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The superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee continue to make history as they unleash the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!

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0Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO
B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Love the story, and I must say I like the pacing of the story as well.

    Jim Lee’s art is top notch. I expect this to be my pick of the week.

  2. Not that anyone cares , but this post is mainly for my own accountability.

    “I will not buy this Geoff Johns story on a monthly basis, but in trade only. The decompressed storytelling is ‘made-for-trade’.”

    That is all.

  3. I think I’m dropping this.

  4. Actually, I just remembered this is going to be the Wonder Woman issue so I’ll pick it up.

  5. Beeping boxes and bickering proto-heroes. I’m in.

  6. I have to drop this one. Jim Lee’s art is amazing, but Geoff Johns just seems unable to write a story I can care about since his run on Teen Titans.

  7. I’m actually really digging the new Wonder Woman costume, although I really hope Superman’s changes soon

  8. I’d buy a Jim Lee WW ongoing. And I’m not even a big fan of Jim Lee. Or of Wonder Woman. But his renditions of WW have always done it for me.

  9. Yes.

  10. I like the simplicity of this book. It’s different. I feel JLA is back on track and has potential to be truly great again.

  11. i have butterflies….

  12. I love the fun of this book. It’s like that duet that’s inevitable between one heavy hitter and another. It’s not terribly groundbreaking, but it’s entertaining and still something you look forward to seeing even if it’s a guilty pleasure.

  13. Up to at least issue 5. If it doesn’t hook me, I’m afraid this is not for me.

  14. I’m giving this series one more shot.

  15. Even though I’m getting this when it comes out [every 6 weeks?!?], I would consider picking up the absolute of this story when it comes out in a couple of years.

    • This is a monthly book. it comes out every 3rd week. It did ship early the 1st issue (at the end of Ausust), but was always meant to ship in week 3.

    • the first one came out aug 31. the second, oct. 19. the third, nov. 16. and the forth is scheduled for dec. 21.
      thats hardly every six weeks

  16. Last issue of this I’m picking up unless it improves drastically.

  17. Yeah this has been pretty bad so far. 2 issues of “heroes mistakenly fight each other”. Trite and boring.

  18. Wow surprised on all the negative views on this. I LOVE this book as a relatively new DC reader (jumping on around slightly before flashpoint) I find this series AfuckingMAZING from both an art and writing perspective. So much fun and it helps from a new reader’s perspective that it’s not being bogged down with all the continuity shit the last series had, I couldn’t even read the last run. Easily in the top 5 of my pull list!

  19. The last two months I had a similar thoughts about all the Geoff Johns comics I read: “That was good but the single issue pacing is a bit too slow for my tastes.” Then I read Green Lantern #3 and the plot picked up compared to the first two. So I’m hoping for some kind of pattern where Justice League #3 and Aquaman #3 do the same thing.

  20. JL IS THE BEST COMIC BOOK SERIES OUT THERE! I am very happy with the artwork and the first story arc being Darksied. It makes this all the more perfect since this will be the catastrophy that sets up the DCU and brings the most powerful heroes together. It will be an epic battle that will shake the Earth’s core! I have not been this excited for a JL title in a long, long time. I hope Johns, Lee and the rest of the crew read these posts; Great job gentlemen!!

    Just sayin’,


  21. Enjoying this even if it has been a slow one. The art has been top notch, probably Jim Lee at his peak right now. I’m on board so long as Lee and Johns are, this is what JLA book should look like.

  22. I’m really surprised to see all the flak at the book. I love the simplicity of it and how Johns is taking it back to the roots.

    I just loved GL calling Batman a tool while on the phone with flash, right in front of him. Still cracks me up thinking about it.

  23. Average. Nothing special. Fun book but nothing brilliant.

    Wonder Woman was funny and endearing in this book.

  24. Cyborg just became approximately 1000 times more interesting. SPOILERS I wonder how he’s linked to Darkseid?

    • I think his dad got the tech for his cyborg parts from a mother box. I think in an earlier issue STAR Labs got their hands on a mother box, but I can’t remember how they got it.

  25. Status: Continues to be effing rad.

  26. Dibs! Loving this book, each issue has been better than the last. Jim Lee is really doing his best work in years, if not his best work ever.

  27. This as fucking AWESOME this is about to become my favorite comic on my pull list if it keeps this up! Art was breath taking writing was top notch and a blast to read. Only minor complaint w the whole 1001100111 thing with cyborg but that is minor and barely noticable. So rad 5/5 POTW!

  28. Batman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, and this were all fantastic this week.

  29. Conor was right. Aquaman looks totally sweet with a 70’s shag cut and gnarly sideburns

  30. This was pretty good. Certainly the most substantial issue so far. We got a lot of Wonder Woman and a good bit of everyone else. The Cyborg plot finally got my interest. And with the arrival of Aquaman the team is basically assembled.

    I’m sure I end up sticking with this at least through this initial arc. Curious to see what it’ll be like afterwards.

  31. Can we get a Brave and the Bold series staring Flash and GL instead? The Flash and GL banter is great but Johns’ characterization of everyone else is pretty bad. Wonder Woman is portrayed as a dumb jock which is jarring after reading Azzarello’s intelligent take on the character, Batman points out the obvious and scolds Hal, and Superman lacks the depth that Morrison is developing in Action. Lee’s art is made for this the blockbuster sized action in this title but his art isn’t enough to make up for Johns weak effort here. This is a great book for new readers, young readers, and those not wanting to buy the individual series of each character. Even though I’m going to finish this arc, this is the weakest DC title on my pull-list.

    • Wonder Woman isn’t dumb as much as she’s in a completely new environment. Doesn’t this take place before all of the other books (except Action)?

    • It’s not so much her inexperience with mankind that’s grating but her aggressive attitude towards fighting. I had no problem with the ice cream scene. I had a problem with her dialogue that portrays her as obsessed with fighting no matter the reason for the fight or whether the fight is justified. Wonder Woman is a skilled warrior but the fact that she is constantly looking for a fight and talking about looking for a fight screams dumb jock to me and not skilled warrior. I played sports both in high school and college and her characterization here reminded me of some of the guys I played with that were always looking for fights, even when the situation didn’t call for it. I understand that this takes place before every series besides Action. The time period this takes place in explains Barry and Hal being different than their current forms. I had no problem with them. But Batman is still supposed to have existed for years prior to JL, so he should be comfortable as a hero but uncomfortable in a team setting to the point of not wanting to join up with these guys. Batman here is written as comfortable in a team setting but uncomfortable as a hero. Superman on the other hand is the character after Morrison’s first arc in Action but is less interesting than him here. Supes in Action fights to help others but here he appears to fight for the sake of fighting.

    • I’m not saying this series is terrible. The series is just not as good as any of the titles staring these characters. Flash, GL, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, and Batman are provide superior experiences to this title both in story and characterization. If you are new to comics or are on a limited budget, this is a good title to get a feel for the DCU but it’s quality compared to the other titles is lacking.

    • Johns has this thing, when he wants you to know something about a character, he has the character and its supporting cast repeat it, over and over again.

  32. Five Years Ago Hal Jordan is my favorite new character of 2011.

    • He is basically the same now, but I keep trying to decide if he is intentionally less fun in the future because those goddamn guardians have sucked all the love and fun from his heart. If he were a real person that would certainly be the case, so I choose to believe that is the reason. So hopefully when he and Sinestro kill the guardians forever and always he will relax. You can read this story arc in the trade “Shit that will never happen but I wish like hell it would: Vol 2” Volume 1 was the one where Catwoman kills Green Arrow.

    • Hal did kinda kill The Guardians, years ago.


  34. Amazing issue start to finish. Some of Jim Lee’s finest kinetic art.

  35. I loved Diana’s personality and I really love how Hal called dibs.

    • I loved that line too, until I was told by DC Women Kicking Ass that I am a sexist pig for liking that line. Now I REALLY love that line. This book is going out of it’s way to be fun.

  36. the characters in this feel slightly different than in their solo books don’t they? Maybe because it takes place in the past?

    Either way i’m enjoying it so far.

  37. I cannot relate in anyway to someone who doesn’t like this. I just can not wrap my head around that.

    • im with ya. this book is the 8th fuckn’ wonder of the world and people not liking it must be the 9th. this series is astonishing on all levels

  38. Glad to see no one is bitching about Superman killing parademons here like on the rest of the internet. This continues to be a solid and enjoyable book.

  39. Best issue yet i thought, really enjoyable read and an easy 5/5 not to mention how awesome Wonder Woman was potrayed in this issue as well. Never thought id say it but between her in this book so far and her own title she has been one of my favorite characters out of the relaunch

  40. In the early pages of this book Sarah Charles yells, “Professor Ivo! They took Professor Ivo!” Is Ivo the guy that created the monkey robots? If so then that was a cool easter egg.

  41. Its been a slow build, but I really enjoyed the introduction to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor! the art is great, and this is really the first issue of the JL relaunch that I’ve felt like I got my money’s worth on.

  42. I love this book. I don’t care if they don’t match their solo conterparts, this is fun too. Loved Aquaman’s entrence!

  43. This is my POW which really it should be every month it comes out! I like WW as a character here and do not mind her brutish ways she is after all a warrior! Parademons die!! Kill them dead!! Its a comic book for crying out loud!! Hal is the man in this book that makes the glue!!


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