DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues here! The heroes of the once-great Justice League International – Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice – have reteamed in order to stop a threat to all mankind. But will the heroes of the DCU take this group of misfits seriously? And what happens when Blue Beetle – a new hero with an old legacy – joins the team? And whose side is he really on? Be here to find out!

Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. This has been quite enjoyable. #3 was even my Pick of the Week. I hope the quality persists.

  2. This series is making me love the side characters.

  3. If that’s the cover that ships, I think it might be the best cover in my longboxes.  The Brightest Day banner could easily ruin it though.

  4. That’s a fucking hot cover!!

  5. That is an awesome cover, something this series hasn’t had to this point 

  6. The end of each issue has had me highly excited for the next one. This and Birds Of Prey have been my favorite Brightest Day titles, so lets see where this issue goes.

  7. That is the best cover yet!

  8. I was on the fence about continuing this series, but then I saw that Aaron Lopresti is the artist for this issue.  I LOVE his art.  I’m in!

  9. The Parade of Unused Ex Machina covers continues! :-p I kid,I kid. That is a fantastic cover.

  10. Now available on iPad!! (and possibly iPhone). Balls back in your court marvel!

  11. The cover is awesome but the interiors are even better. I just kept stopping to stare at panels. This might be my POTW.

  12. Great issue. Love the way the tone effortlessly switches from exciting and ridiculous to deathly serious. The developments with Max’s powers, along with that awesome last page make me hungry for the next issue. POW for sure.

  13. This was awesome. Best issue of the series. And I love the dynamic shift.

  14. I picked up the first three issues last week and #4 this week and I’d say I’m now officially on board.  I was only familiar with all these characters in passing but I’m already warming up to them quite a bit.  Completely agree on the range of tones.  This comic pretty much has it all.

    It’s interesting every Brightest Day related book I’ve read so far is better than the core one.

  15. Was going to drop this but was able to read it on my iPod 🙂 Turns out downloading it was cheaper than buying a print version (I live Australia so my comics price would have to account for shipping)

    And I really liked this issue. Had trouble getting through #3 cos I just dont care about the OMACs and it seemed overly choatic, but reading this issue on the iPod was really straight-forward and easy to follow.

    And those Russian guys are kinda funny 🙂

  16. Rocket Red! This was awesome. So glad I decided to pick this up after hearing great things about the first couple issues. I would love if this whole thing ended in a JLI ongoing with these characters and Winnick and/or Giffen on board. So much fun, so much excitement.

  17. So I was going to drop it because eventhough I love alll these characters nothing really stood out until the big reveal with max. That shows this and brightest day mini mabel merge at one point

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