery.  

  23. Anyone else notice this isn’t for download on the app yet?  I’ve been waiting for the price change of #4 so I can buy it.  Of course, thinking that this would have been added yesterday.

  24. Loved this issue, but didn’t think it was as good as previous ones. The Booster/Jamie relationship is awesome, it’s nice to see a situation where the "replacement" character seems just as cool as the original. Lopreisti’s art is great here. 4/5.

  25. @ PraxJarvin  I agree with you about the Lopresti art.  Although I think it would have been even better if he had down the layouts & everything.  During his run on Wonder Woman he had some beautiful layout work.  Still loved it though.

  26. This series just gets Better and better with every issue and this was by far and away the best looking issue yet

  27. @Zattaric True, but with a book like this, consistent look is more important than innovation.

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